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Peripheral Round-Up: Psyclone PS3 10′ Charge Cable

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Psyclone Essentials PS3 10′ Play and Charge Cable

There’s nothing worse than enjoying lounging on the couch, wiling away the hours in your favorite game, only to get the warning on screen that your controller’s charge is low and is about to die.  Nooo!  The charging cables that come with the PlayStation 3 are only a couple of feet long, nowhere near long enough to reach across the living room to allow you to play from the recommended seating distance while still juicing up.

Enter the Psyclone charging cable.  At 10 feet in length, it should accommodate most living room arrangements.  Aside from connecting and charging, its woven fabric sheath keeps the cable from snagging and kinking, and supports it with a bit of added rigidity to prevent it from acting like a phone cord – hindering the full extension due to kinks pressed into the cabling.  You can also use it to charge any other devices with a Mini-USB type connector.

Overall, it’s a solid investment for avid gamers and useful for charging other devices as well.

SteelSeries Gaming Mouse Pad (Model PN63004/1)

Measuring 12.6″ x 10.6″ x 0.08″, this is a bit bigger than your average mouse pad.  The smooth cloth surface ensures good mouse tracking and easy movement while the rubberized underside keeps it from sliding around during heated moments of frantic mouse wrangling.  It’s thin but provides some cushion; frequent use would probably still benefit from a gel wrist rest.  On the other hand, the thin build makes it easy to roll up and take with you either on business trips, vacation, or to LAN parties.  Overall I’ve liked using it.

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