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Pete Townshend Reviews Kurt Cobain’s Journals

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A must-read. Thrill! to the sound of Townshend stroking his own ego. Laugh! at the presumptuous pomposity of his opinions. Cry! as you realize he’s absolutely right.

What follows appear to be the scribblings of a crazed and depressed drug-addict in the midst of what those of us who have been through drug rehab describe as ‘stinking thinking’. That is, the resentful, childish, petulant and selfish desire to accuse, blame and berate the world for all its wrongs, to wish to escape, or overcome and, finally, to take no responsibility for any part of the ultimate downfall. Me? An expert? Of course. Been there, done that.

And don’t miss the link at the bottom, wherein the Observer publishes excepts from the diaries.

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  • Paul

    At least Kurt died before he became Pete Townshend.

  • Martin

    The one thing I couldn’t get over was the fact that Pete Townshend, a rock dinosaur from the 60’s, was actually chosen to do the review in the first place. They’d have been better off asking the Queen.

  • It’s obvious why he was asked, seeing how his most famous line had been so casually subverted by Cobain’s throwaway comment. It’s why he thought he could say anything that wouldn’t reaffirm his own irrelevance to anything that has gone on since the mid 60s that’s the question.

  • Matt Rinne

    I don’t know anything about Pete Townshend or what he has to do with Kurt Cobain, or why Cobain didn’t want to turn into Townshend, but I have just one question. Is it morally correct to read Cobain’s journals? I am having a hard time with this. I wouldn’t want someone to read my journals, if I had them, but I am very intrigued by him so I would like to check it out. Advice? Email me for an answer. Ringo_96@hotmail.com

  • Eric Olsen

    Matt, I understand your concerns about the journals. The situation is that those who control Cobain’s estate (Courtney) have decided it’s in his (and her) best interest to publish them, so go ahead and read if you are interested.

  • aubrey

    i had same concerns as matt with the journals. i want to read them so badly, however, i’d kill whoever read my journals. i guess what with being human and all, i shall end up reading them.

  • Wargasm

    I like Pete Townshend but I find it strange that he cleary sees how silly these scibblings are really but he takes one stupid line from the whole thing so literally. My guess it was just something that Kurt wrote at random and it could have been Bowie, Jagger, McCartney or any other older rocker in his spot…

  • Seth

    To post my thoughts on this I onley have to quote Kurt himself. “Within the months between October 1991 through December 92, I have had four notebooks filled with two years worth of poetry and personal writing … The most violating thing I’ve felt this year is not the media exaggerations or the catty gossip, but the rape of my personal thoughts. Ripped out of pages from my stay in hospitals and airplane rides hotel stays etc. I feel compelled to say f— you F— you to those of you who have absolutely no regard for me as a person. You have raped me harder than you’ll ever know.”

  • james

    fuck pete townshend and fuck anyone who judges kurt or anyone.

  • keah

    Imagine if he was around today…imagine the dozens of beautiful songs he would have written and sung.

    He is gone but he has left us some after thought. Eight years on, the journals are here.It is a peek into the thoughts of a man for us to better undertsnad him and affirm his place in our lives ad our hearts. Lets celebrate the book. Not debate over what’s right and wrong. And for those who cannot grasp this who ridicule him, people from another generation who simply want to try and understand or revive their post-humous careers, people like ol’ Pete, please give it up…you will never understand us.

    Bottom line, he shared his music, now he’s sharing his thoughts. As long as we take it in stride as a tool to understand and not judge the man, I think he will be ok. God bless you Kurt.

  • Ann

    i cannot begin to comtemplate what it would have been like to be this man. its insane how much shit he went through, and i wish that he would have stayed ’til tea to give the rest of us clueless poeple what we were missing.
    yet i dont know about the journals. i think that letting courtney love have the jurisdiction over whether to publish the journals or not is compeltely hainous. they shouldnt have been lpublished in the first place. God knows i dont want to have “raped me harder than you’ll ever know.” but maybe, just maybe, the world can benefit from the knowledge that Kurt should have had time to share wuith the rest of us.

  • bret weissmann

    I think that Pete Townshend should shut up and worry about his case of child porn. He said he has a lot of writings from people like kurt and he puts them in a loonies bin. He was never charged with child pornography.

  • G

    hold on…this is more in response to those who feel that it’s morally wrong to read Kurts Journals…why would you keep a journal? To record your daily (or not) goings on…but then, surely someone will read them when you’re gone. I recommend the journals, although I don’t trust Courtney Love so I think there are a lot of parts missing, and scribbled out by her. Your journal is bound to be read when you’re gone, unless you burn them or in some other way get rid of them. The Journals are pretty interesting, although very contradictory. On the first page it says “Don’t read my journals when i’m gone” the next page says “Alright, read my journals when I’m gone”. Me, being the fan of Kurt and Nirvana that I am, couldn’t resist temptation 😀

    As for Pete Townshend….Eugh…that’s all I have to say: Eugh. He is an insensitive, unruly and utter wanker. That’s all I have to say.

  • Tom69

    A pedophile like Pete Townshend should be in jail not doing reviews

  • Sharon

    You would think that Pete having “been there”, would allow him a little empathy. Least of all he should express some respect to the fine, talented artist that Kurt is and was. At least Kurt took responsibility for his own anguish and pain. Or did he……I still haven’t decided if it was suicide or murder.

  • Ken

    Although it is a little strange reading someone’s journals, it gives some insight to what was going on in Kurt’s head. I enjoyed the story he related about getting his “trademark” Fender Mustang guitar for $20 or so!

    Reading the notes, letters and lyrics gave me a deeper understanding of Cobain.

  • Corteaux

    Oftentimes in writing my own journals, I feel they will be read by someone someday. If Cobain weren’t famous, they’d be discarded by some relation who’d receive them after his death. But since he was famous, they have public appeal.

    This may seem obvious, but remeber, famous or not, when you’re dead your journals can do you little good. Might as well let the living enjoy them if there’s an interest.

  • watty watts

    hes dead…i doubt he gives a flying f–k (can i swear on here?) whether we read his diaries or not. kurt loved to ham it up and if hes out there somewhere hes still loving it. he was a man who said he hated the fame, yet called mtv when he didnt think they were playing enough nirvana. as said in “come as you are” (the book) kurt was torn between being true to his punk roots and the desire for fame and public acceptance. (which was when they decided to make kurt the main focal point of the group and sign to a major label). just read the damn diaries, and remember him the way you want to remember him.

  • matt miller

    i just read the journals…auctually only parts…and this is some deeply personal stuff…it’s almost like he was planning to write a book…in here he has attempted suicides…his childhood…and how he lost his virginity…as well as snippets of poetry…yet i can’t help feeling that something is missing…is courtney holding out?

  • matt miller

    the part i find most interesting is that every few pages he wrote “punk is freedom” as if trying to reasure himself that making punk music was worthwhile…

    well at least i think it is, kurt 😀

  • Nicole

    Kurt Cobain is the person who made me realise what rock is about. I use to follow the crowd, be the same as all my friends, but i didn’t feel conftable being who i was. Now i know who i am, and Kurt helped me. Reading other’s comments makes me what to read the journals. When i write my diary i like to think somebody is going to pick it up a hundred years later and read it. Even though Kurt’s journals was published only a few years after his death, I think Kurt would of liked it. I mean, the journals show how media were wrong. Yer, so he took drugs, but Kurt makes me realise what life is like. Sometimes its pointless shit, sometimes its worthwhile. I love you, Kurt, and thankyou.

  • Kaelyn

    Ummm, I have already took a look at this book, and I WANT to READ it!!! When I told my mom that I wanted to read a book, she got all excited and then when she asked me what book, I said “Kurt Cobain Journals”. And she said that it would be great for me to read, and maybe I can understand his death a lot more! READ IT!

  • Kaelyn

    You all know that Courtney Love decided to get his journals published, right? And the rest of the band didn’t want her to, but she did anyways. Since she owns everything of his now.

  • sophie

    to anyone whos read where pete towsend calls Kurt Cobain “sick” please keep in mind that these words are coming from a man who has been arrested for having child pornography on his computer.Anyone who looks at child pornography has absolutely no right to call anyone sick but themselves. Calling the greatest rock star of the ’90s sick is pure disrespect. I totally agree with Kurt Cobain- I hope i die before i become pete townsend.

