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Phil Collins at it again

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I heard Phil singing a song on the radio that I liked, but didn’t recognize. While it was still playing, I found the lyrics and found out what album it was on at allmusic.com, which confirmed what I had hoped. Phil Collins has released a new (to me at least) album called Testify. It tells the story of the life of a man. The songs describe a marriage, having two children, going through a divorce and sharing advice with grown children.

I haven’t had a chance to listen to rest of the album, but “Come With Me” was good enough to warrant the purchase.

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  • Evan

    i dont talk about my music industry heroes all the time and i dont think about them all the time my obsessive personality is under control

  • Evan

    i added Phil Collins to join my team of music industry heroes

  • short and sweet…none the less, it piqued my interest in checking the cd out!!

  • Jillian Johnson

    the best

  • Jillian Johnson

    Phil Collins is the best other than a lot of people. you rule. ps: thanks for the picture