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Peer Review Testing Pack Hits Portal 2 Wednesday

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Rejoice, fans of GlaDOS, Wheatley, Chell, and the crazy Aperture lab as that promised free Summer DLC for Portal 2 is actually bound to reach us. “Valve time” didn’t screw us over too much.

Originally due for release in mid September, the first Portal 2 DLC pack Portal 2 – Peer Review didn’t quite match up with launch plans. Thankfully though, it hasn’t fallen victim to the notorious “Valve time” or random potato collection task as the continuing story of the co-op testing bots, Atlas, and P-Body is due to launch today.

The Peer Review DLC pack will give players, and their co-op partners, additional test tracks to traverse with their handheld portal devices and will serve as a continuation of the story laid out during the original courses which shipped with the game back in April. Also included is a single and multiplayer Challenge Mode with leaderboards to compare your scores.

Here is the official description of what is in store for players today;

In Peer Review, you and a friend will continue the story of loyal bots P-Body and Atlas as you puzzle your way through a mysterious new co-op test track and once again match wits with GLaDOS. The DLC also features a single player and co-op Challenge Mode, and leaderboards to compare Challenge Mode scores with friends and the Portal community.

Expect the content to appear in a, probably, hefty download in your Steam library sometime Wednesday along with the Playstation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace.

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