People & Cell Phones

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It has seemed to me that cell phones were made for talking to people on. Most people doing the talking, if they are in public, try to act invisible when they’re on the phone. Then, the people who have to be around the person talking on the phone, try to not notice or look at the person talking on the phone.

This probably stems from the idea that we don’t want to appear to be eavesdropping on other people, whether or not we actually were. We try to advoid people on cell phones completely because they are often wrapped in their own world and talking loudly. Which can be a very embarrasing situation when you overhear certian things.

Which is why it befuddles me why people are buying these certain cell phone face plates. I can see why someone would want to buy an Elvis face plate to pay homage to The King of Rock n Roll. There are all sorts of colourful swirls and designs. This is all ok.

What really confuses me is why people buy cell phone covers that flash. There is only one thing that flashing lights do. They draw attention to the cell phone. In a world where everyone is trying to not notice people on cell phones, this is a curious thing.

What would make them want to be noticed? Do they have some news they want the whole world to hear? “Yes! I did win the hundred million dollar sweepstakes!” Perhaps they aren’t noticed by people normally, so they want a flashing cell phone to gain some attention.

I suspect it’s more the cell phone face plate companies making a gamble. “If you make it, there are some fools who will buy it.” Hey, I’m not one to interfere with a company’s gamble. More power to them if it works. I just don’t want to see them flashing like annoying strobe lights each time I go to the mall.


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  • lilning

    I agree. I do not want people looking at me each time I make a call because they are drawn to those flashy lights. But they do make the phone look cool. As for the interchangeable faceplates that have designs and different colors, I think its great for teenagers, but for me basic colors like silver, blue and black are just fine.

  • You shouldnt be so critical. The point of the things that flash are the same as the things that dont. People like to decorate, and make their stuff look cool. It has nothing to do with the function of the device.