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Peer Impact A Legal And Different P2P

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Peer Impact has a very different take on the P2P service. It combines several of the same designs and services of a peer network with that of video subscription or download services. Peer Impact (owned by Wurld Media) has developed a secure and legal network that offers users incentives for being a legal seed on their network. But unlike other P2P services, Peer Impact is more of a rental and purchase service. Peer Impact makes deals with content providers and users.

Peer Impact users are “paid redistributors”. It offers users “cash” for running the Peer Impact software. If the user’s computer is used as a source in the purchase on the network, the user will receive “cash” for purchases on Peer Impact. They've made a lot of deals with music, television, movie and video game content makers, so their catalogue is large. Peer Impact’s prices are inline with companies like iTunes or CinemaNow. It is currently only available for users using a US address and credit card.

In a recent press release on Yahoo Business, Peer Impact announced content deals with Fox and Warner Bros. Peer Impact already has rights to distribute movies and television from NBC Universal. The new deal also adds a new format to the service. This new format will offer movies and television for 24 hour rental. Television episodes will run about $1 and movies $3 or $4.

I personally have never used this service. The ideas are interesting and the more competition, the better for the consumer. This service could have the worst qualities of either P2P and subscription services or the best depending on how users feel about it. I don’t see how it is better than just finding the content from other services or directly from the source companies. The selling points seem to be speed and safety. If anyone has firsthand knowledge of Peer Impact, please give us a comment. Because I want to know how it is an advantage.

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  • Ryan

    I have been a user of peer impact for over a year now and it is terrific. Their main competitor would of course be Itunes and the advantages over itunes are great. Same prices as Itunes for songs but you have the possibility of earning credit back. Sure this isn’t going to make riches for the user but in the end I wouldn’t mind getting 10-20 cents back for a song, bringing that pricer cheaper. Over time I have made over 70 cents on songs meaning I barely paid anything for them. And now with movies and tv, the credit you get back is even larger because the prices are alittle more.

    Peer Impact also has the ability to build a strong community. Now every user might not want that and would just like to use it as a store but the option is still there. Users have the ability to do things like share their profiles which allows me to see what you have purchased(optional of course). This is great because when I go to product pages for any of the media I can click to see who purchased it and see what else they got. I love finding new things and going through other people’s music and listening to the samples has provided me with a great experience.

    The other strong point of Peer Impact is that they are not done. A year ago they were just music, then radio, then games, and now they have tv and movies. They keep on signing deals making their library larger and larger and giving other options. As time goes on they will provide the users with many different options as they are great listening to feedback. Join up and try the forums you will always see the developers talking to the community seeing what they want. You don’t get that with other services. These people care and are out to give everyone the product they desire. I defintiely recommend checking it out.

  • I just read this article today and never heard of Peer Impact. I downloaded Peer Impact this afternoon and download King Kong. It took 58 minutes to get the movie not bad. But to my surprise were two things 1) it looked like DVD quality video 2) I waited 30 seconds and was able to play it immediately. That seems like a feat because don’t P2P’s just take files the fastest way with no regard to order? There were samples of all the video content and it was very informative about each piece of content. It is very easy to navigate but their search needs some work. Another thing was the TV content was 99 cents now that is a biggie. I downloaded a Dukes of Hazzard episode in 12 minutes my average speed was 439 KB per second and again seems like DVD quality video. There was a great forum like Ryan mentioned with lots of info on the service. The other thing that was surprising was the games store. You are able to play all the games on a trial basis before buying. Then the big seller I made .11 cents on the monkey movie while I was watching it (just kidding) But truly that could add up as the network grows I think and a great account page that is very detailed and easy to use managing all your cash.

    I have a couple questions to anyone who has more experience with the app:

    1) It looks like these guys have or will have a broader offering than ITunes is that true?(rental movies and .99 cent TV) What about buy to own?
    2) Is it DVD quality? I linked my computer into my TV and it was perfect King Kong and The Dukes of Hazzard looked great. Bye bye NetFlix
    3) Is the video quality better than ITunes?
    4) How come I’ve never heard of Peer Impact? It looks like they have been out there for a few months.

