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Peripheral Round-Up: Inland USB 2.0 Multi-Card Reader, USB Computer Mini-Vacuum, Imak Mouse Cushion

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Today’s bundle includes a USB media card reader, mini-vacuum, and a wrist rest.

Inland USB 2.0 Multi-Card Reader (43-in-1)

Originally purchased from Micro Center, rather than go searching for the right adapter a dozen different times for a dozen different media cards, just do the smart thing and spend a few bucks on this guy.  It’s as plug and play as they come, and the longer cable means you don’t have to worry about leaving it hanging out of a USB port and putting strain on it.  I’ve used it with camera media and backing up saves from my PlayStation 3 and Wii without any problems.  It supports a wide variety of Compact Flash, SD, and other popular media card formats without any drivers or setup required.

If you have media cards – and most likely if you have a camera, phone, or computer, you do – this cheap gadget will come in handy sooner or later.

USB Computer Mini Vacuum

Found at The Container Store, if you want an excuse to return something you bought, buy this. The few attachments (brush, rubber…nozzle thing, etc.) that come with it fall off or fall apart with very little use. The vacuum doesn’t have enough power to actually suck up anything in my experience.  Not even dust off the keyboard. The built-in LED shines brightly to let you know just how much the vacuum isn’t actually working, and might be useful as a flashlight (that has to be tethered to a nearby powered USB port) until the bulb burns out.  To be fair, it was only $5. But I couldn’t even get $5 worth of value out of this paperweight.

Imak Mouse Cushion With Massaging ErgoBeads

Here we have a crescent-shaped wrist rest, shaped well to offer support without interfering with mouse movement. It’s generally pretty comfy and relieves wrist strain during prolonged sessions in front of the computer. The cloth exterior has held up well over extended use, and only develops “fuzz” once in a great while.  It’s easy to clean and doesn’t run the risk of leaking that gel wrist rests sometimes do. Overall, I’ve been happy with this product.

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