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PC makers, distributors pass on Windows XP N

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PARIS, France (AP) — PC makers and distributors are holding back from buying the new alternative version of Windows XP that Europe’s competition commissioner ordered Microsoft Corp. to offer as part of the punishment in the software maker’s long antitrust battle with the European Union.

Source: CNN

Yea. “Windows XP Pro N” sounds so much better then “Windows Reduced Media Edition.” With “Windows XP N” costing the exact same, add to the fact that the buyers are going to (have to) download Windows Media Player anyways, I do not see the point.

Its great the the EU has bigger balls then the DOJ, and was able to actually get Microsoft to change part of their OS, but come on. Taking Windows Media Player out of Windows breaks more things then it “fixes.”

If I were upgrading to XP, why would I want a copy that made me download multimedia software to make things work correctly. Lets face it. Windows Media is the standard on Windows. Lets just call it the QuickTime of Windows, because that is what it is.

I can see why PC vendors big and small are not selling and pre-installing Windows XP N.

Stupid. Just plain stupid.

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  • sanjeev

    while i am work in dos mode windows xp is not work according to my ram speed

  • I don’t use WMP anyway, so it won’t be much of a loss, but since I already have a copy of XP, there’s no point busting my pocket for this N version.

  • It was pretty funny when Gates suggested it as “Reduced Edition.”

  • Yea, that was pretty funny, you have to admit.