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Peter Rice Talks to the Press about FOX’s 2011-2012 Primetime Schedule

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Peter Rice, Chairman of Entertainment for the FOX Networks Group, today led a conference call for the press, running down the fall schedule and answering questions pertaining to programming.

Here are some highlights of the call:

FOX is most excited about their new family oriented drama, Terra Nova, calling it “unlike anything you’ve seen before.” With its exotic locale, time travel premise (backwards AND forward through the years), not to mention dinosaurs, they feel they have a winner on their hands.

New Girl, a new comedy scheduled strategically between Glee and Raising Hope is another show FOX is optimistic about. Its premise is “funny and sweet”, about a girl who moves in with three guys. FOX has hopes this show will make its star, Zooey Deschanel, a household name.

I Hate My Teenage Daughter, another new comedy, will air after The X Factor on Wednesdays. It is about two teenage girls who have inherited the same mean spiritedness their mothers had in high school. The show stars Jamie Pressly.

The new Sunday night animation entry is Allen Gregory, which is about a precocious seven-year-old facing the greatest challenge of his life: going to school with kids his own age.zooey deschanel

Glee will take a six week break in the spring so FOX can build their comedy block.

Touch is a Kiefer Sutherland drama, not yet scheduled, begins filming in June. There is also a 24 movie script in the works.

FOX Fall Schedule:

Monday: 8 ET Terra Nova, 9 ET House

Tuesday 8 ET Glee, 9 ET New Girl 9:30 ET Raising Hope

Wednesday 8 ET The X Factor 9:30 ET I Hate My Teenage Daughter

Thursday 8 ET The X Factor (results show), 9 ET Bones

Friday 8 ET Kitchen Nightmares, 9 ET Fringe

Saturday 8 ET Cops, 9 ET Reruns and America’s Most Wanted (occasional 2-hour specials)

Sunday 7:30 ET The Cleveland Show, 8:00 ET The Simpsons, 8:30 ET Allen Gregory, 9:00 ET Family Guy, 9:30 ET American Dad

Midseason: J.J. Abrams’ Alcatraz (taking the 9PM spot and pushing House back to 8PM), Finder, a spinoff of Bones taking that show’s place while Emily Deschanel is on maternity leave, American Idol will kick off Season 11 following the NFC championship game before returning to its Wednesday and Thursday night timeslots. Bob’s Burgers will return to the Animation Domination block on Sunday nights.

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