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PC Review: Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill – Remastered

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Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill – Remastered has, as the name indicates, been revamped.  This new edition is being released in conjunction with the 80th anniversary of Nancy Drew. Personally, I never played the original, but I love a great murder mystery PC game. 

Those who have played the game before may be happy to know that this new version also contains a new ending (which I will not be giving away, of course). Also new to Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill – Remastered are 3D characters; Enhanced Sleuth Kit; new puzzles; more clues; and something “new age,” a cell phone.

The 3D characters are a nice addition, you can walk up to these Paneo Del Mar High School characters and are presented with a list of questions to ask them. So in a way it’s a little choose-your-own-adventure-esque. Each piece of information you gather from the characters aid in solving the mysterious murder of Jake Rogers.

The Enhanced Sleuth Kit helps you track clues with a journal noting everyone you come across and important numbers and notes you are directed towards along the way. There is also a task list to keep you on track to your goal of finding the killer.

Along with solving the crime, there are also more challenges in Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill – Remastered than the original. Some of the puzzles can be hard to figure out because there is little to no clues or advice given to aid you. Many may end up, as I did, staying on task with the main mystery so as to avoid the extraneous (and annoying) extra puzzles.

Graphics are as to be expected in a remastered version of a game. Nothing special, but not horrible either. If you are not a Nancy Drew fan, and don’t like a little retro in your remastered gaming then you probably won’t be interested in this title.  I can, however, see fans picking up this 80th Anniversary copy to commemorate Nancy Drew and their love of women in murder mystery.

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill – Remastered is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB for Violence, and Drug Reference. This game can be found on Nintendo Wii.

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