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PETA the Puppy Slayer?

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Secret to PETA’s "cruelty-free living" revealed!

Step 1)  Receive adoptable cats and dogs from local veterinarians, shelters, and clinics.
Step 2)  Improperly euthanize same.
Step 3)  Dump carcasses behind Piggly Wiggly.

According to Ahoskie, N.C., police, that’s how a pair of employees of the organization "dedicated to establishing and protecting the rights of all animals" went about it.  From the Virginian-Pilot (emphasis mine, throughout the post)):

Two employees of People for the Ethical Treatment
of Animals were arrested on animal cruelty charges in Ahoskie, N.C.,
after investigators saw dead dogs being thrown into a grocery store
garbage container Wednesday, according to the Ahoskie Police Department.

“PETA will never pick up another animal from my practice,” Proctor said.

According to Proctor, among the dumped animals were "a healthy, 6-month-old mutt with a needle mark on its front right leg" and a family of cats that included "two very adoptable" kittens .

From a follow-up Pilot article:

Police suspected that PETA workers were killing the
dogs and cats they were picking up from shelters and clinics because
carcasses wrapped in plastic bags were found in the bins every
Wednesday for four straight weeks, according to Ahoskie police
Detective Jeremy Roberts. A total of 80 dead animals were dumped, he

Animals were not supposed to be killed in North
, except by veterinarians hired by the organization or if they
were in too much pain to travel, PETA said.

PETA President Newkirk said, the carcasses are supposed to be sent to a crematorium, not dumped in bins.

Shelter officials knew some of the animals, which are not always “cute, cuddly, housebroken or small,” would need to be
put down

Given that, consider this (from the PETA website FAQ):

vegan conversion drives and spoiling everyone’s 4th of July and focus more on internal controls.  Or maybe they ought to at least remove this copy from their main page:

PETA seeks to solve the animal overpopulation problem in North Carolina
by subsidizing spay/neuter services, but we do not and will not
hesitate to roll up our sleeves and do the dirty work
at our own

Dumping cats and dogs in the supermarket trash – yep, that’s dirty work all right.

Watch the video report from Pilot 13 News.

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  • RJ

    Hypocritical killers. That’s what they are.

  • PETA are nothing more than domestic terrorists and have a very long history of killing thoses they claim to protect.

    Since 1998 through 2003 they have “killed over 10,000 dogs, cats, and other “companion animals” at its Norfolk, Virginia headquarters.”

    They can all suckle the ass of a dead kitten as far as I’m concerned.

  • I lost respect for PETA a long time ago.

  • tianna*

    at first i had respect for peta because i am an animal rights fanatic but when i found out that they were really hypocritical bastards, i lost uevery interest in them… yeah they kindof suck