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Pepsi RefreshEverything Includes Story of Cancer

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Martin, Mom and Billy at Duke Cancer InstituteCall To Action

Pepsi’s RefreshEverything may be the most successful social media campaign ever. Last year RefreshEverything collected over 40 million votes for more than 7,000 community ideas and awarded over a million dollars in “grants” based on the votes. Pepsi continued RefreshEverything in 2011.

In June Pepsi included several cancer ideas, including one of mine.

Create Story of Cancer Website

Enhance Lives of Children with Cancer

Help Cancer Patients with Travel Expenses

Story of Cancer

During chemotherapy, cancer patients and their families form an instant community. Cancer strips away normal social conventions and collapses time. Chemotherapy, at places like the Duke Cancer Institute and UNC’s Linberger Cancer Center, is administered in a community setting. Your chemo chair may be next to two or three others. Bonds formed in chemotherapy are instant, easy, and rich.

How, I wondered after returning from Martin’s Ride To Cure Cancer, could we create the kind of robust support network so easily established during chemotherapy? Could an online community help cancer patients and their families share inspirational stories and feel less alone? We didn’t feel alone riding across America. I described an arduous climb and the many instant communities we formed in “Climbing Mount Baldy with Lance Armstrong.” Sitting in Duke’s “chemo in the round” room, the idea for The Story of Cancer was born (see pictures of me at Duke Cancer Institute here).

Ideas are great but fully formed websites are better. Websites require startup capital and, having just returned from a bicycle ride across America, I found startup capital for Story of Cancer was scarce. I’d heard of Pepsi RefreshEverything and put my Story of Cancer application in, never thinking it would be accepted. To my surprise my idea was accepted along with several other great cancer support ideas. If Story of Cancer receives enough votes Pepsi contributes $5,000 to help build the web community.

Vote, Tweet, and Share

Are you one of the almost 12,000,000 people living with cancer in America? Do you have a friend or family member who is or has battled cancer? Are you concerned about getting cancer? Please visit Pepsi’s RefreshEverything site, type “cancer” in the search box, and vote for your favorite idea. Use your social networks to rally votes by tweeting and sharing links on Facebook. Let’s get Pepsi to help cancer patients, friends, and families. Together we can cure cancer in our lifetime and that will be a story worth telling.

RefreshEverything Voting Details

Voting isn’t as easy as it should be. The best idea is to create an account, since using Facebook to login has limitations. You may vote for up to five ideas daily. Using codes under yellow Pepsi bottle caps and on cases of Pepsi products multiplies your vote by up to 100 (though we’ve yet to see a 100 multiplier). Voting ends for Story of Cancer at the end of June. Only the top 20 projects in the $5,000 grant group receive funding.

See Duke Cancer Institute video featuring Martin

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