  • Sophie, please do some research before you make ridiculous claims like that. Pete Townshend did NOT have any child porn on his computer. The police kept his computer for 4 months and couldn’t turn up anything other than exactly what he’d already told them – long before he was even arrested – that he did. He informed the police that he was going to attempt access to a child porn site for research, when he did so it required a credit card number NOT to pay but only to provide some proof of age, which got him into a preview section of the site. This is as far as he accessed the site. He wanted to know how difficult it was for someone to access this material, and found out it’s not very hard – meaning anyone could do it. It was, however, very, very stupid to do, even with informing the police. He also didn’t do it again. Why is this important? Because someone interested in child pornography, like anyone interested in anything, isn’t going to do something one time. If you’re into it, you’re going to have a stockpile of the stuff in your computer, stashed away in your house, etc. Maybe this is too logical for most people, but take a look at any interest people have. Do you know anyone who only has one item of whatever they’re interested in? Of course not.

    If you knew anything about the Who’s music, you’d know that themes of child abuse have always run through their music. Tommy especially. Pete was abused as a child, and this album was him venting the pain he felt. I urge you to listen to it closely, read the lyrics, and discover what it’s about – then maybe you’ll understand what Pete Townshend’s issue was about.

    As for being “sick,” yes, Kurt Cobain was sick. Mentally sick. Anyone who kills himself is sick. Suicidal thoughts are not normal, and taking action is beyond not normal. It’s sick – and what it means is this person needs help.

  • Trina

    I Think NO ONE should read his journal thats what a journal is somewhere you can rite shit down that you dont want to say to people its supposed to be private, his secrets if he wanted people to read his journal he wouldve published it before he commited suicide dont ya think? I dont know do want you want but just think would you want people reading your journal? Your deepest secrets? i sure as hell wouldnt!

  • holly

    i think its terrible that his journal is out but for me thats fine i really wanna read it but its invadeing his privacy and if some one read mine ill be fucken pissed but kurts dead now and also he didnt commit suicide he was murdered

  • ME


  • millie

    i love kurt and all of his music and (most of) his writing. iv read him journals and feel bad and really wish courtney had never realised them. i dnt trust her and feel that shes hiding lots of things which r important as she did not want 2 show if their marrige was ‘failing’. i dnt think wot she did was fair. i would love to know bout frances thou and where she is now.

  • fally

    NIRVANAs the best fucken band of all time and guess what i couldent aford the journal so i read it in the shop and i fucken starved the whole day just cause i wanted to buy it well what im tryna say it u should starve for this cause its a fucken good book!!

  • fally

    Tom Johnson your fucken gay kurdt aint sick your fucken sick u fucken peice of shit… dont fucken ever talk about kurdt like that

  • Enquiring minds want to know: who is kurdt? Sounds like some new kind of cheese.

  • beckie

    i think that is it wrong for courtney love to take her husbands personal thoughts and letters and publish them because she cant handle that her wannabe rock star life has gone down the drain.. she just wanted the money.. i dont think she really cares about him!! at first i thought it was wrong to read them.. but the my human nature took over and i just had to.. i feel that what he says in most of his writings i can feel it.. and i think that we learn a lot from him by reading it.. although i think its wrong.. i still had to!

  • beckie

    and ohh.. NIRVANA IS THE BEST BAND OF ALL TIME!! there is no doubt about that.. and anyone who thinks differently should be poked with sticks.. and i dont agree with people who think that pete townsend is the greatest.. because hes not.. KURT is.. and pete is a stupid washed up rocker too.. and he should never write reviews for kurt.. or for anyone for that matter.. he belongs somewhere where he cant be touched by human kind.. i think that anyone who has the nerve to diss THE BEST ROCKER of all time should be hated.. i know i hate pete.. and i agree with kurt from his journals..


  • jonny

    no fukin shit have a look at it .thats all what we need to know about…

  • Andrea

    Kurt Cobain is a legend that needs to be remembered respectfully and not just as: “isn’t he the singer from Nirvana who killed himself”

    when we all know it was courtney love who did it.

  • Andrea-

    Courtney did it? That theory gets thrown around by those looking to blame. Well, she didn’t do it (forensics proves that) except for being half the party in a volitile relationship. For all that matter, he probably lived longer because he was married to Courtney. He would have offed himself sooner otherwise.

    Kurt was worth more to Courtney alive than dead.

    Anyway, pay attention to Kurt’s lyrics. That explains what killed him. Townsend using the term ‘childish’ in explaining Kurt’s observations. Well, at Pete’s age, everyone is a child.

  • me

    Kurt Cobain has NO PLACE criticizing Pete Townshend. Nirvana couldn’t do in three albums what Pete Townshend did with one song… My Generation. Of course, none of you seem to get the “Hope I die…” reference as coming from that very song. If The Who suck so much, how come Nirvana covered songs of theirs, including “Baba O’Riley” in concert? Kurt Cobain was a selfish person. Killing yourself is always selfish. “Best rock star of the 90’s” my ass. What did he ever do for anyone else? Look at Bono, for instance. How many charitable causes has he given his time and effort to? Axl Rose has given millions to environmental charities and charities to protect wildlife (of course you never heard about that because then, God forbid, Axl Rose wouldn’t look like a complete and total asshole). Nirvana were a one-trick pony, Kurt Cobain especially. Courtney Love did not kill him. Pathetic losers like you just tell yourselves that to somehow justify and put some kind of martyr spin on Kurt Cobain’s pathetic existence. Remember his little “accidental” overdose in Rome? If you can’t even kill yourself right, then maybe you are better off being dead. Nirvana will never reach The Who’s stature (or sales, for that matter). Everything Nirvana did, The Who did about 25 years earlier. And now, you people are turning him into Pete Townshend, as you would say, by idealizing him and everything he did and wrote, and putting him above reproach, making him a religious figure. How very pathetic.

  • myra

    How dare you insult Kurt!!!!! Hes dead have you no self respect or respect for the dead? He meant so much to so many people the least you could do is respect him for what he was, an artist.Theres some musicians whose music i dont like or agree with but that dosent mean im gonna go out of my way to spit on their graves!!! THats just sad to have nothing better to do than to tear at the image his fans have of him let them belive that aliens killed him or whatever they loved him and are trying to deal with the fact that hes gone. i love you kurt wherever you are and hope you know you will always live on in outcasts like me …just like you. Rest in peace.

  • Francisco Laucirica

    Here’s the thing: Townshead probably felt guitly because Cobain was right, Pete’s generation gave up after the media and establishment took a couple of cheap shots at them. So it’s true what he said about them attempting to change the world and giving up before the last step had to be taken. And yes, Kurt was childish and personally I think that suicide takes more cowardice than courage. This is, however, none of our business: Townshead’s entitled to his opinion and Cobain to his, so maybe we should just let them talk it out on their own someday at the end of days and butt out, huh?

  • chief

    Wake up people, Pete isn’t saying anything bad about Kurt’s genius or Nirvana’s music (except perhaps in the ungrounded speculation that Kurt had “outside help”). He uses the adjectives “smart,” “wonderful,” “outstanding,” and “beautiful” to describe Kurt’s soul and songs. The article is about how heroin destroys people’s minds and bodies, and how tragic it was that Kurt allowed himself to be overcome instead of defeating it like Pete did in the 1980’s. So on the charge of insulting a rock legend, Pete himself delivers a verdict of “not guilty by reason of insanity.”

    A more interesting question is what Kurt meant by “I hope I die before I become Pete Townshend.” For the uninitiated (who seem to be numerous on this board), Kurt is twisting the line “I hope I die before I grow old” from the Who’s “My Generation.” I’m unsure why Kurt had a specific problem with Pete, since he never sold out or gave up his credibility. I think the line just popped into Kurt’s head one day for no reason and he wrote it down because he found it funny.

