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PC Game Review: World of Tanks

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When I first saw one of the trailers for Wargaming.net’s World of Tanks, I didn’t really know what to expect. The footage is crazy! Initially, it looked like a racing game from a funny farm, giving the impression that the tanks had fallen out with the cars over some sort of name calling issue or something and as a result there was a vehicular war sparked, like in Transformers. I just didn’t get it. Take a look at the trailer below, and see for yourself. But make sure you don’t judge it solely on the trailer…

Wrongly, I chose to ignore World of Tanks after seeing the above footage, but the reason why I eventually decided to grab this game is because a friend of mine said that it is actually bad-ass. I trusted his many excitable outbursts and commenced downloading the game.

World of Tanks is a free, 1.8GB download, and if you download it directly from their website, it goes pretty quickly.

At first, by looking at the title of the game alone, I was quick to assume that it was going to be an MMO, which did actually push me away from the idea of getting the game even more so, as I just couldn’t see it being a success. However, World of Tanks is in fact a Team Deathmatch game, with a hint of base capture in the mix, and it works well! So the early lesson here, is that you shouldn’t judge a game by its cover.

The main menu in World of Tanks is set in a depot, which stores all of the tanks that you have earned. You start off with three really bad tanks, which you have to use in order to build up your credits and experience points. The credits and experience points earned from the 15-on-15 battles will enable you to purchase upgrades for the chosen tank on the tech tree. Each tank has its own, unique tech tree, which players will have to work through in order to research the tank on the next tier, or to just make the current tank in the depot as good as it can be.

All together, there are exactly 101 World War II tanks to unlock within the following categories: light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, and artillery tanks. These tanks exist in10 different tiers and, simply put, there are a lot of metal monsters to choose from. There are also upgrades on sale in the tech tree, different types of ammunition, and consumables (perks) available as well.

A lot of downloadable games like World of Tanks will require you to pay for certain things in order for you to progress in the game, whilst the basic features are free to use; World of Tanks is different. You have, however, got the option to purchase gold for your account, which can then be exchanged for credits, to give you a fast track to buying the tanks, but this isn’t essential. Earning credits and experience in the game can be a breeze once you have come to grips with the controls and how your tank handles. It does take practice. It isn’t exactly a lengthy amount of time until you rack up enough resources to buy your next tank, but some people will find it a bit tedious if they’re impatient… and this is where buying the gold comes in handy. All the details for buying gold for a user account are on the World of Tanks website.

The gameplay in World of Tanks is glitch-free, and I have yet to come across anything significant to complain about. The controls are smooth as well, and they are mapped like a first person shooter — W, A, S, D for the basic movements and the mouse is used to operate the weaponry, which in this case is a turret.

I wasn’t really expecting anything groundbreaking when it came to the visual detail in World of Tanks, however, the graphics are really well developed. The tank textures are great and it is evident that there has been a lot of effort put into the model design of each vehicle to make them all look as historically accurate as possible. The developers have made clever use of soft lighting and distance blurring to make the game look polished and pretty on a fair variety of well-designed maps. The physics in the game are good looking too, boasting real-time tank movements through to destructible environments, which will have you running over trees at every given chance just for funsies.

Last but not least, there is the multiplayer feature, which is as stable as an iron box. Fast matchmaking and good pings allow there to be uninterrupted fun, with players whistling shells over the fields at the opposing tanks with no problems at all. It is an epic idea, turned into a well executed game.

In conclusion, I would say that World of Tanks is definitely worth a go for everyone seeing as it is free, fun, and easy to play. World of Tanks is a really addictive and stable online experience which immerses players in a brilliantly designed environment, constantly giving people something to aim for and achieve. World of Tanks has the longevity we have come to expect from a multiplayer game and it is packed full of entertainment to keep you on your seat for hours on end, whilst looking the part.

World of Tanks is rated T (Teen) by the ESRB for Mild Violence.

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  • GhostKing

    World of Russia … unbalance … do not waste your money for this game !!

  • Roflsniped

    GhostKing, Maybe you should learn how to play the game. You can easily take out russian tanks if you know what you are doing, so maybe start by not sucking?

