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Peter Pan vs Captain Hook

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An attorney for Michael Jackson has hinted to the jury, that Jackson may take the stand. When considering past statements by Jackson, it`s apparent that he`s adept at conjuring “visions of sugar plums” for the prosecution…the mere thought must have them salivating. You have to wonder who Jackson`s defense lawyers think they are…”Foghorn Leghorn”, and “Elmer Fudd” perhaps? 


Captain Hook “If I were you, I’d surrender!”

Peter Pan –  “If I were you…I’d be ugly!”

Foghorn Leghorn “That’s the first time someone else shot my mouth off!”

Elmer Fudd – Now, be vewy, vewy quiet…” “Paweeeze?!”



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  • Eric Olsen

    hilarious Annie, thanks, super cartoon!

  • I wondered when Redemption would showup in this context – has anyone at BC read it?

  • Thanks, Annie! Enjoyed this.

  • RJ

    If the defense lawyers actually allow MJ to take the stand, you might as well put black and white stripes on him now…

  • Thanks Eric, and Angela! I`m glad you enjoyed it.

    It looks like there`s been an unexpected twist in the case in the form of a video presented to the court by the prosecution! Apparently it documents the family, who for a portion of the video were unaware they were still being taped, praising Jackson for being the family`s savior! “Strange” seems to be the key word for this entire situation! LOL!

    Here`s the article if you`re interested – http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/03/07/entertainment/main678580.shtml