  • Kurt Cobain.Everytime someone hears that name they either think of a man with a child-like and loving heart or a man who killed himself and has horrible music.Well the people who think of Kurt as a person who killed himself, don’t know him and his bandmates music.I personally think it expresses things in peoples lives when they make mistakes and are heart-broken,or when people try to hide their mistakes through their music and express everything they have to give.You may not agree with me and I understand that.You may have your own beliefs.This website should not be about why people don’t like each other or people fighting about Kurt’s music and Pete Townshend.Kurt is long gone.Him and his music are a LEGEND whether people agree with it or not.he has changed peoples lives.I think he was murdered but, there’s no evidence of that.Yet!Whoever reads this, don’t judge a person on how loud their music is or how much screaming the music has.Kurt made his music with feelings and did it damn well,unlike most artists today!Kurt had his own problems with his life and nobody but him, will know what they were.Enjoy his music and if you don’t like it then don’t say anything because how are you going to discriminate against a person that is dead and a band that’s a legend.Think about that one.Peace,Love,Empathy.Alex

  • Katfish

    Fair enough, Pete Townshend. After reading your review, I find you bitter and judgmental. I’ve listened to Nevermind’s music, read the lyrics, and enjoyed it a lot. Of course, I can say the same thing for Tommy – and you were on drugs at that time too, weren’t you? Kurt Cobain’s vocals are rough and at the same time melodic, but most important of all, it’s sincere – something sorely missing from most of the lead singers of today’s “hard rock” bands, who don’t really sing, but scream and shout. Hell, anyone can do that. Only Layne Staley of Alice in Chains comes close (oh, I forgot – he’s dead, too).

    Mr. Townshend can rail all he wants about addiction and how it affected Cobain, but even if Kurt got clean, it’s a sure bet that Nirvana would cease to exist anyway. Did it ever occur to Pete that the demons that drove Kurt to shoot up is what help create those great songs in the first place? Take a look at Aerosmith, Eric Clapton, and James Hetfield (Metallica) for other examples. I defy anyone to say that these guys put out better music after they sobered up.

    I think Journals is nothing but a blatant attempt to cash in on Kurt Cobain’s fame. There’s nothing really profound about his writings that has not been already said in Nirvana’s music. Let the man rest in peace.

  • Tommy

    I think Pete knows what he is talking about. He has been an drug addict and knows where that leads you. So don’t criticize Pete Townshend for what he said.

  • jon d

    pertaining to cobains journal if you really respect kurt cobain you will Not read it, because would you want every one who you didnt know to read your shit that was supposed to be privite. BAN THE BOOK!!!

  • Myself

    Kurt Cobain changed my life. i was the kind of person who followed the crowd and did what was “normal” to people where i live. but i was never happy with who i was until i discovered rock music and Kurt Cobain. He has really influenced my life and has helped me find who i am. i really want to read his journals because i admire him and his views of the world and the media, but i would feel so guilty because he didnt want people to read them. i think its ok if people read them but keep in mind its his personal thoughts not meant for other people to read, so they shouldnt judge him on them.

    As for his death, it was not proven a suiced, there is a lot of evidence contradicting that. but it wasnt proven to be murder either, although thats what i believe. Someone else who posted something on here mentioned respect. why do you people come and say shit like that about him, do you just have nothing better to do with lives so you feel teh need to post things that are totally disrespectful to Cobain and people he meant a lot to. does it just make you feel better about your pathetic lives? And Pete Townshend has no right to say stuff about Kurt, cuz he sure isnt a better person.

  • Petey

    Funny, The Who does suck. Townsend apparently has nothing better to do other than wack off while looking at 3 year olds.

  • Shane.

    When it really comes down to it, you have several options involving this “Journal” situation.
    I personally Would not buy it for 2 reasons. 1. I’m poor and 2 I don’t really care.
    Kurt Cobain was a musician (as am I)
    and a successful one. But, He is not someone whom I would ever strive to be like. I am a fan of Nirvana’s music but I also feel that most of the people I’ve met who Identify with his music
    are annoying and spend too much time feeling sorry for themselves.
    Kurt Cobain, In my opinion was a selfish crybaby who abandoned his daughter. And Before I get scolded by all you angry, angst ridden Cobain fans,
    (who can’t spell)
    Understand that I love Nirvana’s music just as much as you but don’t Idolize the man. I hope Cobain and many of the other Musicians that left us rest in peace. P.S. to be honest, I think Kurt would have wanted you to steal the damn book.

    R.I.P. James Lynn Straight.

  • Cheralyn

    I just bought the book online off of amazon.com.. and i havnt received it yet, but i am looking forward to it.. i say.. u know what? just read the book, what have u got 2 lose? if u like kurt cobain or Nirvana.. it’ll help u idenify w/ him better.. im sure since courtney put the book out that alot about their marriage has been taken out..because it was deffinately a rocky marriage at that, and shes trying 2 hide it probably so ppl dont hate her even more but.. frankly i hate her anyways..even if she didnt kill kurt she had a big impact on it.
    RIP kurt!
    Peace love and empathy ~ Cheralyn

  • wrh

    read and you’ll judge

  • Ruben

    You know what… fuck that muthafucker Pete… ur nuthin but a lil bitch that aint got a life of his own…. which is why he’s being a nosy ass with Kurt… Kurt Cobain was murdered and its obvious… Pete just worry about ur own fucking business and let Kurt rest in peace …..u dumb bitch!!!! Aint nobody judging my idol… Fuck you Pete u stupid wannabe…. hater!!!!! LOL

  • Blair

    Umm yep, to Ruben and 90% of the people who felt compelled to post a comment here. You’re Idiot(s) … this was a waste of time.

  • Shaun

    It’s absoultely silly to compare the work of Townshend with Cobain as a result of this review. (And also because Cobain wasn’t fit to carry Townshend’s guitar picks.).What’s relevant is that Townshend himself is a survivor of drug abuse, and therefore knows where Cobain was coming from, and doesn’t sugar coat his comments to be politically correct. Life is for the living, and if anyone thinks Cobain was playing with a full deck may as well follow his lead. This doesn’t mean Cobain wasn’t a great musician. He clearly was. But drug induced thinking is just that. Furthermore, anyone who comes on this or any other board accusing Townshend of evil regarding children should look at the details following his very brief detainment as well as his record involving children’s charities. BUT idiots will always be prevalent on the net……its so easy to hide behind a screen…

  • you now he wrote a song called rap me well hes been dead for how long now and its like you guys are digging up his corps and still fucking him and ask for courtny love this was just another way for her to get rich even in death shes like a fuckin hemrode on his ass you all still rap him any one who reads his journal is a discusting humin being if you ask me just let him rest in peace hes done entertaining all of us there will never be another like him and he was wright about humanity you cant love every one and think every one is just a good person there not there all out for money i dont mind courtny love but i think this was wrong and i dont think kurt killed himself allot of peaple say courtny did it but i dont think so i did but i dont anymore ohhh fuck it mybe this is a good thing like cause i always wanted to know more about him and mybe if i read that book it wouid show me the state of mind he was in and then i would know if he killed himself and then i could stop feeling really bad about the hole thing but as i read abouve if you do get the book for kurt steal it thats how he would wont it dont pay for his insights he never wonted that dont judge me bye my spelling but bye my words if you can read them

  • kate

    i was really confused about whether to read the journals or not, because i am a huge fan of kurt cobains, but i think it is a total invasion of his privacy. courtney love needed money for drugs so she sold out her own husband. im not going to read the book, but i wouldnt hold it against anyone who would. everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and mine is to leave kurt with some respect, its what he deserves, and what you should want for him.

  • kate

    p.s. pete townsend is an ass he must have known he was alienating half the goddamn world by calling kurt stupid and pathetic.

  • hhhmmm…well, Pete is an old British guy. (lol) Pete says he’s been there, done that. Not quite, clinical depression is a whole different story.

    At least Pete admits that he was “childish, petulant…” also. So I hope he is getting down on himself about the whole thing. And is it wrong to be that way for a phase?

    And not taking responsibility? Pete, do you have any answers to the problems that your childish, petulant and resentful mind have discovered?