  • Geobaldi

    I agree Roflsniped. So many complaints all over the net about how OP the Soviets are. It’s no harder to take them down than any other nations tank. Each nation has their own strengths and weaknesses. Learn them and exploit them. Matchmaking can use a little bit more work, but then again, did the Americans and Soviets think it was fair when they ran into their first Tiger in real life WWII? Overall a really great game and one of the best F2P games on the market.

  • Howard

    No, it’s definitely World of Russian Tanks.

  • Soriugen

    It’s just that the Russians favored larger caliber guns, which, by the mechanics of the game, get higher damage per shot.

    The Germans however have generally better penetrating guns, the Americans are a mix between the two in terms of guns if you ask me.

    So no, the Russians aren’t OP, they just use bigger sticks out of the factory.

  • Howard

    And the mechanics are DEFINITELY favoring the Russians.

    “did the Americans and Soviets think it was fair when they ran into their first Tiger in real life WWII?”

    Apparently the Russians were but hurt over that since they made the Tiger a tin can in this game.

    And if within the mechanics of the game its not completely obvious that the game is catered to Russian tanks, I hope people are able to see through the rose colored glasses when they read the dev blog descriptions of their tanks:

    “.. During this operation 2 IS-2 and KV-85 were destroyed. The remains of the unit surrendered to American forces. To honor soviet tank crews it is should be mentioned that one JagdTigers was severely damaged and then destroyed by its own crew.”

    To honor Soviet tank crews, wtf?

    And the reality is that the JagTiger’s gun would knock out any tank on the battlefield. World of Tank’s solution: Give the best tank destroy gun to the Russians, lol!

  • Geobaldi

    “And the reality is that the JagTiger’s gun would knock out any tank on the battlefield. World of Tank’s solution: Give the best tank destroy gun to the Russians, lol!”

    In reality, the ISU-152 Heavy Tank Destroyer, the Object 704 in the game, was the only Soviet vehicle in the war that could reliably take on and destroy the German heavy armor including the Jagdtigers. That’s why it was known as the Beast Killer. They may not have penetrated the armor most of the time, but they did kill most of the crew due to the large amounts of spalling that the Soviet rounds produced.

  • Vigil

    This game is broken. Reviewers that are reviewing this are failing so miserably. They play the game for a few days, after being given a lot of gold and a premium account and they aren’t forced to grind through the battles like the rest of us. The matchmaking system is terrible, there is a huge issue with the spotting mechanics and updates are VERY few and far between. The devs of this game seem to have forgotten about it in their rush to release it. I’ve seen maybe one update since release, and it really did nothing. There has been no update to fix the issues in this game as promised, while there was one update during the open beta. This game is far from release, and I believe this game does not deserve to be released yet. This is why I have not payed any money for this game; the devs have done nothing worthy of my cash. I will not pay for a broken and defective game. All these reviewers need to replay this game, but on their own, without the bribes of WarGaming.

    Also, “You have, however, got the option to purchase gold for your account, which can then be exchanged for credits, to give you a fast track to buying the tanks, but this isn’t essential. Earning credits and experience in the game can be a breeze once you have come to grips with the controls and how your tank handles.”

    I’m sorry, but are you saying that unless I’m getting about 500-1,000 SP a match I suck? This is about 33% skill and 66% what tank you drive. If I can kill 4-5 tanks, on average, with an IS-3 (open beta) but only 1 or even 0 with a stock KV (release), does this mean I am bad? No, this just means the tank I’m driving is terrible. The reviewer’s statement about XP and credits being earned in a “breeze” are arrogant and false.

  • Jay

    Vigil, it’s your opinion and not fact; my review is my opinion. I didn’t get given an account with gold, I started right at the bottom with the starter tanks and no XP, as I only have the Hetzer tank destroyer at the moment.

  • Knocking over trees just for funsies is actually fairly foolish; it’s one of the ways veteran players track enemy movement when there’s no spotter. You can watch a forest and see if people are in it by how much vegetation spontaneously falls over. 😉

  • Dreig

    Anyone being that critical of a FREE and FUN game, needs to shake their head and get some perspective.

