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Pentagon will be ready for the NEXT Enron…

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I have to admit that I had thought the Bush Administration has been much too soft on corporate misdoings and the harm it has caused America. I believed that George Bush’s plan was to do the absolute minimum in the way of controlling corporate finances and market manipulations.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that instead the administration was going to take an extremely firm stance against at least some forms of corporate misdeeds. It involves the following:

”The Pentagon has drafted terms for an ambitious reshaping of U.S. forces that would put less emphasis on waging conventional warfare and more on dealing with insurgencies, terrorist networks, failed states and other nontraditional threats, according to senior defense officials and others familiar with the confidential planning…

…To help determine what force changes to make in Bush’s second term, Pentagon officials are using a ”quad chart” devised last year to show four types of warfare: traditional, irregular (such as insurgencies), catastrophic (such as chemical or biological attack), and disruptive (such as sabotage of U.S. electrical grids).” From: Pentagon prepares to rethink warfare focus

You might recall that part of Enron’s corporate shenanigans was to manipulate power outputs in such a way that contributed to California’s rolling blackouts and brownouts. If that isn’t sabotage of U.S. electrical grids, I don’t know what is?

But with U.S. Special Forces on the job I can see the next Ken Lay being bundled off to Guantanamo for a little hooding and electrode action. Perhaps under these new threat plans, the Enron Management team could have done a little team building with naked pyramids while living out their indefinite detention without trial.

This is something I could really get behind. Perhaps the next time there is a chemical massacre such as at Bhopal (Bhopal: 19 years later), companies like Union Carbide will be occupied and put under new and democratic management as well.

This could give a whole new meaning to the term corporate raiders.

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