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Pete Townshend Reviews Kurt Cobain’s Journals

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A must-read. Thrill! to the sound of Townshend stroking his own ego. Laugh! at the presumptuous pomposity of his opinions. Cry! as you realize he’s absolutely right.

What follows appear to be the scribblings of a crazed and depressed drug-addict in the midst of what those of us who have been through drug rehab describe as ‘stinking thinking’. That is, the resentful, childish, petulant and selfish desire to accuse, blame and berate the world for all its wrongs, to wish to escape, or overcome and, finally, to take no responsibility for any part of the ultimate downfall. Me? An expert? Of course. Been there, done that.

And don’t miss the link at the bottom, wherein the Observer publishes excepts from the diaries.

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  • bettina

    i tink if jou read the journals jou onderstent him end jou wil love him moor den bifoor love uit nederland

  • http://nov22,2005 kathryn

    fuck pete townshend juging is so over raded kurt was a fucking jenyes and artist he has done more things in his life time the pete has ever done. kurt chaned my life

  • http://nov25,2005 kathryn

    i know this has nothing about kurt cobain rilly but james that wrot up top he was 12 and did not know me then and now he goes to my school and the 2week of school he came up to me and i did not know him or ever see him arownd and he said ‘i love you’HA he said know rilly iloveyou………….and you kurt cobain shert ha we went for weeks not knowing one anothers names we justknow that we both had nirvana t sherts and chuktaylers he wallked me to my classes eneryday and opend doors for me and one day he aseked my name and i said kat and i asked his and he said james the nexed peread he asked me out and isaid yes so we where together for the hole year and we come up with a dream houes frome the song breed.we lived in tree and drand pennyroylltea and had a donky cus ilove donkys so iny ways ineever thougt iwoulld ever be this head over hill about some one i just randumlly meat over the summer we broke up we still tallk alot he went to hight school soo istill love him and iplan to run away with him someday,it is crazzy that we both had the some fillings about nirvana and how we meat over nirvana there is somethin great about what kurt,crist,and david crated

  • http://today cortney love


  • http://today amy

    now wouldent life be eysyer if that rilly hapend

  • http://today your name

    you spelled killed rong ILOVEKURTwith all my hart R.I.P kurt did not whant his life dispayed like that

  • daniel

    we have all done something unimaginably wrong to kurt…and he would have hated us for it….i feel just as badly as all of u that i have read the journals…i couldnt help it…none of us could were human…curiousity gets the better of us all in the end….its not our fault its coutneys for puttting it out…..we have no choice now but to read and wallow in a pit of out own self guilt…kurt lives

  • Colin Stone

    u kno wat i dont give a flying fuk about ur policy kurt was genius and loved his daughter he was murdered and the evedence points to it most likely how the shell of the bullet he “shot himslef” with had been ejected already and the un has to be cocked again for the shell to eject how could a dead cobain have cocked the gun when he was dead anthe autopsy showed he died the second the bullet was fired so like ya u fuker read this and say he abandoned his daughter he was murdered plain and simpl and the people who say we should focus on his music well if the music meant anything 2 you you should know the truth on how it ceased! BITHCES

  • GoHah

    >>>he was murdered and the evedence points to it most likely how the shell of the bullet he “shot himslef” with …

    …came from a grassy knoll . . .

  • Ashleigh

    I think it’s cool that his journal was posted, although I have the book of ALL of his journals so hahah beat that bitches hahah yeah but you know i got at the library, but im going to buy me one at Hastings or one of our fucking book stores…KURT COBAIN is the fucking king, and i love him and damn he is one fine mother hahah

  • Brian Bell

    Ashleigh, how did you gather and get all of his journals? If you’re writing the truth, then reveal how you know this information and how/where any of us, Especially Me, can obtain this very encompassing, enlightening, elucidating, very personal (i hope more personal) than the compressed, compromised “journals” release to the public. Tell Asheigh! I must know. And are you old enough to have been a fan and hence been a son during his living Years…though he is a light that will never go out, Which is an optimal use of Morrissey’s lyric.

