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Peaceful Revolution…Surely A Misnomer?

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But that is exactly what a large number of people in Ukraine appear to be aiming for. Even the Observers for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) “said Sunday’s run-off vote fell far short of European democratic norms” according to the BBC website.

The fact that quite so many people have showed up to protest the results, in my opinion, is an indicator of dirty goings-on. Think about it; the recent US elections were not without problems, but there was nothing substantial to suggest large-scale fraud. Or at least, not enough to have tipped the scales from one side to the other.

The OCSE said violations included a continuing bias in the media (in favour of Mr Yanukovych) and intimidation of observers and voters. The US had bias towards both main parties, for sure…it more or less balanced out, really.

Perhaps the most suspicious of the statistics from the electino in the Ukraine is the 96% turnout figure in eastern Ukraine. That sort of figure’d be kinda hard to swallow in the most democratic of circumstances, let alone in a country where there were big questions as to the legitimacy of the election results.
So why should you really be bothered> one little thing: the security authorities have warned that they are ready to put down lawlessness “quickly and firmly”.

Not necessarily any reason to be bothered, except that in situations such as these, it’s often the case that if our backs are turned, things get all ultra-oppressive on the asses of the demonstrators. Hardly a democratic way to do things, and why we should keep an eye on it, at least until the tensions lessen
Full BBC UK story can be found here

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