    ALL games have things wrong with them, depending on who you ask.

    As for tank balancing, yes you can fall victim to a russian tank’s big gun if you are going to sit there long enough for them to get a bead on you. Knowing that, use some grey matter and move. Shoot their weak bodies and take them out before the 15 minutes it takes them to reload. Basically if you are complaining you can’t do something, it’s probably because you suck, rather than balancing.

    It’s a really fun, free game.

  • traveller771

    i play since december and it’s the first online game succeeding in keeping me so long and after nearly 2000 games played the russian tank seems op to people unable to used the weak point of every vehicule, russian tank got punch and armor but, german one can shot them from the others side of the map and the american tanks seem to load very fast. for the match making, yes it could be a pain in the … to got a is3 i front of your pz4 but there is strong chance your team got also a panther tank to pound it. To the poeple devilising this game… let the poeple who like this game and go play something else.
    And don’t forget it’s free to play so try and if you dont like dump it that’s all

  • Disappointed

    I have played in the closed beta and it was bugged .. Now upon “final” release , still many bugs , same maps etc , getting repetative as to where enemy are going to either attack or retard rush. If you wish to progress through the tanks/artillary , you really need to purchase “gold” and have a premium account. Yes , i have purchased gold and wasted nearly £80 on this game , I doubt i will purchase anymore as its getting full of “noobs” who dont understand how to play the map or any idea of tactics . It is rated 15 .. but is played by much younger players. I wish it was not free as this would keep the better players in game and get rid of the childish comments and constant spamming in the game . 0/5 stars as it is .. if it trully was pay as u go ..4/5 . It need more maps to make it a worthwhile game

  • Howard

    “In reality, the ISU-152 Heavy Tank Destroyer, the Object 704 in the game, was the only Soviet vehicle in the war that could reliably take on and destroy the German heavy armor including the Jagdtigers. That’s why it was known as the Beast Killer. They may not have penetrated the armor most of the time, but they did kill most of the crew due to the large amounts of spalling that the Soviet rounds produced.”

    Was that a comment to honor Soviet tank crews, just as the devs have done with their blog on the jagtiger?

    And funny you should mention the ISU-152. The real thing could only muster 2 rounds a minute at best and only with an experienced crew. Russian nationalism has managed to double the rate of fire for the model up to 4 r/m in game!

    Salute comrade!

  • DrPhlox

    I agree with virgil the balance system does SUCK. LvL 3 tank against a T-29?

  • dragonfly

    First of all the game is pretty good, and can be enjoyed.
    Major flaws include “invisable moving tanks” that the HAVES purchase and sneak up to 10 feet away from you, failure to allow exp to gold transfers creates huge inequities which someday mat be corrected.
    The Russian equipment plays quite strong and I agree somewhat with critics, especially irritating is the IS 3 which didn’t even see action in WW2, you might as well through in some T55’s or an Abrams for that matter. Sherman are also I beleive alot better than thay should be and the german equipent gets the short end.
    Some equipment has to be purchased which is definately makes you feel like a HAVENOT.
    Like any game you have to find your way and overall the game does present challanges and is not to be beleived from a historical perspective, but does provide entertainment.

  • Vigil

    Everyone calling it a “free game” and telling everyone to stop complaining need to stop and look at this game. People out there are paying quite a bit of money for a game that is bugged and broken. The game is enjoyable when it works, I will not argue there. But when it doesn’t work, and it is very consistent, it hurts to play. I still have high hopes that this game can succeed, but in reality I had feared the devs left it as is and are saying it is good enough. The release of the new and improved tech charts somewhat made it easier to bear, knowing that they are releasing new tanks, but does this mean that the issues are forgotten?

    I do not personally think it is good enough. For instance why are all tanks thrown into battles up to 4 tiers higher? Tanks from 5 or 6 down should be put into matches that are 2 tiers or higher with the higher ones being eligible for tier 10 battles. This is an example of something they could have tested in Beta, but they didn’t for unknown reasons. I still have no idea why WarGaming never used the Open Beta to test updates. The Christmas Trees that appeared after their Christmas update didn’t leave until the update in late March/early April. I know it’s a “free” game, but I am trying to make it so that the people who have actually payed for the game are going to get their monies worth.