  • Brian “Rebuttle” Bell

    Rebuttle is one of Kurt’s most often used terms to articulate his contra-stance or opposing or divergent opinion.
    Anyway, after reviewing Ashleigh’s post after i wrote mine, i now think she means that someone posted on this blog site or some other website portions, excerpts, snippets? – of Kurt Co-opt-but-never-baneful Journals…please LET ME KNOW, for i am really interested Hopefully ASHLEIGH comes back to review her post to see whether a person has response to it.

  • robby mcbain

    pete townsend, u fuckin evil little sellout bastard, i hope u choke on your insensitive words.what a fuckin no-mark bastard!

  • Eve

    Hi! Does someone have the link to his review? It doesn’t seem to work anymore. Thanks! BTW, I don’t want to read the book because Cobain was always such a private person when he was alive (or tried to be!) But if anyone wants a bit of an insight into the mystery surrounding his death, I’d recommend reading ‘Witnesses To The Unsolved.’ (must be read with an open mind about psychics, though!)

  • The who vs nirvana?

    Pete townshend,through the 60s, 70s and 80s, went through everything kurt cobain did during his years of fame. Pete, a deep thinker, always asked questions. He questions what he really did, and why he did what he did. Why he was a rockstar. And what rock n roll meant. He faced sever drug problems in the early 80s and nearly died of overdose. He too, for brief periods, was a junkie like kurt cobain.

    This is what I have 2 say. The 2 are great in their own respects. Kurt cobain was always down to earth, always cinical. Pete townshend the same, at times cynical, at times philosophical, even witty and funny sometimes. It was pete who created rock n roll that nirvana utilised later. Townshend was the first rock n roll star to connect with his audience, and mirror their lifestyles and ways of life, something that cobain will always be remembered for.

    Townshend has every right to say what he did. He’s done it all and lived through all of it. He’s gone through fucking hell being a rockstar and he stayed alive at the end of it. He is the founder of rock n roll. Fuck you all if you think he’s not in the same league as cobain. There’d have been no nirvana if it weren;t for the who.

  • Jake

    Stop making a big deal of this. Kurt didn’t even really want to become famous. Do you think he would want somebody reading his journals? Maybe, maybe not. Just shut up.

  • ja-ha-nii

    listen pplz, if ur gonna read the guys journals dont judge him..cuz im sure we all have deep dark sectrets and shouldnt be judged on our bad days..i know hes dead but even dead ppl need respect k.btw I LOVE NIRVANA AND KURT COBAIN KICKS ASS!!

  • Jazz

    I have read Kurt’s journals, and loved it.
    The only thing is, I truly,truly believe Courtney took out ALOT from his journals. the parts that explained what kind of a manipulative bitch she was, and how he wanted a divorce.

    Shame on you Courtney.

    She only sold his journals for money, it was an easy way out of her money problems. She could’ve tried playing more gigs or gotten an actual JOB but she took the easy way out. I know it’s HIS privacy and he probably wouldn’t want people to read it, but of course people are going to. and I just wanted to learn more about Kurt from his OWN words.

    I also believe she was involved in his murder. Check out, and judge for yourself. She is a sick person.

    Shame on you Courtney.

    I miss you Kurt :{
    You truly changed me in so many ways, I can’t even begin to explain.
    I’ll see you up there one day..

  • Emily

    I’m not sure where Pete Townshend was coming from,I mean I give him credit for the songwriter he once was,the thing is “was”,he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Pete doesn’t even compare to Kurt Cobain,Kurt is better in every way then Pete Townshend

  • julia

    reading kurt cobains words aren’t so differnet from listening to his music, although his music is way better.

