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Performing “Awakening & Igniting Ecstasy In-Formation.”

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I returned to Mt. Shasta on September 8th to connect with a friend I had last seen in NC two years earlier. James and I created and produced a CD for meditation and balancing of male and female energies. Together we played 16 crystal singing bowls. We came together in a small private recording studio in Cashiers, NC, knowing something special was going to happen. There was very little planning to it, at least on my part, as this was at the behest of the “higher ups”. By the time the last track was recorded, the energy presence from so many higher beings was palpable. George, the owner and technician, was completely taken out into another state while doing his work and reemerged to present time just as the last notes were being played. He was in awe of his experience!

I had seen James’s name on an email and was shocked to see that he was in the Shasta area. At the time, I was heading that direction to house sit for a couple of weeks so timing was amazing, as usual. Therese, my fellow Medicine Woman Sister and Friend, whom I had also met in NC, came through town and what a great reunion we had!

In preparation for this performance, I refined and tweaked the format and “so called script” a little, enhanced the power point backdrops and engaged musicians, dancer and artist for the evening.

Doug was my first musician and just when I thought no others would turn up, my friend Jessica mentions her friend Brandy and all was well again. I found out later they all already knew each other!

Doug Wendt, a classical guitarist who plays the classical composers, such and Bach and Mozart along with lighter classical, jazz and Spanish style pieces.


Brandy “Soulma” Saint Phalle and Rick Kincade came as a duo sharing vocals, guitar and Rick on harmonica, playing what they call Revolutionary music to open hearts and minds with love and respect.


Jennifer Jerabak, a Dancing Freedom facilitator, shared a spot of improv dance with me before engaging the audience to dance. Nearly everyone present got up! Unfortunately, the lighting didn’t allow for a picture of Jennifer’s beautiful face and presence. Hopefully, I can share a picture of her later.




Ray Dawn (Liz) once again helped me set up, monitored the video and was the improve artist again. Here are examples of her art interpretation of the story “A Trip for Chocolate.” Notice the difference between the first and second performance energy.

improv art from 1st performance    art from second performance

Therese offered to take photos and so she clicked away the evening. And there are some very interesting shots! As the evening went on and the vibration within the place increased, my little camera, that normally has no problems, captured images and actions in odd ways. At first I thought it was the focus, but now I believe it was far more than that!

Once again the audience seemed to really enjoy the evening of stories and performers. In many ways it has become a conscious expanding experience of bridging the worlds.

Act 1- Money                        Act 2 – Power                           Act 3 – The Sex

          Act 4 – Death

At the end of the evening some audience members gave me names and ideas of other locations to present this style of message, “you need to get this out to more people, it was wonderful!” I am open to anywhere and everywhere to do this, from California and beyond!

I had also offered the evening as a fund raising event for the local Meals on Wheels program which I have lightly renamed “Nutrition in Motion”. This week I am pleased to take a donation of $60 along with a donated box of vegetables directly to the Mt Shasta office.

Next week or so I hope to be able to edit and publish video segments to tantalize just a little. Of course, they cannot capture the true energy present in the moment–you have to do that in person!

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