  • ok my time. 🙂 kurt cobain is my idol…as of many’s. his songs and lyrics helped me through bad times. but what i love mostly about his music is that the lyrics relle keep me guessing. Kurt Cobain had relle strange thoughts (as proven in the journals, which i too wasnt sure if i should read). BUT I DID! i had to the freggin cover sucked me into it. “read u’ll judge” ugh WHY! lol. let me tell TDavid something… Kurdt is Kurt’s little getaway. he used the name for himself Kurdt Kobane. i duno why…but neways. i think everyone should be respectful of Kurt, he was pure art himself. and he inspired millions, including me. one thing i cannot stand is ignorant ppl like the ones in my school. whenever they see me wearing my Nirvana shirt some1 pretends like theyre shoving a needle up their vein…and then pretending like they r shooting myself. that just brings tears to my eyes. not for me but for the pathetic losers who have nothing else to do but judge My Idol. someone i can look upto…some1 that inspires me day to day 🙂 i love u kurt. peace love empathy Nat

  • some guy

    man Pete Townshend is a bastard for calling kurt cobain “sick” he has no right cuz kurt cobain was a very deep and tallented man and he should be recognized for that to tell u the truth i was afraid to read his journals cuz i figured hey would i like other people snooping around in my private life, f*ck no but then i read the statemet above where it sayed that courtney and the rest of his astate felt it needed to get out there to the pubic so then i felt better about reading it ……… and plus i really,really wanted to read it cuz i’m such a huge fan!!!!

  • BrIaN

    First off Kurt Cobain is a genious, like that guy from shine. I say read the journals, because it makes you happy. I’m sure Kurdt Kobain, doesn’t mind that much he’s playing a gig in heaven with Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon.

  • anonymous passerby

    “Funny, The Who does suck. Townsend apparently has nothing better to do other than wack off while looking at 3 year olds.”

    How dare you! It’s judgemental, ignorant people like you who make the world a bad place.
    Anyway, I have a deep respect for Pete, being a personal hero of mine, but also for Kurt. The review Pete gave was not out of line at all.
    Hey, has anyone noticed that the people who are criticizing Pete with no valid arguments are also the ones who can’t spell? Interesting. . .

  • amy

    Pete and The Who have been loads more important to music than Nirvana or Kurt ever will be, they wouldn’t have stood a chance if The Who hadn’t been there.
    True, Pete and the others all went downhill and I’m not sure if they’ll ever be able to release something good again, but anyway.
    And about his crybabay-comment: as Pete said, growing old turned out to be the hard bit, which Kurt never had to experience.

  • Andrew

    I think kurt was one of the top three artists of time. Kurt loved music and hated life. I think Pete is wrong for judging kurt. He should be judged. He was never a good musician anyway. Kurt rules and Grunge will never die. And courtney should be killed.

  • DAVE


  • A good mucusian is hard to find!

    Zappa’s “Nasal Retentive Calliope Music”, anyone?

  • none of you know anything or understand anything.

  • peter v

    even hedrix clowned on how much townsend sucked.i think he knew fewer chords then Cobain and he couldn’t hold up as a lead singer either.pete smashed his guitar on accident stumbling onto something new however Kurt had more of a purpose behind expressing his agressive punk antics of destroying everything in his path which was pure entertainment.Kurt could never forsee Nirvana dragging on for 20 years coasting on auto pilot like mechanical robots.imagine him in his 60s wearing adult diapers trying to play smells like teen spirit at some sold out arena rock show.kinda scary I think.I’m glad he went out with a bang.I just wish I knew him personaly and got to jam with.I truly miss him. pete you old dirty bastard time to retire

  • I think it is very rude to publish kurt cobains journals. that is his personal thoughts who the fuck wants people to read there journal I mean cmon…. courtney love had someone murder kurt ITS OBVIOUS. I think it was axl rose or someone who hated kurt so pationetly. anyways fuck guns and roses they are a bunch of racist homophobes. my point is courtney should not have control over kurts diarys I mean who the fuck is she she only knew him for like 4 years or so.
    Why couldnt a close family member hold his journals that way they would stay away from publishers. nobody knows what went on in kurts head and no one ever will some believe he wasnt even that deppressed of a guy others believe he was so fucked up with deppression he couldnt control himself…my point is leave him to rest in peace…Some people are just disgusting i heard they were gonna sell a soiled piece of toilet paper of kurts in an auction thats fuckin distgusting…..leave him alone!!1

  • Steve Dean

    It’s funny to hear the different age groups fighting amongest one another. I’m 38, so I’m in-between.

    The people vilifying Pete, apparently never read a lyric of his. Much of Townshend’s early writing runs a parallel course to Kurt’s writing: alienation, frustration, and a strong wonder of tomorrow.

    Hey, hate The Who’s music if you wish, a lot of it sounds very dated now, so that’s only fair. But don’t confuse indifference with ignorance.

    Pete Townshend was the perfect person to review these diaries. Pete doesn’t hate Kurt–read a little closer people–he clearly sees a lot of himself in Cobain.

    Perhaps, looking at Cobain, Pete can see what would have happened if he died before he got old.

    No one, Townshend included, denies the enormity of Cobain’s talent. Hard as it is for some people to believe, many of us who loved everything Cobain did, still find it hard to forgive Cobain for taking the easy way out of life.

    Suicide is the single most selfish thing a human being can do. I bet Frances Cobain might agree.

  • steve dean has a point’im a big nirvana fan’but i will never forgive kurt for killing himself’life sucks’and we all have times when we feel like we want to kill ourselves’but thats just a feeling’it must be controled’courtney was a bitch’but kurt could have simply devorced her’kurt had a daughter’kurt wrote songs about his childhood’about his neglect’about his alienation’so i think it was mighty selfesh for the man to take his own life and allow the same thing to happen to his daughter.

  • Eric Olsen

    I agree entirely with Steve and Bryan, other than I don’t find much of the Who dated at all – the collection of their earliest hits, “Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy,” is probably still my favorite single disc if I had to choose

  • Vern Halen

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about – I like the Who & Nirvana both. It’s a little like comparing apples & oranges. Maybe if Pete had died first, Kurt would have got to do a review on him instead.

    I guess this thread says more about every generation’s need for heroes more than it does anything else.

  • Harv

    Ok, anyone who goes on about “oh my god Nirvana were the greatest band ever and fuck the rest”, isn’t it now past your bedtime? To be fair, every band contributes to everything, its one big melting pot and they all help to influence the oneanother, so to say that The Who, The Beatles, The Stones, The Sex Pistols etc are shite compared to Nirvana is retarded, these bands helped to incite the rock revolution and paved the way for Nirvana. Please engage your simple little two-dimensional minds before you post drivel. As for Townshend’s review, its a review, an opinion piece in which people voice their opinions. Not YOUR opinions, theirs. If you dont like it, read one that is pro kurt/nirvana, its very simple. Take this for example, this is my opinion and I expect people to slate me after I’ve posted it, thats the idea of forums, free speech is great.
    And as for the references to the child porn, Pete was acquitted and cleared, so thats the end of that!

    Rant over, have fun debating!

  • hailey

    i agree that there have been many amasing bands out there besides just Nirvana, but in my opinion, they have made one of the most substantial impacts in music since…forever. The reason that people like me say that Nirvana is the best band is becasue they have made the most impacts in their lives.i know for me, no matter what shit was going on in my life, i just turn on some Nirvana, and they bring me to a new place. they almost made a new world for me to step into where nobody could hurt me. And no other band has been able to do that. That is why i say they are the best band ever.

  • Mark

    Hey, I’m not gonna blab on about The Who or anything else I’m just gonna plainly talk about the great Kurt Cobain. The man was and still is a genius, an artist respected by many, yet a deeply troubled person who deserved better in his life. He has helped me throughout my troubles, guided me in life and for that I’ll be forever greatful. I’ve been through a life of holding my own backstabbing family together for the past 15 years, handling disputes between aunts, uncles, parents and grandparents. My cousin stealing money from me. Being abused and excluded by my grandparents. Being mentally unstable for a whole year with no help. Mental Breakdowns and Suicide Attempts, even a few notes. Runaways, bullying, realtionship breakups, nearly being abandoned and homeless, no dad. Heck, I could go on forever but to that there wouldn’t be any real point as this is about Cobain. He helped me get through it. I’m only 15, but without his music I would have died at 12 through using a kitchen knife. Point is, he shared all he had to offer that he could offer, then some more. It killed him before he had even been murdered/commited suicide. I don’t think of Kurt as a dead rock star from the past. Kurt is an inspirational man, with a good heart, a good friend who managed to do the impossible for me whilst being dead and bring me out of my slump. I just wish I’d been there for his. As for his Journals. They’re his. And no matter what anyone says his spirit still lives on and should be respected. His wishes are mine, leave the man in peace. God Bless Kurt Cobain. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You.