  • gerry from concrete

    He’s the one
    Who likes all our pretty songs
    And he likes to sing along
    And he likes to shoot his gun
    But he knows not what it means
    knows not what it means
    and I say yeah

    kurdt’s song for me and you


    Thursday 15th February 2007

    I have never read Kurt Cobain’s so-called Diarys,because i strongly disagree with his corpse being raped by his ex-wife yet again for cold,hard,cash.They were personal and private he never intended to have them published;if he had wanted to publish his personal-writings,he could have published them himself in his tragically-brief Lifetime on Earth,could he not!?
    I have never read any biographies of Kurt Cobain or NIRVANA for exactly the same reason:i despise so-called “RockBiopics” written by some salivating-sychophant or envious-loser out to make a fast-buck.They never present an accurate portrait of the person and are tedious in the extreme:the usual trite,sh$te,hackneyed rockstar fodder of cheap-souless-sex,hard-drugs and boring rockstar stories about nothing.Yawn.A waste of time.That wasn’t all Kurt Cobain was, i am sure, and i very much doubt that his Family and True-Friends want to see him become one more cheapened corny rockstar-tale of cheap-sex,drugs and “rock ‘n’roll” YAWN!(some cashcow-milking for the Record Companys and his Ex-Wife ["EX-Wife":on account he was murdered so is no-longer married,technically-speaking])The hackneyed -tale of the mythologised “hero” of self-indulgent,narcissistic suck-cess;because that isn’t who Kurt Cobain was,really,i believe.
    In the same vein, i detest so-called “Rockbiopic” Movies acted-out by some souless-buffoon Hollywood Actor who gets paid 10 x the amount the Musician ever got paid in his whole God -Damn Life for PRETENDING TO BE SOMEONE HE IS NOT! ie:Moron!Fugugly dumb fxxktard Val Kilmer in SH$TFACE’s(my name for him)(Oliver Stone’s) sychophantic -homage to Ol$ver’s first rockstar-crush the nauseating -arrogant overated puerile-pooetry(sic:poetry!?) of doggerel-Jimbo i mean!Jim Morrison.(in SH$TFACE’s PopCorn Blockbuster FastB$cks Movie:The DOORS-which i have never watched on-account i cannot stand Val Kilmer,for-one and secondly for reasons as-above and thirdly because i hate SH$TFACE!)
    So,no i do not want to pay Good-Money to watch some imbecilic vomitworthy Hollywood Cretin(Actor) prance around like a total-twat acting-out his pathetic rockstar-fantasy and getting paid $10,000,000 for doing so;when most Musicians would never earn that in their entire Professional career.Sickening!

    As for Pete Townsend who was indeed caught with Child Pornography downloaded onto his computer which he had to fully-conciously use his Credit- Card to illegally download “for research purposes”.Why didn’t he inform the Police,first of -all,before he felt an inexplicable and highly-suspect need to download Child Pornography!?They would have asked him exactly why he felt this dubious-need and probably put him on file as a suspected pedophile.
    He gives me the creeps.I would not want to meet him.
    He can claim he is innocent,fine! I have my personal-opinion on the matter.Better to be safe than sorry.No smoke without fire.Whatever.
    I’m not saying Pete Townsend is a certifiable Pedophile;i am saying the circumstances are very -suspect-sounding to me and i would not want him around my children,if i had any.
    He could have rang-up ECPAT(End Child Prostitution and Tourism) and asked them if he could download seized-images of Child Pornography from known Sexual-Abusers:”Sex-Tourists” a less-honest less-emotive ,less-graphic-sounding word than known Pedophile;as “S$x-worker” is the Pro-Pr$stitution Lobby: EVIL C$NTS(see Dogsh$tty U.K.Government for details in dogsh$tty-Liverp$$l )dogsh$tty -campaigner’s word used nowadays for dogsh$tty-pr$stitute/wh$re/h$$ker/sexual-abuser as all dogsh$tty-pr$stitutes are sexual-abusers.(Conciously sexually-abusing every single partner and child of every single -person they have demanded cash for some dogsh$tty-sex from)
    But,Pete Townsend didn’t telephone an Anti-Child Pr$stitution Campaign Office-he downloaded images of Child Pornography on his home-computer ,deliberately and conciously using his Credit-Card which is how he got caught,i think.
    So,can you put 2+2 together!?

