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PETA Protests Nude Artist Performing With Dead Pig

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I recently found myself stuck agreeing with someone I do not like. It feels wrong. There are reasons why you don't like a person and agreeing with them, even once, seems to weaken your case against them. I find myself in the same spot again.

Kira O'Reilly is something. I know she calls herself an artist, but I just don't see it. I see her as a girl with many, many issues that she needs to deal with. I see her as a beacon of depravity; symbolic of a society she thinks she mocks. Her 'art' seems to consist of indulging in people's voyeuristic and sadistic impulses.  Is she making a statement or just indulging her own masochistic impulses?

Her latest piece is called ”Inthewrongplaceness” and is currently on display (or is it being performed) at the Newlyn Art Gallery in PenzanceI, England. It consists of people being allowed entrance one at a time for up to ten minutes each. What they see is Kira O'Reilly sitting in a bed naked with a dead pig in her lap. No, seriously. If you are brave, curious, or just sick, the photo is available online. Again, this is a picture of a naked woman with a dead pig. You have been warned.

I looked her up at the British Council Arts page to try and understand this latest piece of something she is performing. They list some of her current projects and I am really afraid of this lady right now.

Again, from British Council Arts, I found other performances that I find unsettling. Her show View (nearer to the time) is one where the artist and audience negotiate cutting on the artist's body or not. Action for… allows the audience individual experiences of "intimacy and tenderness" with this woman. Harvest is a video installation looking at openings in the skin. Blood Wall Drawings is, you guessed it, drawings made from Kira O’Reilly's own blood.

Self-mutilation is never art and having others mutilate you is even less artistic. She is sick. She needs help. She is not an artist in any context I have ever seen the word and I have used it to describe the "Jim Rose Circus Sideshow" in some intoxicated moments.

Protesting this piece of 'art' is, you guessed it — not the Christian right — PETA, or as I like to think of them: Project Economic Terroristic Agenda. These are truly sick and depraved people. They stand for something noble, and degrade their cause by their tactics.  I think the noble members had their cause hi-jacked by the radical.

It is a risky move to oppose a group that has such a noble cause. It makes you appear to not support their end-goal. Nothing can be further from the truth; I support an end to animal testing and I think fur coats are a pointless excess that should have ended long ago. That does not mean I agree with the way PETA brings these issue to the forefront.

I cannot approve of destroying private property because you oppose the industry behind it. I cannot support harassment and assault to show how kind you are. I really cannot stand any organization that uses kids against their parents. Kira O'Reilly does not hand her filth out to children. Can PETA claim the same innocence?

"Your Mommy Kills Animals!" is a comic book that was handed out by PETA to children in 2003 outside performances of the Nutcracker. They are using children against their parents to push their agenda. That is disgusting, almost as disgusting as this 'performance art' by Kira O’Reilly.

 "Lots of wonderful foxes, raccoons, and other animals are kept by mean farmers who squish them into cages so small that they can hardly move. They never get to play or swim or have fun. All they can do is cry-just so your greedy mommy can have that fur coat to show off in when she walks the streets."


What side do I take? It is my nature to take a side when I so oppose something, but I oppose both sides on this one. She is a sick, twisted, and depraved symptom of a sick, twisted, and depraved society and the other is a terrorist organization pushing an extremist agenda. I think I side with Kira O'Reilly simply because I never would have heard of this if not for PETA’s protest of it. They shined a spotlight on something that would have failed and now will succeed from the pure curiosity factor.

Yet another case of Reactionary Protester Syndrome. RPS is responsible for more cases of self-fulfilling prophecy and the success of more bad entertainment ventures than any amount of brainwashed impressionable youth.

For the record, the person I hate and yet agreed with was Justin Timberlake in his views on Taylor Hicks' talent.

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  • Richard Talbot

    What is PETA complaining about…didn’t they use a dead fox in one of their ads? PETA even skinned the animal to make a more powerful statement. They even rescue dogs and cats only to kill them in the back of vans. PETA is made up of a bunch of hypocrites.

  • you guys really need a wake up call. PETA is nothing close to a terrorist organization. Don’t believe in the hype from Consumer Lobby groups…their goal is to promote their clients products at any cost.to find out more about these lobby groups: http://www.consumerdeception.com

    PETA works very hard to save lives. I have been a volunteer since age 15. Since then I have worked my ass off to save all species. PETA gives a voice to the voiceless! We live in tabloid times..if peta didn’t do all their crazy stunts…we couldn’t call attention to the fact that each year billions of animals are tortured for human use. Animals live in small, filthy, cages. there is often no veterinary care.. animals are often skinned alive for their food and skin.