  • David

    Pete Townshend has made more of a mark in classic rock than any other pedophile. How can you people judge him? Of course he’s fit to read the journal. As his fingers slide past the, little, soft, unwrinkled pages, he lays knowledge on you like never before. Accept it. Keep on truckin’ Pete.

  • godoggo
  • godoggo

    Oops, sorry, now I see why it cuts off long URLs. I trust the above will be deleted.

    Anyways, “can I swear here”

    Answer: try googling [site:http://blogcritics.org fuck]

  • beatleszeppelinfloydwho

    I am 22 years old, and can only laugh at my generation. I can’t even fathom someone thinking that Nirvana was even close The Who. Seriously, there is no comparison. Unplugged in New York is pretty damn impressive, but the studio albums area mixed bag. The Who Sings My Generation, The Who Sell Out, Tommy, Who’s Next, Quadrophenia…….ALL MASTERPIECES. Kurt Cobain was talented. Kurt Cobain was also sick just like Pete said. Someone also dissed Townsehnd’s abilities as a guitarist. ALthough nowhere near the top, he was always solid. His major contribution is his INCREDIBLE SONGWRITING. He wrote most of The Who’s material.

  • Your all pathetic

    Yes Kurt did feel raped by the media, but that was THE MEDIA YOU IDIOTS. MTV, any popularity he gained. I believe pete townsend was perfect to comment on his diary entrys. One disturbed person commenting on anothers. Not saying that pete townsend is disturbed, he did have his problems here and there LIKE A HUMAN BEING ACTUALLY SHOULD> but he was musically talented and could understand what Kurt was going through. If you would look at The Who’s background and their message they were trying to send across through their music, you would see it was pretty much the same as Nirvana’s. Pete’s understanding and interpretation is so complex and abstract, much like Kurt was as a person, it just makes sense. You people are to simple minded and logical. Stop busting on Pete, because you believe everything the media tells you.


    People of the world. You have absolutely no idea how to interpret comments. Apparently everyone who calls Pete Townsend an ass, doesnt know how to spell, and is also an ass themselves. You know what I don even care if you can spell. All I care about is if you can interpret comments correctly. AT NO POINT DOES PETE CALL KURT STUPID, RETARTED, CHILDISH, ETC…… and stop using the “Oh WHY dont you go jack off to 3 year olds pete” as retaliation. I honestly want to throw up. First off, were you there when he was masturbating, or when he was looking at child porn? Oh ok well then where did you get your information from? OHHHH THATS RIGHT THE MEDIA. You Fellow Kurt murderers. I like how you just realize how stupid you are right now. I want to punch you in the head. Im not even gonna write a civilized argument anymore because ive got the strongest desire to kill all people with no common sense. The only reason you blame the media for killing is because kurt came about and made it obvious to your sorry asses. You would not be all intelligent enough to say that if he hadnt said anything first. And dont use petty arguements like, pete couldnt play any chords or what not. Thats just so childish, I dont want to go down to that level. I dont care about any of your shitty backgrounds or whatever, because we all had them, and im not gonna give you any attention. I love Nirvana, I love Pete Townsend, I love Kurt Cobain, I love The Who, I appreciate and love any music that is written that makes me feel good. I dont care what any of you have to say because I know there is no argument that can refute me. You just realize that. Just sit in, realize that im 16, and accept that I dont care what your opinion is. I dont care if you dont care about my opinion, but that would just be childish anyways. Honestly to all those who accept my views or agree, I love you. I love alot of people but right now, scum like these people who rag on others WHO THEY DONT EVEN KNOW, just make me so angry. Its incredible. Lewis Black talked about this, and how this is why people die from brain hemmorages. BECAUSE OF MINDLESS COMMENTS LIKE THESE. Im done, im absolutely done, I dont think ive ever more in my life in the past 5 minutes than any other time. This is incredible. You people are so blantantly retarted. I hope I expressed what anyone else had to say about the situation.

  • your all still pathetic

    OH and one more thing. Pete townsends music isnt moving to you little kids because he was writing for the “Mod” generation back in the 60’s. And Pete called him sick not because he was blaintently dissing him, but because he was stating the obvious and you all know it you little ignorant idiots. And pete was saying that in a sympathetic way not to be demeaning at all. You should all learn your history before you make blantantly benign remarks about something you dont even know…….

  • i embrace pete and kurt

    first of all, who the hell are all of you to judge Pete even if he did look at pornography… second of all YOU DONT EVEN FREAKING KNOW IF HE DID! shut up about this damn jacking off on 3 year olds… were u there? no… o well the media said it soo well its true… what if i told the media that i know somebody and gave them your name and you had sex with donkeys… what? i betcha then ud hate the media.. put yourself in his shows.. shut up… 3rd of all EVEN IF HE DID ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.. he wrote music that changed all of your lives.. if it wasnt for him there would be no music.. 4th of all kurt cobain was the last person to do anything for our culture… basically if it werent for him… you would have no meaning for life… pete townsend is not makign fun of kurt cobain but taking his soul and embracing it…. never once does pete poke fun at him…. pete realized that never again would there be another john lennon, or david bowie, or jimi hendrix, and Kurt was the last one…. I love kurt.. i love pete.. i dont care what you say about him and i dont care if its proven true because it is none of our businesses… i love nirvana and i love the who… the who and nirvana were soo similar.. you all think o they were so different. i want you to read about kurts childhood.. o your to dumb to read… but still you read it then you wonder why he killed himself… pete WAS MOLESTED AS A CHILD and you wonder why he might do something liek what he did… have any of you ever been molested… you guys are all dumbasses… kurt was born with musical talent in his family… his mothers side of him was all about music… and you guys think he was a crap guitarist.. who cares how fast he can solo or how good of an improviser was…. he wrote some of the greatest music i have ever heard…. he killed himself because of MTV… MTV tries to control us because they just go with the trends… listen to what you believe in and not what everyone else does… so just shut up… i hate every last one of you. people who know what i am talking about i love you…. pete and kurt changed our generation… this line by kurt changed us.. i am 15 years old and i dont care what you guys say… oo you were too young to know about his music or u werent alive when pete was writing music… shut up have you ever met either of them? shut up… stand up for what you believe in.

  • Too gay to function

    All you you guys are more or less…very dumb first of all this site is baised because the only ppl here are cobain fans who need to read a REVIEW in order to buy a book. and all those fans are stupid 11-30 yearolds who has a revelation of meaning in the 90’s…ok kurt is fine BUT MOVE ON…hes just a copy of a copy…he just took the beatles hit signles formula…and he wrote dumb depressign songs about how stupid america is…now if you want to do the opposite thing, be enlightned by ingenius melodies you take the beatles, and umm pete townshend did more or less the same thing in a more intellectual manner in horse’s neck as kurt did with his diaries…pete ws just aware of thier publications, i guess kurt was too with a slut bag liek courtney as his wife… besides pete woudl have burnt out not faded away if his nose was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long…hes just a miserable man leave him alone FUCK
    all you looser 15 yearolds who are obssesed with pookey cookie kurt? heres a few bands who are incomparabe to nirvana:
    Pink floyd
    Led Zeppelin
    AND WE CAN GO ON ON ON ONNNNNNNNN cus those are the champions ma friendddddd

  • Lucas

    Most of what Ive read in this blog is shit. I hope that Kurt is ok if he still exists somewhere in the universe. I only hope to know him better and learn something from him because i feel we have somethin in common. whats happened? Its been a lot since the last post. I want to keep enjoying myself!

  • Daniela

    Wouldn’t it be really cool if Frances Bean Grew up, had a magnificent voice, and did better than her dad? I can’t wait to see what becomes of her. RIP Kurt.

  • Patterson

    I think Cobain is extremely idolized,I think this will continue for quite sometime. I predict in 2000 years he will be studied as if he were Jesus.

  • blah

    read it!

  • j.o

    To get an insight from the famous Kurt Cobain sounds inviting. It may teach us some dwellings and hardships of someone’s internal life. For those who dislike him for what he did, are no less better for who they are. Every one is entitled to their own opinions. If it’s worth reading, then learn from it.

  • Did anyone see those pictures of Frances Bean in the paper recently? It’s hard to believe she’s already 13 — what a dramatic life she’s no doubt already lived growing up with Courtney amidst rumors of being taken away by the state every minute.