  • Jay

    I do agree with you there Vigil when you say people who pay will get their monies worth. In regards to the imbalance claims though, I personally think that they throw all tiers of tanks into the same battle in order to force teamwork upon the players; lone-wolf sucks, but that’s my opinion. However, it can be annoying at times, I do agree, but you get that in a lot of these types of games; people with better weapons and perks in their load-out will have a better chance of owning the opposing person.

    By the way, thanks all for reading my review 🙂

  • Sictirus

    World of Russian Tanks . For new players ‘ play only overpowered russian tanks dont waste your time playing german .

  • Sigered

    With all due respect this game is an unfinished work with lots of annoying bugs. Worse of all is the VERY unrealistic simulation of artillery. In this game artillery has a “drone” overhead view and the assumption that a casual view of your tank by an enemy paints your tank like a forward observer. There is no sighting shots, no walking in the artillery, nothing that bares resemblance of the difficulty putting your shot on a target with indirect fire. The flight of a projectile does not follow a ballistic path but rather curves to hit you as you move. I have no idea what the producers of WoT were things but this changes the balance of the game.

    Additionally there are few maps and they are small with choke points that don’t allow for much maneuvering. Grinding is repetitive and somewhat boring. While there are clans (guilds) you can form or join there still is no clan warfare.

    The came is fun at times and worth playing as long as you understand it’s faults and limitations.

  • Jay

    Whilst all of these complaints are fair enough, it has to be remembered that this is a free game, and for a free game its a fun game. I will not take World of Tanks as seriously as a paid-for game, which is why I won’t be harsh with my criticism.

  • Stelar_7

    Don’t believe the folks whining about how op russian tanks are or how crappy German tanks are, you’ll get a RL analogy and they are all butt sore because it’s a balanced game and they thought the grey tanks would be an i win button.

    Some of the sighting it flawed, a crew with a high % in camoflage and a camo net and a TD can vanish in open terrain. Very annoying.

    Balance is good, I find I lose to luck or leroy on my team far more than by what tank I drive, was russian in closed and open beta, I drive german now, will try american later. The short version is even the IS7 can die to a single shot if it’s the right kind of shot.

    What’s not been discussed is the dammage model, very cool. different points of the tank have different armor values and the penetration of your gun matters, as does the angle you fire at. There is a little carrot in your reticle that will show red yellow or green to tell you if you should shoot at that part of the enemy. Spend reload time looking at their tank’s weak points.

    Also, auto aim is a trap, don’t do it, and even if you can’t penetrate, HE rounds will likely dammage and have a much better chance for a critical hit.

    tl;dr, no one is op, it’s all in the skill of the driver and the luck of the situation, though some drivers make their own luck. Money can make you more dangerous, tank upgrades are expensive so the primium player will have a definate advantage over the casual player. It’s not insurmountable.

  • strelkov

    my first point
    that the games next patch is 0.6.4 so as far as i’m concerned the game can have as many bugs as it want till it hits 1.0.0

    2nd point
    the tiger is still to be feared but not in the same way as when they first met them LOOK AT THE DATES OF THE TANKS! the IS and T29 where made to kill the tiger a year or 2 after the tiger showed up. When your in a tier 5 medium how do you feel when you meet a tiger? that is why they were scary during the war.

    3rd point
    the Russian heavies do have heavy cannons but they normally shoot the slowest and are the most inaccurate the IS 122mm D-25t seems to have problems penetrating a M6

    4th point
    saying its all about the tank not skill then using a stock tank as your example is silly was your IS-3 stock too?
    almost all tanks suck stock but thats why you upgrade them. This game is a lot of skill at tier 5 i get as many kills in my pz4 as i get in my kv i’ve just have had more battles in my kv (finally got my s-51).