    Why would anyone do that,unless they wanted to do it thinking because they were a rich famous rockstar,they were above the LAW!?

    Why would anyone travel to South-East Asia,specifically Thailand,Cambodia,Vietnam,(unless,perhaps they were a Vietnam Veteran wanting to remininesce on their “Heroic” -Vietnam Tour of Duty!?)knowing it is one of the most evil,vile places on Earth practically a Pedophile-Shangri-La.I would never travel to South East Asia,myself because i know what goes on there-it is a sh$thole.Pedophiles and Pr$stitutes breed Pedophiles and Pr$stitutes like maggots breed flies.What can you do!?let them know you know exactly what they are and avoid them like the PLAGUE.

    Yours sincerely,

    Marianna Jane Close

  • Laine

    Personal attacks are not allowed? Seems to be plenty going on here. So much for rules huh?

  • Logan ********

    by reading these journals, i have a much deeper understanding of kurt and his personal life. townshend still has no buisness reviewing them, though. i can understand wher kurt is coming from (with his childhood anyway.) my parents divorced when i was 5 and i was diagnosed as hyperactive as well. reading these journals saddens me to a point of desperation as to where i wish i could sit and talk with cobain. a man as deep as cobain should never have had to resort to drugs to solve his deeper, personal problems with himself and courtney love. however, cobain claimed that heroin was the narcotic that could reduce his later undiagnosed stomach pains. cobain was a deep man who i believed may have wanted to die only due to the pressures of being a part of NIrvana and the instant, almost, shall i say, overnight stardome. however, i do believe that courtney love killed him. for example, the shotgun found at the scene was fully loaded when it was found with three shells. not a single shot in the chamber. cobain was so young and had more time than any other potential rockstar. brilliant he was, however under too much pressure along with pains going all the way back into his early childhood. his lyrics, so deep and explanatory to cobains inner feelings. all that is, in words, left to say is: rest in peace kurt, rest in peace.

  • Upperclass Twit

    OMG Cobain is the best thing that ever happened its better that he’s dead because thats the way he wanted it and pete is dumb to be alive and not dead from drugs because cobain is a genius OMG OMG

  • Jacob

    I love both Nirvana and The Who. Kurt Cobain and Pete Townshend are both great songwriters and I’ve related to songs from both of them. While I can understand how some people share a deep passion for Kurt and his music, it’s simply quite pretentious to say that Kurt Cobain is the best musician of all time. I bet if Kurt Cobain were alive, he would tell you he’s NOT the best musician of all time. After all, it’s a matter of opinion. Musically, Kurt Cobain wasn’t that talented, but he did have a penchant for displaying emotional, well-thought songs.

    All Pete Townshend was saying with this review was that he’s been in Kurt’s shoes and he can understand what Kurt was thinking, but that he grew past that stage and matured. Nirvana fans need to realize that Kurt was mature, but he didn’t have the chance to really “grow up” and realize his full potential. What did the comment “I hope I die before I become Pete Townshend” mean? Who knows, Kurt probably just thought it was funny. Maybe he was making a play at the Who song “My Generation” (considering by the time Kurt wrote the comment, Pete was old). But I highly doubt it was meant with serious disrespect to Pete, as Kurt was influenced by The Who and other contemporaries from the era, such as The Beatles.