    That is all.

  • Jen

    Oh yeah pete townshend? I think you’re a crazed drug addict that scribbles.

  • Sara

    (Vogue interviews Frances Bean)

    Vogue says that Frances Bean does not like it when her mother doesn’t brush her hair and looks dirty, but rather when she dresses like a starlett and is groomed. She also says that she is VERY much into fashion and the recent trends.

    (In the picture featured in the magazine, she sports 200 dollar shoes by an up-and-coming designer that is all the rage)

    [/end interview]

    well i don’t think she is going to be like Kurt, who thought trends weren’t all to cool, but not like Courtney, who on the other hand didn’t give a fuck about anything (her husband, daughter, self, people around her, etc.)

  • uao

    re comment 85: Supertramp?

  • misty peterson

    I LOVE YOU KURT rest in peace, dont worry baby will find the truth


  • davvy

    well, id like to mention the fact that however you look at it, this is someone elses shit your all fucking with, journals,love interests,DAUGHTER, these are choices he made, personal stuff, his music is great and should be enjoyed by all, but his family, well, its like no-one will allow any development to transpire, you just categorize, which is, in my opinion, well small minded, just see the bigger picture, enjoy his music, enjoy his story (if u can), but put down the human rulebook for a second, do something a little bit original, and dont give into those most human of urges, try and allow his daughter to grow and mature into her own person, allow his wife to try and piece her life back together, stop judging!!

  • The Who is over-rated.

  • dani

    i have read the journal..it’s really rude to do that but im just curious..i really think it’s a fucking lack of respect to do that..but i have thirst for kurt..i just cant get enough of him..

  • God

    In response to cmt. 85:

    Oh c’mon. You’re one of those stupid kids that walks around in all AC/DC clothing and says the only good rock was from the 60-70’s, yet you have not even experienced any music from later generations. Has anyone else noticed the uproar with Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and AC/DC among people these days??? I think it’s dumb because they waltz around like people that know everything about rock music and play guitar like pros, although they might not even play.


    Pete Townshend shouldn’t be judging someone that had their personal journals published. I doubt that Kurt wrote the journal to please the public and knew that he would release it with eccentric drawings, words, etc etc to please the media/public. I know I write notes for myself and leave them places to reminder myself of things, and I certainly don’t write them so that when my girlfriend walks past she’ll think “WOW! this note to clean the dishes is so beautifully drawn and is so fashionable!”

    End of my case.


    I think its kinda wrong reading his journel. i mean. its private. but i think its a good way to show people what he was really like rather than all the shit people hear about what he was like.
    all iv got to say is think before your ead it cause it is someones diary you are reading. even if they arnt alive.

  • I think if Townshend is going to review Cobain’s journals than we should also get to read Townshend’s journals to see if he is more logical or sane

  • bettina

    i tink if jou read the journals jou onderstent him end jou wil love him moor den bifoor love uit nederland

  • fuck pete townshend juging is so over raded kurt was a fucking jenyes and artist he has done more things in his life time the pete has ever done. kurt chaned my life

  • i know this has nothing about kurt cobain rilly but james that wrot up top he was 12 and did not know me then and now he goes to my school and the 2week of school he came up to me and i did not know him or ever see him arownd and he said ‘i love you’HA he said know rilly iloveyou………….and you kurt cobain shert ha we went for weeks not knowing one anothers names we justknow that we both had nirvana t sherts and chuktaylers he wallked me to my classes eneryday and opend doors for me and one day he aseked my name and i said kat and i asked his and he said james the nexed peread he asked me out and isaid yes so we where together for the hole year and we come up with a dream houes frome the song breed.we lived in tree and drand pennyroylltea and had a donky cus ilove donkys so iny ways ineever thougt iwoulld ever be this head over hill about some one i just randumlly meat over the summer we broke up we still tallk alot he went to hight school soo istill love him and iplan to run away with him someday,it is crazzy that we both had the some fillings about nirvana and how we meat over nirvana there is somethin great about what kurt,crist,and david crated


  • amy

    now wouldent life be eysyer if that rilly hapend

  • you spelled killed rong ILOVEKURTwith all my hart R.I.P kurt did not whant his life dispayed like that

  • daniel

    we have all done something unimaginably wrong to kurt…and he would have hated us for it….i feel just as badly as all of u that i have read the journals…i couldnt help it…none of us could were human…curiousity gets the better of us all in the end….its not our fault its coutneys for puttting it out…..we have no choice now but to read and wallow in a pit of out own self guilt…kurt lives

  • u kno wat i dont give a flying fuk about ur policy kurt was genius and loved his daughter he was murdered and the evedence points to it most likely how the shell of the bullet he “shot himslef” with had been ejected already and the un has to be cocked again for the shell to eject how could a dead cobain have cocked the gun when he was dead anthe autopsy showed he died the second the bullet was fired so like ya u fuker read this and say he abandoned his daughter he was murdered plain and simpl and the people who say we should focus on his music well if the music meant anything 2 you you should know the truth on how it ceased! BITHCES

  • GoHah

    >>>he was murdered and the evedence points to it most likely how the shell of the bullet he “shot himslef” with …

    …came from a grassy knoll . . .

  • Ashleigh

    I think it’s cool that his journal was posted, although I have the book of ALL of his journals so hahah beat that bitches hahah yeah but you know i got at the library, but im going to buy me one at Hastings or one of our fucking book stores…KURT COBAIN is the fucking king, and i love him and damn he is one fine mother hahah

  • Ashleigh, how did you gather and get all of his journals? If you’re writing the truth, then reveal how you know this information and how/where any of us, Especially Me, can obtain this very encompassing, enlightening, elucidating, very personal (i hope more personal) than the compressed, compromised “journals” release to the public. Tell Asheigh! I must know. And are you old enough to have been a fan and hence been a son during his living Years…though he is a light that will never go out, Which is an optimal use of Morrissey’s lyric.

  • Brian “Rebuttle” Bell

    Rebuttle is one of Kurt’s most often used terms to articulate his contra-stance or opposing or divergent opinion.
    Anyway, after reviewing Ashleigh’s post after i wrote mine, i now think she means that someone posted on this blog site or some other website portions, excerpts, snippets? – of Kurt Co-opt-but-never-baneful Journals…please LET ME KNOW, for i am really interested Hopefully ASHLEIGH comes back to review her post to see whether a person has response to it.

  • robby mcbain

    pete townsend, u fuckin evil little sellout bastard, i hope u choke on your insensitive words.what a fuckin no-mark bastard!

  • Eve

    Hi! Does someone have the link to his review? It doesn’t seem to work anymore. Thanks! BTW, I don’t want to read the book because Cobain was always such a private person when he was alive (or tried to be!) But if anyone wants a bit of an insight into the mystery surrounding his death, I’d recommend reading ‘Witnesses To The Unsolved.’ (must be read with an open mind about psychics, though!)

  • Pete townshend,through the 60s, 70s and 80s, went through everything kurt cobain did during his years of fame. Pete, a deep thinker, always asked questions. He questions what he really did, and why he did what he did. Why he was a rockstar. And what rock n roll meant. He faced sever drug problems in the early 80s and nearly died of overdose. He too, for brief periods, was a junkie like kurt cobain.

    This is what I have 2 say. The 2 are great in their own respects. Kurt cobain was always down to earth, always cinical. Pete townshend the same, at times cynical, at times philosophical, even witty and funny sometimes. It was pete who created rock n roll that nirvana utilised later. Townshend was the first rock n roll star to connect with his audience, and mirror their lifestyles and ways of life, something that cobain will always be remembered for.

    Townshend has every right to say what he did. He’s done it all and lived through all of it. He’s gone through fucking hell being a rockstar and he stayed alive at the end of it. He is the founder of rock n roll. Fuck you all if you think he’s not in the same league as cobain. There’d have been no nirvana if it weren;t for the who.

  • Jake

    Stop making a big deal of this. Kurt didn’t even really want to become famous. Do you think he would want somebody reading his journals? Maybe, maybe not. Just shut up.

  • ja-ha-nii

    listen pplz, if ur gonna read the guys journals dont judge him..cuz im sure we all have deep dark sectrets and shouldnt be judged on our bad days..i know hes dead but even dead ppl need respect k.btw I LOVE NIRVANA AND KURT COBAIN KICKS ASS!!

