Pennies for iTunes

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Maybe it’s hiding in the ashtray of your car or under the seat of your sofa — it’s the new Lost episode. Okay, so not the episode itself, but the spare change that could get it for you is. That’s right Coinstar is adding iTunes and Amazon to its list of gift card and eCertificate merchants. If you don’t know, Coinstar is a coin-counting machine that usually charges a fee for converting your change into bills, but if you select the gift card or eCertificate then the fee is waived. They have locations in the US, Canada, and the UK.

Are you asking yourself how many pennies are laying on the coffee table?

The coin-counting machine company now lets customers exchange coins for an iTunes gift card or a Virgin Digital eCertificate at Coinstar machines, the company said. Coinstar offers iTunes gift cards for as little as $5 dollars in change, a denomination which has previously been unavailable through Apple.

There is currently an estimated $10.5 billion of spare change sitting idle in American households, according to Coinstar.

CNN Money

This is just more evidence that iTunes is becoming more and more a part of the mainstream. And will continue to gain a larger hold on the television market.

So, count up your $1.99 and start downloading.

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  • Now if only Coinstar could find a way to make their machines less noisy while it’s processing the loot, so that everyone within a mile radius doesn’t turn around and stare at the guy dumping a knapsack full of coins in.