    Those who disrespect “dinosaur rock” aren’t as open-minded as they believe themselves to be, because if they were, they’d realize Kurt was heavily influenced by the so-called “dinosaur rock,” and they would appreciate it. While I love Nirvana, many Nirvana “fans” piss me off with their ignorance. Their horrible grammar, their literal interpretation of the line “I hope I die before I become Pete Townshend,” and their constant moaning about Courtney Love and how she supposedly killed Kurt. Hey, guess what ladies and gentleman? Kurt was depressed, addicted to drugs, and couldn’t find a way out. I’m not saying the murder theory is unlikely, but I’m also saying it’s not unlikely that he committed suicide either. Think for yourself before you run around acting ignorant.

    Kurt would be ashamed of his so-called “fans” if he were alive today.

  • nirvana fan

    i just want to clear some things up. Kurt Cobain is/was not the best musician ever. he was good at writing songs aand guitar riffs but as far as playing, he completely sucked. im not hating or anything, i love nirvana(even got their box set) they’re my favorite band. But stop calling him the best musician ever because he wouldnt have liked that. music was a way for him to express himself, not to be glorified. also, he couldnt have killed himself. all evidence said there had to be someone there with himhe had too much heroine in him to kill himself. so unless 1. the gun discharged and hit him in the exact same place that would hit if he shot himself or 2. someone killed him or he asked them to kill him or 3. he killed himself and someone put drugs in him. all of these could be considered murder or assisted suicide but no matter what, someone could have stopped him. he also suffered from a lot of anxiety problems which is why he talks about courtney love so much like he hates her then like he loves her.

    If Kurt Cobain was still alive, I think he would have moved to europe or some foreign place. His “suicide note”(which is aavailable to the public via online) sounds more like hes talking about leaving courtney for some time and quitting music, but he wanted to see everyone again.

    so stop bashing people cuz ur ignorant.

    also, the who sux why is pete even still alive?

  • lainie

    Stop saying Pete Townshend has no right to review your precious Kurt’s journals. He already did and there’s not a thing you can do about it. Deal.

  • Marc

    As someone mentioned earlier, the comment by Kurt “hope I die before I become Pete Townshend” was simply Kurt’s play on words from a line in The Who’s 1965 song “My Generation”.
    To interpret Cobain’s meaning (from perspective) -”Hope I die before I get OLD like Pete Townshend didn’t do”.Plain and simple.
    I am also a big Nirvana and Kurt fan, so I also know of his warped sense of humor.I take his statement as being both truthful yet sarcastic.A
    genius like comment, that uneducated music fans just didn’t get.Let’s just say that Kurt’s comment went over just about everyone’s head.:)

    Pete’s reply to Cobain’s now infamous statement was eloquently stated by Pete, who himself was a tortured yet highly talented artist as Kurt was.Pete now-a-days is a survivor.A Popular culture Icon,a man of infinite wisdom,and one of the most influential artists of all time.

    My final tribute to all rock/pop artists of the past and present.Like the many literature icons and art painters,musicians,etc – so many of them are and were geniuses with tortured minds.

    From The Who’s AMAZING JOURNEY:
    “sickness will surely take the mind, where minds can’t usually go”.

    As for Pete’s child porn pc access charge:
    NOT GUILTY.And as some posted here,Pete tried to go above the law, and he was wrong for doing so.
    But that’s all he is guilty of.The lead UK investigator later admitted that he himself and the police were WRONG for bringing Pete in for questioning in the first place.It is clearly documented on film in a BBC documentary.

    Pee Wee Herman,Gary Glitter,etc – were arrested and found with tons and tons of evidence after the fact.
    Pete was found with NOTHING! Come on, I said he was a genius, not a Genie.One cannot have mansions completely void of pedo magazines and have a dozen computers completely clean – it is pc forensically impossible as stated by experts.
    Poor Pete will have to live with a tarnished name because of the UK investigators, whom now have to live with a guilty conscience, as they have professed.