  • Jazz

    I have read Kurt’s journals, and loved it.
    The only thing is, I truly,truly believe Courtney took out ALOT from his journals. the parts that explained what kind of a manipulative bitch she was, and how he wanted a divorce.

    Shame on you Courtney.

    She only sold his journals for money, it was an easy way out of her money problems. She could’ve tried playing more gigs or gotten an actual JOB but she took the easy way out. I know it’s HIS privacy and he probably wouldn’t want people to read it, but of course people are going to. and I just wanted to learn more about Kurt from his OWN words.

    I also believe she was involved in his murder. Check out http://www.cobaincase.com, and judge for yourself. She is a sick person.

    Shame on you Courtney.

    I miss you Kurt :{
    You truly changed me in so many ways, I can’t even begin to explain.
    I’ll see you up there one day..

  • Emily

    I’m not sure where Pete Townshend was coming from,I mean I give him credit for the songwriter he once was,the thing is “was”,he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Pete doesn’t even compare to Kurt Cobain,Kurt is better in every way then Pete Townshend

  • julia

    reading kurt cobains words aren’t so differnet from listening to his music, although his music is way better.

  • gerry from concrete

    He’s the one
    Who likes all our pretty songs
    And he likes to sing along
    And he likes to shoot his gun
    But he knows not what it means
    knows not what it means
    and I say yeah

    kurdt’s song for me and you


    Thursday 15th February 2007

    I have never read Kurt Cobain’s so-called Diarys,because i strongly disagree with his corpse being raped by his ex-wife yet again for cold,hard,cash.They were personal and private he never intended to have them published;if he had wanted to publish his personal-writings,he could have published them himself in his tragically-brief Lifetime on Earth,could he not!?
    I have never read any biographies of Kurt Cobain or NIRVANA for exactly the same reason:i despise so-called “RockBiopics” written by some salivating-sychophant or envious-loser out to make a fast-buck.They never present an accurate portrait of the person and are tedious in the extreme:the usual trite,sh$te,hackneyed rockstar fodder of cheap-souless-sex,hard-drugs and boring rockstar stories about nothing.Yawn.A waste of time.That wasn’t all Kurt Cobain was, i am sure, and i very much doubt that his Family and True-Friends want to see him become one more cheapened corny rockstar-tale of cheap-sex,drugs and “rock ‘n’roll” YAWN!(some cashcow-milking for the Record Companys and his Ex-Wife [“EX-Wife”:on account he was murdered so is no-longer married,technically-speaking])The hackneyed -tale of the mythologised “hero” of self-indulgent,narcissistic suck-cess;because that isn’t who Kurt Cobain was,really,i believe.
    In the same vein, i detest so-called “Rockbiopic” Movies acted-out by some souless-buffoon Hollywood Actor who gets paid 10 x the amount the Musician ever got paid in his whole God -Damn Life for PRETENDING TO BE SOMEONE HE IS NOT! ie:Moron!Fugugly dumb fxxktard Val Kilmer in SH$TFACE’s(my name for him)(Oliver Stone’s) sychophantic -homage to Ol$ver’s first rockstar-crush the nauseating -arrogant overated puerile-pooetry(sic:poetry!?) of doggerel-Jimbo i mean!Jim Morrison.(in SH$TFACE’s PopCorn Blockbuster FastB$cks Movie:The DOORS-which i have never watched on-account i cannot stand Val Kilmer,for-one and secondly for reasons as-above and thirdly because i hate SH$TFACE!)
    So,no i do not want to pay Good-Money to watch some imbecilic vomitworthy Hollywood Cretin(Actor) prance around like a total-twat acting-out his pathetic rockstar-fantasy and getting paid $10,000,000 for doing so;when most Musicians would never earn that in their entire Professional career.Sickening!

    As for Pete Townsend who was indeed caught with Child Pornography downloaded onto his computer which he had to fully-conciously use his Credit- Card to illegally download “for research purposes”.Why didn’t he inform the Police,first of -all,before he felt an inexplicable and highly-suspect need to download Child Pornography!?They would have asked him exactly why he felt this dubious-need and probably put him on file as a suspected pedophile.
    He gives me the creeps.I would not want to meet him.
    He can claim he is innocent,fine! I have my personal-opinion on the matter.Better to be safe than sorry.No smoke without fire.Whatever.
    I’m not saying Pete Townsend is a certifiable Pedophile;i am saying the circumstances are very -suspect-sounding to me and i would not want him around my children,if i had any.
    He could have rang-up ECPAT(End Child Prostitution and Tourism) and asked them if he could download seized-images of Child Pornography from known Sexual-Abusers:”Sex-Tourists” a less-honest less-emotive ,less-graphic-sounding word than known Pedophile;as “S$x-worker” is the Pro-Pr$stitution Lobby: EVIL C$NTS(see Dogsh$tty U.K.Government for details in dogsh$tty-Liverp$$l )dogsh$tty -campaigner’s word used nowadays for dogsh$tty-pr$stitute/wh$re/h$$ker/sexual-abuser as all dogsh$tty-pr$stitutes are sexual-abusers.(Conciously sexually-abusing every single partner and child of every single -person they have demanded cash for some dogsh$tty-sex from)
    But,Pete Townsend didn’t telephone an Anti-Child Pr$stitution Campaign Office-he downloaded images of Child Pornography on his home-computer ,deliberately and conciously using his Credit-Card which is how he got caught,i think.
    So,can you put 2+2 together!?

    Why would anyone do that,unless they wanted to do it thinking because they were a rich famous rockstar,they were above the LAW!?

    Why would anyone travel to South-East Asia,specifically Thailand,Cambodia,Vietnam,(unless,perhaps they were a Vietnam Veteran wanting to remininesce on their “Heroic” -Vietnam Tour of Duty!?)knowing it is one of the most evil,vile places on Earth practically a Pedophile-Shangri-La.I would never travel to South East Asia,myself because i know what goes on there-it is a sh$thole.Pedophiles and Pr$stitutes breed Pedophiles and Pr$stitutes like maggots breed flies.What can you do!?let them know you know exactly what they are and avoid them like the PLAGUE.

    Yours sincerely,

    Marianna Jane Close

  • Laine

    Personal attacks are not allowed? Seems to be plenty going on here. So much for rules huh?

  • Logan ********

    by reading these journals, i have a much deeper understanding of kurt and his personal life. townshend still has no buisness reviewing them, though. i can understand wher kurt is coming from (with his childhood anyway.) my parents divorced when i was 5 and i was diagnosed as hyperactive as well. reading these journals saddens me to a point of desperation as to where i wish i could sit and talk with cobain. a man as deep as cobain should never have had to resort to drugs to solve his deeper, personal problems with himself and courtney love. however, cobain claimed that heroin was the narcotic that could reduce his later undiagnosed stomach pains. cobain was a deep man who i believed may have wanted to die only due to the pressures of being a part of NIrvana and the instant, almost, shall i say, overnight stardome. however, i do believe that courtney love killed him. for example, the shotgun found at the scene was fully loaded when it was found with three shells. not a single shot in the chamber. cobain was so young and had more time than any other potential rockstar. brilliant he was, however under too much pressure along with pains going all the way back into his early childhood. his lyrics, so deep and explanatory to cobains inner feelings. all that is, in words, left to say is: rest in peace kurt, rest in peace.

  • Upperclass Twit

    OMG Cobain is the best thing that ever happened its better that he’s dead because thats the way he wanted it and pete is dumb to be alive and not dead from drugs because cobain is a genius OMG OMG

  • Jacob

    I love both Nirvana and The Who. Kurt Cobain and Pete Townshend are both great songwriters and I’ve related to songs from both of them. While I can understand how some people share a deep passion for Kurt and his music, it’s simply quite pretentious to say that Kurt Cobain is the best musician of all time. I bet if Kurt Cobain were alive, he would tell you he’s NOT the best musician of all time. After all, it’s a matter of opinion. Musically, Kurt Cobain wasn’t that talented, but he did have a penchant for displaying emotional, well-thought songs.