    5th point
    match maker is fine a lot of people give up when they see over whelming odds or what they see as unfair. i have been in many games where my team wines about match making failing and how we have no chance then we own the other team because the ones that aren’t retarded work together

    point 6
    no such thing as kill stealing just team work this isn’t cod this game revolves around team work the more shells that go into the big guys the better.

    point 7
    i agree with every thing Stelar_7 said here

    point 8
    for everyone complaining about the dumb people in the matches you play join a good clan chances are there will be some one that can invite you to a platoon or join a company battle till clan wars gets here.

    point 9
    invisible tanks Zinoviy Kolobanov read this please. its not so much the moving invisible tanks but this read is for anyone who thinks you should see the tank as soon as it fires

    point 10
    you don’t need to pay to get cool deals that will help yo progress farther just look at the victory day celebration 5x exp for the first win is sexy 😀

  • James Edwards

    point 11
    You’ve had too much Vodka if you think the IS 122 has problems penetrating an M6. I’ve played both tanks, so I know first hand.

    IS penetration rating is for 122 is 175 vs armor of M6 at 102mm for turret and front hull, which has next to no slopes at all.

    Those are the facts.

    But then again with a name like strelkov, one shouldn’t expect less than you defending this Russian biased game, so it makes the rest of your points look like strawman talking points

  • James Edwards

    Oh, and to your first point, the game is no longer in beta, so that is a bunch of BS.

    Its official release now, and these bugs should have been worked out in beta, otherwise what is the point of beta? This is release now and people are paying money for a beta?

  • DreAdeDcoRpSE

    This is my opinion and only my opinion. But all the people that are complaining that the USSR tanks are NOT over powered, are going to be the ones using them. A clan mate of mine that uses the USSR tanks now even agrees that they are over powered and that is why he uses them. While I still stick with my T34 heavy tank, it is apparent that on all USSR heavies and most of there tanks, I can not penetrate there armor anywhere on there front and sides. No damage is ever done to there gun, or turret rings when hit there and I barely can knock off there track, yet, they always penetrate on US and German tanks. That is not balance and for those that think so should stop being close-minded.

    But if your wondering, am I complaining that they can not be killed, no, if I use the high explosive rounds, I can do a little damage, but I feel that it’s still a little off because each round will only do about 10% damage. When you have places like gametrailers.com and hundreds of none URRS tank users complaining about it, maybe there is a bit more fact to it then the USSR tanks users want. I noticed most that are saying they are not OP are the ones that use USSR tanks and don’t want to loose the advantage that they have.

    As a beta tester/mapper, I have had the luxury to beta test more games then most have owned on there PC. The review of this game by this author is flawed for its all bias and does not look at the bigger picture. Besides the battle about the OP or not OP, there are other issues which have been brought up in a earlier post, which includes the fact of the problem with the camo, (Which has been confirmed and being fixed by the Dev’s), but there are the issues with the ghost shots and the placement balance issues that are supposed to be addressed in these soft patches they are going to be coming out with.

    James Edwards said
    “Oh, and to your first point, the game is no longer in beta, so that is a bunch of BS.

    Its official release now, and these bugs should have been worked out in beta, otherwise what is the point of beta? This is release now and people are paying money for a beta?”

    You bring up a very good point, but also is off a bit. The beta they had was not really a beta at all, It was more of a stress test beta rather then a bug finding beta. They did the beta to make sure there system worked and could handle the stress of hundreds of thousands of users playing. They really should have called in a “beta team”, that are out there that all they do is look for bugs and report them using a report system. The group I am involved with has beta tested many games like BFBC2 and other’s and have reported thousands of errors which could have been over looked. I know of a few other beta test companies out there and they all would have done the same thing. But being there beta was not really a beta for bug finding, most bugs slipped by but the ones that were still reported have been fixed or is now in the process of being fixed, but should have been fixed before the full release.

    Overall, my final opinion of this game is that though i do feel its a little unfair in some areas, it is still a fun game and being you can play for free and DO NOT need to put money into it to play is what you get. As I am a paying player to help the development of the game and pay for the servers, I do expect them to suck it up and open there eyes and realize that they through our realism out the door when they did the invisible tanks and the BS with the USSR tanks. I guess I can see that they would make there own countries tanks superior in there own game but really should look at more of a balance issue then trying to make it one sided.

