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Pete Yorn’s Day I Forgot

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Pete Yorn is back with his Day I Forgot. Past music history has looked poorly on second albums of breakout artists, but after a few listenings of Day Yorn won’t go the way of Hootie and the Blowfish. Like his Musicforthemorningafter he continues with his meloncolie pop rock that sounds more like the Eagles than I really want to admit.

For a pop album to really win me over the chrouses have to be sharp, punchy, and totally appetizing. “Come Back Home” and “Crystal Village” both meet those critieria. “Pass Me By” has atmospheric “Ooooos” that smooth over a song so well. Then the strongest song, “Long Way Down” comes at you with the best chorus on the album. The words, melody, and guitar riffs fit very well.

Day isn’t a second coming of Yorn. He doesn’t change his sound. In fact, the songs on this album could have been added as a second disk to Music. For fans who were looking for Yorn to “grow” they’ll be dissapointed. But for those, like me, who heard a good thing with Yorn the first time, they should be satisfied with Day I Forgot

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  • The Theory

    his cd “musicforthemorningafter” was CRAP and with reports that this is “more of the same” it will also be CRAP.


  • Yorn isn’t exactly a breakthrough artist, but “Strange Condition” and “Life on a Chain” were two really great songs. I think this album needs to have at least a half-dozen good songs to succeed.

  • Jared S.

    Anyone who actually listened to Musicforthemorning after knows that the album had far greater than six “good” songs on it. Musicforthemorningafter was a spectacular album and I’m stickin to it….

  • Glenn Edward Deuman VII

    I completely agree with Jared S. Musicforthemorningafter was a great debut with a good variety of pop (without a drum machine) styles. Perhaps Pete Yorn’s greatest talent is putting together extremely catchy tunes with original beat patterns. This album is no exception. For those of you that judge by the front of the album or do not actually correlate the intelligence of the lyrics with the intelligence of the music, maybe you shouldn’t buy the album— go out & buy Avril Lavigne & listen to sk8er boy on repeat instead. Maybe you’re “too young to understand(track 12).”

  • aliG