    All Pete Townshend was saying with this review was that he’s been in Kurt’s shoes and he can understand what Kurt was thinking, but that he grew past that stage and matured. Nirvana fans need to realize that Kurt was mature, but he didn’t have the chance to really “grow up” and realize his full potential. What did the comment “I hope I die before I become Pete Townshend” mean? Who knows, Kurt probably just thought it was funny. Maybe he was making a play at the Who song “My Generation” (considering by the time Kurt wrote the comment, Pete was old). But I highly doubt it was meant with serious disrespect to Pete, as Kurt was influenced by The Who and other contemporaries from the era, such as The Beatles.

    Those who disrespect “dinosaur rock” aren’t as open-minded as they believe themselves to be, because if they were, they’d realize Kurt was heavily influenced by the so-called “dinosaur rock,” and they would appreciate it. While I love Nirvana, many Nirvana “fans” piss me off with their ignorance. Their horrible grammar, their literal interpretation of the line “I hope I die before I become Pete Townshend,” and their constant moaning about Courtney Love and how she supposedly killed Kurt. Hey, guess what ladies and gentleman? Kurt was depressed, addicted to drugs, and couldn’t find a way out. I’m not saying the murder theory is unlikely, but I’m also saying it’s not unlikely that he committed suicide either. Think for yourself before you run around acting ignorant.

    Kurt would be ashamed of his so-called “fans” if he were alive today.

  • nirvana fan

    i just want to clear some things up. Kurt Cobain is/was not the best musician ever. he was good at writing songs aand guitar riffs but as far as playing, he completely sucked. im not hating or anything, i love nirvana(even got their box set) they’re my favorite band. But stop calling him the best musician ever because he wouldnt have liked that. music was a way for him to express himself, not to be glorified. also, he couldnt have killed himself. all evidence said there had to be someone there with himhe had too much heroine in him to kill himself. so unless 1. the gun discharged and hit him in the exact same place that would hit if he shot himself or 2. someone killed him or he asked them to kill him or 3. he killed himself and someone put drugs in him. all of these could be considered murder or assisted suicide but no matter what, someone could have stopped him. he also suffered from a lot of anxiety problems which is why he talks about courtney love so much like he hates her then like he loves her.

    If Kurt Cobain was still alive, I think he would have moved to europe or some foreign place. His “suicide note”(which is aavailable to the public via online) sounds more like hes talking about leaving courtney for some time and quitting music, but he wanted to see everyone again.

    so stop bashing people cuz ur ignorant.

    also, the who sux why is pete even still alive?

  • lainie

    Stop saying Pete Townshend has no right to review your precious Kurt’s journals. He already did and there’s not a thing you can do about it. Deal.

  • Marc

    As someone mentioned earlier, the comment by Kurt “hope I die before I become Pete Townshend” was simply Kurt’s play on words from a line in The Who’s 1965 song “My Generation”.
    To interpret Cobain’s meaning (from perspective) -“Hope I die before I get OLD like Pete Townshend didn’t do”.Plain and simple.
    I am also a big Nirvana and Kurt fan, so I also know of his warped sense of humor.I take his statement as being both truthful yet sarcastic.A
    genius like comment, that uneducated music fans just didn’t get.Let’s just say that Kurt’s comment went over just about everyone’s head.:)

    Pete’s reply to Cobain’s now infamous statement was eloquently stated by Pete, who himself was a tortured yet highly talented artist as Kurt was.Pete now-a-days is a survivor.A Popular culture Icon,a man of infinite wisdom,and one of the most influential artists of all time.

    My final tribute to all rock/pop artists of the past and present.Like the many literature icons and art painters,musicians,etc – so many of them are and were geniuses with tortured minds.

    From The Who’s AMAZING JOURNEY:
    “sickness will surely take the mind, where minds can’t usually go”.

    As for Pete’s child porn pc access charge:
    NOT GUILTY.And as some posted here,Pete tried to go above the law, and he was wrong for doing so.
    But that’s all he is guilty of.The lead UK investigator later admitted that he himself and the police were WRONG for bringing Pete in for questioning in the first place.It is clearly documented on film in a BBC documentary.

    Pee Wee Herman,Gary Glitter,etc – were arrested and found with tons and tons of evidence after the fact.
    Pete was found with NOTHING! Come on, I said he was a genius, not a Genie.One cannot have mansions completely void of pedo magazines and have a dozen computers completely clean – it is pc forensically impossible as stated by experts.
    Poor Pete will have to live with a tarnished name because of the UK investigators, whom now have to live with a guilty conscience, as they have professed.


    I hiere some rumor then kurt cobain pripare some thing in case he die or was muder he open new accoint in canada for 2,8 million and ben clonned and change is name is name to make a new start and yunger than the fust time he born

  • samm

    hey. i was on amazon and there are two differnt kurt cobain journal book things.the front covers look the same but are not. and one is like $13 more than the other.they are both paperback books so i was just wondering if there were two or more different copies of his journals made so i know which book to buy. thx. btw who is pete townshend?!

  • Pete Townshend was guitarist and song writer for the greatest band ever, The Who. He is a God.

  • Music

    Anyone interested in the case should check out cobaincase.com, it has all the details. I like The Who but I don’t get the same emotional effect I get from Nirvana. It’s all about what music you enjoy and what makes you happy. I wish everyone could just have their personal favorites without having to impose them on everyone else. Just enjoy what music moves you and let it be. Peace, love, and empathy. RIP Kurt

  • Pete townsend is god.

    Faggots talk about Pete townsend like that. he is a god. Unlike Shitvana which is overrated.

  • Kurdt Cobain

    Who the fuck is Kurt Cobain?

  • jeff aldeberan

    I hope I live not to be Cobain (poor little fellow).

  • Michelle

    I can NOT believe how many of you are calling Cobain superior to Pete Townshend.. First of all, half of you aren’t even spelling Pete’s last name correctly! i know it was a while, more than a year ago, but please… do some f***cking research.
    Pete Townshend is probably the best person to do this review because he didn’t “sugar coat” the truth or even attack him… Plus he did have experience with what he was talking about. Seriously, you guys have to stop talking about the music, in this little review Pete isn’t talking about Kurt’s music, in fact he thought Cobain was a talented man, but he does know that Kurt took the cowardly way out of life, and that he decided not be strong and defeat it, instead he let it defeat him… As for the child porn, hopefully no one still goes on with that… that’s all i’m gonna say.

  • kelly

    i you think it’s morally incorrect to read his journals don’t, simple as that.

    i think anyone who thinks of themselves as knowledgable regarding to music should pay respect to both kurt cobain and pete townshend for their musical contriutions.

    kurt cobain is amazing (imo) and i’m interested in reading his journals because he interests me and i don’t see how i’m harming anyone around me by doing so.

    any kurt cobain fans either way whether you choose to read them or not you’re screwd cause none of us KNOW what kurt would have wanted.

    if it was just a way for courtney love to make money off kurt than thats just sick i despise her..

    you might say reading his journals is sick? but i have to disagree, i like to think by reading his journals maybe i will learn something.. something as small as a book can change your life..and i surely hope i do learn something i didn’t already know about kurt or about life.

  • gordon brown

    PETES A ROCK GOD i broke up with a total FOX because she always played nirvana…..kirk who?

  • Steven Seberg

    the legend of cobain is even more overblown than lennon/townshend/morrison/hendrix combined….and courtney was a blood-sucking nancy spungeon wanna-be who sucked the life out of someone far more talented than herself…but townshend is more than entitled his opinion, and until the mid 70’s was relevant at least…cobain didn’t give a shit about his own life, his daughter’s life or any of YOUR lives…find a better subject to study than a miserable overrated dead musician who was exploited by those less sick then he was.

  • Tabby

    As tempted as I am to read it, I can’t bring myself to do it. I look at pages but then I think “I wouldn’t like it if soemone read my journals” and then there’s the whole thing about Courtney getting them published and Krist and Dave not wanting that to happen. I think that Krist especially would know what Kurt would have wanted. But I’m such a huge Nirvana fan…argh!

  • Not Important

    Pete Townshend. Ah, a star in the wrong film. A HUMAN FUCKIN JACK-OFF.

  • rob vanore

    Pete Townshend has a big nose.

  • Baww

    Bawww, Pete told the truth about my drug addict hero.

  • Emily

    I can’t believe Courtney published those. As for me, I will not be reading it even though I love Kurt. I, for one, will not invade his privacy no matter how curious I get.
    Rot in hell, Courtney