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Perez Hilton is a Loser and a Hypocrite

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About a month ago, internet blogger Perez Hilton's feud with Miss California dominated the web. Hilton slammed Miss California for not believing in gay rights after she disagreed that gays should be allowed to marry. He called her a b*tch and the C word. Perez quickly became a poster child for gay rights. After his latest scandal, Perez is nothing more than a hypocrite.

After an alleged assault by the manager of the Black Eyed Peas, Perez Hilton called Will.i.am a "faggot." Faggot is a word that should never be used, as it insults the LGBT community. Considering Perez is from the LGBT community, I am quite shocked that this word came out of his mouth. Considering how he was for gay rights, he is a huge hypocrite. I cannot respect someone who calls someone else a faggot, especially when it's coming from the LGBT community.

The LGBT community is less than pleased.

"For someone in our own community to use it to attack another person by saying that it is, quote, 'The worst possible thing that thug would ever want to hear,' is incredibly dangerous," Robinson, the senior director of media programs at GLAAD, said in a statement issued Monday. "It legitimizes use of a slur that is often linked to violence against our community. And it sends a message that it is OK to attempt to dehumanize people by exploiting anti-gay attitudes."

Calling someone a faggot leaves a message that it's OK to insult homosexuals. Calling someone a faggot leads to the intolerance of gays and lesbians. One would think Perez would know better, considering he was considered a huge advocate for gay rights a month ago.

Perez quickly became a trending topic on twitter and the things people were saying were not pretty. One person wrote: "Perez Hilton is not a critic, just an internet bitch, he gets his kicks from winding people up."

Perez is up for a Teen Choice Award under the category "Choice TV: Fab-u-lous," but due to his latest scandal, there is a petition — with over 6,000 signatures — to remove him from the ballot. One twitterer wrote about the situation: "Perez hilton doesnt deserve to be nominated for ANYTHING except douche bag of the year.. how lame!!"

I hope now that Perez has made the LGBT community mad, he realizes that the way he insults other people is not OK. Please boycott his blog and unfollow him on twitter. This man is really ridiculous, disgusting, and classless. I have no respect for him.

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  • lisa

    Here’s a petition to remove him from the teen choice awards. he’s a terrible role model.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Agree 100%, Maddy. He’s an utterly classless individual in every way.

  • “Faggot is a word that should never be used, as it insults the LGBT community.”

    But … you … just …

  • Faggot is a word that should never be used, as it insults the LGBT community….. The LGBT community is less than pleased.

    Y-A-W-N…. Another kerfuffle over political correctness….

  • Sorry, but I don’t see how he is a hypocrite

  • dark matter

    He is just seeking attention, i mean what else is he qualified to do?
    By next year he will be forgotten and replaced by someone else…

  • I actually agree with you for once

    that said, calling a person a pile of sticks is kinda useless, i never understood how it was insulting at all

  • Skooter

    Perez is truly a loser and disgustingly..ugly border line obese..PIG!!!

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    It still amazes me how this talentless f*ck got famous to begin with… Yea, that’s right, he did it by insulting people. Hmmm…

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Ya know, that brings up an interesting question: Why didn’t the Homosexual community get uptight when he was insulting the Heterosexual community.

  • @10
    cause double standards rock

  • RJ

    “Perez Hilton” is proof that you don’t need good looks, intelligence, class, talent, or even a marketable skill in order to become rich and famous in today’s mindless “celebrity” culture.

    In a sane world, this cretin would be washing cars for a living. Instead, he’s somehow become a household name whose inane personal spats become “important national news” seemingly every other week. Lord, do I hate the media…

  • nicolee

    oh god.
    hes horrible he does nothing thatshouldbe liked.
    he is supposedly critic? okay, more likea chubbby wubby who plays at home doodlingonpeoples faces on his computer.

    he does nothing.

  • Tony

    Isn’t he Paris’s brother? Enough said

  • Perez

    Indeed. Fuck that faggot.

  • iloveperezhilton

    he needs a really tall bridge and some angel dust

  • bella

    peraz hilton is a piece of shit… he is a low life who dies for attention… he is the worst role model that ever lived and should be banned on tv or any where else

  • Mandy

    He’s an asshole! All he wants is attention what a low life piece of crap

  • shutup

    I don’t hate gay people but I hope this faggot dies