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Pet Sounds anniversary

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On this day in history, May 16, 1966 Capitol released the Beach Boys magnum opus Pet Sounds.

This album will go head to head with any album of popular music ever made. The songs, the melodies, the intricate arrangements and performances- you can’t legitimately fault this in any part whatsoever.

Leaving aside my own puny ability to comment on such a masterpiece, let us turn to Sir McCartney. No less than Paul McCartney once publicly proclaimed “God Only Knows” to be the greatest pop song ever written.

Hell, that’s not even one of the hit singles. “God Only Knows” and “Sloop John B” have been the songs played on the radio for a couple of generations now. What beautiful recordings they are.

This album makes a prime example for my standing idea of the consolation of creation. Brian Wilson fairly much went to pieces mentally not long after making this album. No matter how crazy he might ever get though, whenever he feels doubtful of his own worth he can climb out from hiding under the bed and say, “Hey, I made Pet Sounds – I’m somebody.”

They can’t take that away from him.

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About Gadfly

  • Pet Sounds is nothing short of a masterpiece.

  • For me, the crux of Pet Sounds has always been one of its non-single tracks, “I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times,” which explained Brian’s breakdown better than anything else I’ve read or heard.

  • Eric Olsen

    My son and I saw Brian’s Pet Sounds tour a couple of years ago, and while it wasn’t the Beach Boys, it was a satisfying simulation. It turned out I knew his guitarist from 20 years ago, so that was pretty cool too.

  • Thewhat

    Now, at my work we have an “Oldies” station that is usually on and Guaranteed that I smile when “Sloop John B” comes, I also lookm forward to hearing the masterpiece that is “good vibrations”,which is from a seperate session(S) but the same era

  • barb

    best album of all times…