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Peaches: Performance Art Punk?

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I was introduced to the music by Peaches a few years ago by my Scottish boyfriend. I would have to say that it was a little bit before Har Mar superstar became popular. The first time I hear Peaches, I was thinking “Woah! Chick is going all nasty-agrro like the boys. Cool!” I liked what I heard but at the time, I was in a “British Garage” phase, and was busy listening to my friend’s remixes. I kind of forgot about Peaches and moved on.

Or did I?

The other day, I was going through my music collection, looking for some aggressive tunes to accompany me to the gym, and I came across my Peaches CD’s. both The Teaches of Peaches and the more recent Fatherfucker.

Well she got me the second time around. Off the Fatherfucker album, ” I don’t give a …” is my current personal theme song. Peaches’ music basically goes in places that you see few women venture: vulgar, loud, minimalist drum loops over guitar. She raps, she screams, she even sings. Not the most musically intensive record in the world, it borrows from the DIY of Punk. Peaches programs all of the tracks and plays the instruments herself. I get the impression from interviews with Peaches and watching some of her performances that her angle is equally performance art as much as it is music. I would be surprised if you cannot go through any Peaches record without tapping your foot even just a little bit.

I do hope that more people take a chance on Peaches. Its actually refreshing to listen to after being bombarded with MTV and radio station crap for hours on end. If you can, check out her video with Iggy Pop for her song “Kick It“. Peaches and Iggy Pop in one room? I’m SCARED (in a good way).

If you want to know more about Peaches, check out her website. Make sure you wander over to the “crotch gallery”. It might explain one of the lyrics in “Kick It” ;o)

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  • I have Teaches of Peaches and it doesn’t really stretch my jeans, So, I haven’t picked up the newest one.

    Besides, I live in Parkdale, so if I want to meet skanky hos, I just have to walk down the street or around the corner.

  • PJ Harvey is great!

    She will be releasing a new Album Uh Huh Her, (at least in the UK) on May 31st.

  • Eric Olsen

    Polly Jean got so thin there’s nothing left but nose.

  • HW Saxton Jr.

    I thought the Iggy/Peaches duet was real
    cool.I’ve never thought of her as any
    kind of “Performance Artist” though.
    Interesting angle,Ms.Tek.

    On a different note:Speaking of great
    femme UK rockers whatever happened to
    PJ Harvey,it’s like she just disappeared
    or something???

  • Chris Kent

    I have always given Peaches a brief moment of respectful silence – one of the great raging wackos of all time……