  • somerandomguy

    Horrible review… It says nothing of the fact that after tier 6 or 7 it is nearly imposible to play the game because one round costs you more than you get for a hit!!! for example one round costs 1000 credits while a hit or a kill gives you 400 credits.

  • Jay

    Yes, somerandomguy, just because I didn’t mention that makes it a horrible review; well observed. *careface*

  • Cardinal Biggles

    I’ve been playing this since the beta and can appreciate the positive and negative sides to the game, as highlighted by the comments above.

    I think the reviewer erroneously left out Tank Destroyers as a class of vehicle with light/medium/heavy and artillery?

    What players need to remember is that WoT includes vehicles that fight against each other that never did so in history, and this I think leads people to expect X vehicle to outperform Y vehicle consistently.

    For example, you expect your Tiger to outclass all opposition – based upon early WW2 history – but find theoretical and other late-WW2 vehicles in-game as their opponents which they hardly (or never) did in WW2.

    All classes have strengths and weaknesses which you learn as you play, and the skill of the team is far more important than individual team players.

    Still, however, the following needs to be addressed if it wants to retain it’s core players:

    1) More maps, veterans know all the places and strategies now and it can become tedious.
    2) Fix the invisible-vehicle bug.
    3) Artillery usage is too ‘arcade’ and unrealistic.
    4) Don’t bring anymore French tanks in, why would you want a tank that has one speed – reverse.
    5) Add visual customisation options for users, to promote a sense of personalisation and even clan colour schemes.
    6) Improve the in-game voice chat as right now it’s horrifically bad and not everyone uses teamspeak or mumble.
    7) A few things like transferring cash and vehicles to friends, and moving equipment between vehicles, but these are being addressed (apparently) in a future patch.

    That’s my opinion, and I’m sure some will disagree.

  • Jay

    You’re correct Biggles, I did miss out Tank Destroyers, even though I have the Hetzer myself!

  • phil74501

    Throw in a couple of thoughts of mine. I haven’t read every comment, so forgive me if these were mentioned before.

    The maps do seem to get repetitive. More maps would be nice. Doesn’t take long for people to figure out all the good hiding places. People learn the strengths and weaknesses of a map quickly. That leads to attacks going down the same path every single game. Every map and game becomes the same ole same ole.

    My main complaint is how the game starts. You only get a few seconds to come up with a plan. Maybe give people a couple of minutes to come up with a strategy. Also let the player place their tank where they want it to start. I’ve spent minutes moving around from where I was randomly placed to where I would like the tank to be.

    It’s still a great game though. Moves quickly. Becomes addictive in no time.

  • Hex

    Dear god whining about a free game; get a clue, if you don’t like it go elsewhere. It is what it is, crying about whatever it is that irks you on a completely unrelated site will accomplish nada, zip, zero.

  • Max

    Most of these whiners don’t know how to play or don’t know the facts. Its actually funny to read these and imagine how many of these noobs and whiners I have destroyed already…

  • Luckyshot

    I started playing in beta in febuary had almost 3000 battles before release, i enjoyed playing a good variety of tanks, Tds and SPGs.
    Easy8 Sherman was the best money maker, followed close by the T34-85, i got up to the SU-100 , and stopped cause i wanted to mainly work on the heavies.
    I had the IS and Tiger and the T29, by far then the most fun i had was in T29 Tiger shells just bounced off me and IS kept taking my tracks out before finally killing me ( if i didnt have back up ).
    But all tanks had its moments, as for now ive almost had 2000 battles since release and made the mistake of going German.
    I have the Tiger II , GW panther Jagdpanther and the KV KV-3.
    SPG is good infact any arty no matter what the tree is they goona be a pain to anyone.
    Tiger II well everyone says its a sniping Tank , what a bunch of C**p. I snipe in my KV-3 get more damage and more kills then my Tiger II and i play the same way no matter what tank im in.
    Russian tanks are OP , and the balancing makes it worse.
    Typical match making system couple of the Pre-Order gold heavy M6 tanks on each side,with either couple SPG or TDs, but then my side couple of Tiger IIs, Tigers, M6 heavy and various other mixed german, russianmedium tanks then for what ever reason i always match up agaist at least 2-4 IS4s , IS3s and couple of ISs with a mixed bag of mediums. Result German tanks wiped out with may be one or two losses to enemy depending on the weakness of the smaller tanks.
    Reason why im in a good high position, 100% crew with 85% camo, camo netting , i see a IS-3 bearing down i fire bounces off fire again slight damage so i switch to HE takes his tracks off little damage.Then thats it he spots me fires im already in half armour, i start to back off then out of nowhere 3 more shots fire off and im dead. What i didnt realise his team already decimeted mine me and another Tiger II was the last alive, reason we cant damage or barely damage IS or higher.
    Only time i win matches when in my tank is either i have ISs in my team or i go agaist other Tigers.
    Hence i started to go the russian route now and my Tiger II gathers dust. 🙁