    I really think this kind of service could give Itunes a run for their money but it needs to get known and with these services who needs Block Buster and Netflix. I’m pleasantly surprised and SOLD will continue to use it and what about devices?

  • Hmmm…Where to begin. I was introduced to Peer Impact as an original Beta tester for the music platform. I had downloaded music from other sources but had heard they had a program that gives you credit for sharing your library. From the original 2.0 Platform I was impressed with the site as their content grew. With the subsequent growth of their music library, then video games (which won my young son over), and now with the addition of TV and movies, they are becoming a digital ONE STOP SHOP.

    I’ve also been impressed with the customer service
    and tech. support. You may find some people from the development team right there to help with questions. I might add that they have always been open to hear any all ideas from the users of the platform.

    Finally, I really enjoy the sense of community in the forums. If you want news, recommendations, reviews, there is always a user there to help. Being that I’m “older” and considered “non-technical” I’ve learned as much with the help of other users as I have from the Peer Impact team. Oh, as for the reason I originally put my name in to be a Beta tester, some songs that I’ve purchased (.99 cents) I’ve gotten as much as $1.26 back and as little as .09 cents (I can’t say that with the itunes songs I purchased.) And with Peer Impact’s tv & video library I can play it in different screen sizes and not get stuck with the 3″ limitations of itunes. I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t take a look at this platform, I really recommend Peer Impact!

  • Matt

    In response to Chelsea

    Peer Impact uses Windows Media progresive playback technology and if your bandwidth is above 220 Kb\s for a 1.5 gig movie Peer Impacts it will “stream” the movie so that is why you could play it within 30 seconds .

    iTunes movies are quarter VGA so they remain small in size so you can fit them onto a iPod ,but who wants to watch a 2 hour movie on a 2 inch screen .

    The Peer Impact management and developers belive that you would be better off watching a movie in your Loungeroom than on your computer and are working on getting that content to the TV from the PC .The Peer Impact team are also looking at the possiblity of offering High definiton content .

    Currently if you have a PC with Windows XP Media Center edition and a Xbox 360 you can stream DRM protected video to your PC .

    Look for better convergence solutions and improved usage rules in the future as the studios get more comfortable with Peer Impact and online distribution.

  • namelessjoe

    peer impact, hereafter referred to as PI (cuz it’s easy and makes me sound cool) is user friendly, builds off of strong p2p ideas, and connects you to a safe, legal use of offered media.

    it’s user friendly because.. you have credit, you look up what you want, and if you have enough, you download it. of course, when you look it up, there will be artist/album info so you know you’re getting exactly what you want, and, depending on what you’re getting, some form of preview. for music – 30 second clip. games usually have free trial periods. movies vary.

    strong p2p ideas? well, it’s built like p2p, i.e., same look basically without all the proxies and connections that might confuse you. you’re usually downloading from multiple sources which makes it pretty speedy. if you’re downloaded from for paid content, you earn credit back. pretty sweet, methinks, though that last part is definitely a far cry from the typical p2p service.

    legal ownership of media is pretty important to me. too many legal and ethical disputes go on with random downloads. it’s especially hard not to have media when you’re in college and everybody around you has ipods and watches illegal movies and shows they download. good thing for PI when i’m staying off that illegal business. it also means no crackdowns (one happened on campus last year) on sharing illegal content. besides that, it’s a way of supporting my favorite artists.

    all in all, PI is top-notch, candy-coated goodness. same price as all other downloads since price is set by record labels, film companies, etc., but earning back peercash, the online credit, is a great bonus. admittedly, it goes slower if you have less stuff to share (you can only share stuff downloaded from PI and music is in WMA-DRM), but PI has had enough promotions and other incentives that i have never paid a single red cent of physical cash, including charging from credit/debit cards, for five albums and a slough of random songs.

  • Christopher

    For the Holiday season, Peer Impact is offering its entire music catalog for 1 cent per song and 10 cents per album. Peer Impact carries tunes from the major labels as well as the independent labels. Peer Impact is the only Music Download service to drop the rates this low for the Holiday Season.