    I applaud PETA’s hard work to make a difference. PETA also has annual reviews that they post. you can see everything that they do and how they account for everything. Anytime government agencies look into PETA they find that everything is legal and in compliance.

    i urge you to check out http://www.peta.com …read the info..watch some movies… and WAKE UP! you may not be an activist… but don’t get in the way of people fighting for what they believe..people who believe in saving humans, animals and the environment.

  • Isolow,
    I want to thank you for what you do with PETA. I was not going after all member of that organization, but rather only the extremists who are terrorists in the methods and attitudes. It sounds like you fall into the other group I spoke of: I think the noble members had their cause hi-jacked by the radical.
    Get your group back and put them back on track please. I used to support PETA and would love to again one day. I just cannot support their actions and methods. They do more harm to their cause than they do to help it.

  • you may not be an activist… but don’t get in the way of people fighting for what they believe

    Actually I am an activist, only I oppose hypocrisy.

  • Laura Frisk

    PETA is the greatest animal-rights organization in the world and they only have the animal’s best interest at heart. I have been a PETA member for many, many years. Over those years I have found myself living more compassionately, less selfishly, and in general I have evolved into a kinder person. I have been able to, by my example, convince many friends and family members that animals are not ours to exploit. I have seen changes in many venues that used to abuse animals, because of PETA’s tenacity, activism, and drive to do only what is best for the animals.

    I have Ingrid Newkirk and her organization to thank for that. Because of PETA, many animals will sleep better tonight. And those that aren’t, are waiting for PETA to come and help them. I wholeheartedly support PETA, for they are helping those who have no voice to help themselves, the animals.

  • Laura,
    There is intent and there is method. I said I think their intent is noble, thier method makes them just another terror group.
    When you intend to make people scared to buy and wear fur coats because they think you are going to do something to them, that is terrorism. It would be like me smashing the windows to every car that has a “Bush” sticker on it because I do not like the product they support. There is never justification for destroying other people’s property because you don’t like it.

  • It is always dangerous to criticize an organization that has a noble goal. My big problem is this increase in extremists that we are seeing in the world today. There is an increase in the use of terror tactics, not a decrease and it is not being done by terrorist alone anymore. PETA is using terrorist tactics to push their agenda. There is no middle ground; no room for debate; no reasoning. They will accept nothing less than 100% of thier demands.
    “If you wear fur we will throw blood on you” is a terrorist threat.
    I hate Mary Kay for the record. I own no fur. I take better care of my cats than I do myself and try to avoid products tested on animals. THat is how I do my part. They should follow my example.

  • Clavos

    One of the problems I have with PETA is their claim to being animal rights activists. Animals have no rights. Nowhere in our Constitution is there any mention of such rights. Nor does any other nation confer anything more than religion-based “rights” (India’s sacred cows, e.g.) on them.

    We, as humans, DO have an ethical and perhaps a moral obligation to treat animals without cruelty, but to confer rights upon them is to anthropomorphise them, as this comment does here:

    Because of PETA, many animals will sleep better tonight. And those that aren’t, are waiting for PETA to come and help them.

    With few exceptions (dolphins, chimpanzees and other higher apes) animals are not sentient; they don’t “sleep easier” and are not “waiting for PETA.”

    PETA’s function as a watchdog to stop cruelty to animals is good; its terroristic methodry is not.

  • The Constitution’s failure to mention certain rights is not evidence those rights do not exist. In fact the authors of that document specifically stated it was never meant to list all possible rights. The Bill of Rights mentions and upholds a certain minimal set of absolutely necessary rights. It does not list all of them.

    Of course this does not prove animals have rights. It is, however, a point crucial to the proper understanding of the whole concept of rights, human or otherwise.

  • Clavos

    Point taken, Victor.

    Where then, do rights come from, if not from human concepts of what are or are not rights?

    And once a right is conceived and accepted by at least a majority of the population involved, is that right then not codified in some way; e.g., in this country, as an amendment to the Bill of Rights?

    My point is: just because a segment of the population attempts to confer rights on animals doesn’t make it so without further formalizing (and acceptance) by society.

  • I’ll leave my opinion on PETA out of this (AKA: People for Extremism, Terror and Abuse — whoops) but if you want to see sick, twisted depravity, google ‘Nathalia Edenmont’. Her photo galleries are found at the Wetterling Gallery.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s burn that stupid sadist. Burn PETA along with that sick Kira O’Reilly. They do not deserve to live on the surface of earth. It’s nice that PETA is doing this for a worthy cause but they have gone WAY too far!!! Kira on the other hand is just some sick sadistic artist who should die.