  • Nobby69

    oh yes
    its an fine Battle Game indeed.
    But at this Time it will be an Gamer for rushing Noobs !! No Taktics !! Only a Game for People, who like big Tanks and nothing more. Rusian Tank in WW II never had so strong Wappon, only in this, rusian made, Game.It is so easy to get KV, but poor to get an VK 3601.I wont spend any money to this game, even when it works.

  • Jay

    Nobby69, the good thing about this game is that it always gives a good mix of tanks from different tiers, so you won’t always have a game dominated by high-end tanks, which is good 🙂

    The artillery tanks could be made a lot harder to control though, just to point out one thing, as it just seems too easy to aim and hit moving tanks, as the shells are like homing missiles sometimes.

    However, we all have to remember that this is in-fact a free game on the face of things, and the only paid-for feature in the game is the option to purchase Gold, for a quicker way to buy your desired tanks, once you have earned the XP points that is 🙂

    You’re always going to get the scenario that you explained in a lot of games, Nobby69, which is unfortunately something that we have to deal with until it’s forced out of video games, for good! It’s pretty much why I don’t like Call of Duty any more, it’s getting so hectic that I don’t wish to play it.

  • oGamerG

    WoT WAS a great concept.
    …but after the release of the game i was shocked its stil advertised as free to play ,even if you cant team up with your friends for free (you or your mates need to be premium to do so).In short: no platoons or companies for free players.Your doomed to play with complete strangers with IQ lover than 2 digits….(tactics are vital part of gameplay)The irony of all : they do made a friend list

  • oGamerG

    WoT WAS a great concept.
    …but after the release of the game i was shocked its stil advertised as free to play ,even if you cant team up with your friends for free (you or your mates need to be premium to do so).In short: no platoons or companies for free players.Your doomed to play with complete strangers with IQ lover than 2 digits….(tactics are vital part of gameplay)The irony of all : they do made a friend list LOL
    So if you play for free its just a demo of the game because the important game modes are locked.
    I know the developers need money.Just like in every other game.
    In other free to play games developers make special items so premium users can get the advantage they need, but they let you have the access to the full game(with all game modes).And most of them make good money.
    Basicly you can say that WoT developers / owners are very greedy and shady.
    About Gameplay: 98% of time you will find your self at the bottom of the table.That is: you will play against bigger tanks that you cant even hurt(you can forget destroying).At lover level its not that bad because you basicly can hurt 2-3 lvl bigger tanks.But once you reach lvl5 you will fight lv9-10 tanks.You wont hurt those no metter how good you are.
    About difference in nations and the spotting system aint that bad as many people say .
    save your time and money .
    keep away from this game.
    Just a HardCore Gamers modest opinion. OG

  • Paul

    Novelty wore off after one month of playing. Avoid this game, don’t give them any of your money. The devs are lazy and the game could be so much more.

  • Sparta1

    The beta was very fun and game play enjoyable. In the live environment customer support is poor. Buying gold was easy (taking your money) but getting it into my account was difficult. Trying to get support from their financial support department was a nightmare.Not a recommended experience for a micro transaction dependent company.Play free if you like but I do not suggest buying gold.

  • B-man

    Thbis game is extremely unbalanced. Do not waste your money. Customer service is worse than anything I have ever seen. They absolutely do not listen to their customer base as far as concerns with game mechanics. The worst mechanic being the system that creates the matches.