    I hiere some rumor then kurt cobain pripare some thing in case he die or was muder he open new accoint in canada for 2,8 million and ben clonned and change is name is name to make a new start and yunger than the fust time he born

  • samm

    hey. i was on amazon and there are two differnt kurt cobain journal book things.the front covers look the same but are not. and one is like $13 more than the other.they are both paperback books so i was just wondering if there were two or more different copies of his journals made so i know which book to buy. thx. btw who is pete townshend?!

  • Jonesy

    Pete Townshend was guitarist and song writer for the greatest band ever, The Who. He is a God.

  • Music

    Anyone interested in the case should check out, it has all the details. I like The Who but I don’t get the same emotional effect I get from Nirvana. It’s all about what music you enjoy and what makes you happy. I wish everyone could just have their personal favorites without having to impose them on everyone else. Just enjoy what music moves you and let it be. Peace, love, and empathy. RIP Kurt

  • Pete townsend is god.

    Faggots talk about Pete townsend like that. he is a god. Unlike Shitvana which is overrated.

  • Kurdt Cobain

    Who the fuck is Kurt Cobain?

  • jeff aldeberan

    I hope I live not to be Cobain (poor little fellow).

  • Michelle

    I can NOT believe how many of you are calling Cobain superior to Pete Townshend.. First of all, half of you aren’t even spelling Pete’s last name correctly! i know it was a while, more than a year ago, but please… do some f***cking research.
    Pete Townshend is probably the best person to do this review because he didn’t “sugar coat” the truth or even attack him… Plus he did have experience with what he was talking about. Seriously, you guys have to stop talking about the music, in this little review Pete isn’t talking about Kurt’s music, in fact he thought Cobain was a talented man, but he does know that Kurt took the cowardly way out of life, and that he decided not be strong and defeat it, instead he let it defeat him… As for the child porn, hopefully no one still goes on with that… that’s all i’m gonna say.

  • kelly

    i you think it’s morally incorrect to read his journals don’t, simple as that.

    i think anyone who thinks of themselves as knowledgable regarding to music should pay respect to both kurt cobain and pete townshend for their musical contriutions.

    kurt cobain is amazing (imo) and i’m interested in reading his journals because he interests me and i don’t see how i’m harming anyone around me by doing so.

    any kurt cobain fans either way whether you choose to read them or not you’re screwd cause none of us KNOW what kurt would have wanted.

    if it was just a way for courtney love to make money off kurt than thats just sick i despise her..

    you might say reading his journals is sick? but i have to disagree, i like to think by reading his journals maybe i will learn something.. something as small as a book can change your life..and i surely hope i do learn something i didn’t already know about kurt or about life.

  • gordon brown

    PETES A ROCK GOD i broke up with a total FOX because she always played nirvana…..kirk who?

  • Steven Seberg

    the legend of cobain is even more overblown than lennon/townshend/morrison/hendrix combined….and courtney was a blood-sucking nancy spungeon wanna-be who sucked the life out of someone far more talented than herself…but townshend is more than entitled his opinion, and until the mid 70′s was relevant at least…cobain didn’t give a shit about his own life, his daughter’s life or any of YOUR lives…find a better subject to study than a miserable overrated dead musician who was exploited by those less sick then he was.

  • Tabby

    As tempted as I am to read it, I can’t bring myself to do it. I look at pages but then I think “I wouldn’t like it if soemone read my journals” and then there’s the whole thing about Courtney getting them published and Krist and Dave not wanting that to happen. I think that Krist especially would know what Kurt would have wanted. But I’m such a huge Nirvana fan…argh!

  • Not Important

    Pete Townshend. Ah, a star in the wrong film. A HUMAN FUCKIN JACK-OFF.

  • rob vanore

    Pete Townshend has a big nose.

  • Baww

    Bawww, Pete told the truth about my drug addict hero.

  • Emily

    I can’t believe Courtney published those. As for me, I will not be reading it even though I love Kurt. I, for one, will not invade his privacy no matter how curious I get.
    Rot in hell, Courtney