    The gaps between tanks that are put together is extremely large. One tank can do absolutely no damage to another, and one tank can one shot others of different tiers. Its a joke.

    Play the lower tiers, (1-3). Any higher tier and you find yourself matched poorly. Its an easy fix for them to make the system better, but it would cost people to wait a minute or two to be put into battle. 2 seconds is where it stands now for wait. A difference of 2-3 teirs only would maybe put the wait at 45 seconds.

  • blossom

    If anyone reads this dont waste any money on this game, play as a free game, becasue the MATCHMAKING is the worst in any game anyone has ever played!

    It would be like a lvl 85 BG put they stick level 1s in. Yep as bad as that, enjoy getting out tiered in 1 in 8 matches and getting one shotted.

  • Cadwallon

    I’ve only been playing for a couple of weeks, but overall – an awesome game. I don’t mind the grinding, and have forked out a bit for gold to hurry things along. Sure there are noobs and idiots who play – but that isn’t really a reflection on the game. Match-ups seem pretty fair, though when you are at the bottom of the tier with a new upgrade or tank, you can die pretty quickly. I usually like to hang onto a bottom tier tank to keep my hand in, as kills are harder to come by as you go up the tiers.
    So far the tanks, game mechanics and balancing seem pretty accurate. Will keep some of these comments in mind as the game proceeds.

  • Johnny

    I enjoyed the game at first but getting out of tier 4 I grew to hate the game. Its no longer Fun just feels like CoD all over not as in game play but player base. its incredibly rare to find a good team to actually work to gather. If you say ‘lets work as a team guys’ you get flamed being a noob or homo every one lone wolfs it and start foaming at the mouth at the sight of a low HP target. The realistic feel of the game is visuals ONLY. I played all three sides and the German felt like it was severely lacking balls while the Russians had over powering damage Americans had armor and then better power at the end of the tier. The german line though had speed and some armor. As i got to the top tier in the game the games just turned into a lack of wanting to play and just rush out and get it over with. Where as Tier 1-3 it was fun to run around from cover to cover getting the drop on your enemy. where Heavy high tier felt like a bunch of morbidly obese fat kids waking each other with foam bats.

  • NinjaY

    Very unbalanced game. Russian bias. Do not waste your money or time for it.

  • janis thyrr

    a tiger II is easy to kill, you dont even need to hit weakspots. its bigger and easier to hit compared to IS 3 , which has round armor, is smaller and will produce much more bouncers. you have to aim very good if you want to penetrate that (in reality crap) tank. in the meantime the is 3 was shooting the Tiger II to dust.
    another round of World of “never bin in war ” russian tanks

  • Henrytruther

    Matchmaking – still broken. Invisitanks – still broken. 0% damaging, penetrating hits? Guess what? Still broken. Moving the cap bases and the spawn points does not equal new game modes. Nerfing German and American tanks + buffing the Russian tanks (again!) does not equal game balance. Introducing a new line of fictitious and OP French thingamies to part the gullible from their irl money (Look at the new shiney-shiney!) further dilutes any ‘historical’ theme. Yet more Pay To Win emphasis, now shifting to just Pay to Play with real money in game consumables being even more necessary, particularly for the German T9 players that their engine (at the back of the tank) can now be set on fire with a hit on their frontal armour. ‘Git chore real money repair kits while stock last!!!”

    Ambient bird noises on a battlefield, running water? GREAT PATCH! Its a battlefield, not a happy dragon quest world. Ambient = distant artillery or perhaps the noise of small-arms fire? Seriously, guys, where is the joined up thinking?

    And best of all 0.7.4 brings you the ‘Everygame Crash to Desktop’ or the ‘Just Plain-old Doesn’t Work At All’, and for a whole lot of players judging by the WoT Forum…

    Wot 0.7.4 = WoT WERE THEY THINKING????!!!!

    As a previous commenter has already mentioned; the attitude of the developers is absolutely Stalinist and any views posted upon their forums, that do not fit with their own – will get you AN INSTANT BAN!

  • TinCcan

    I play it but never gona pay for it… yet
    Its a load of junk