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PC Game Review: The Poppit! Show

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Those unfamiliar with the Pogo.com online game network might recognize this game, as it resembles Same Game, Collapse or Yahoo! JT's Blocks. These are games I've enjoyed in the past. The main difference is instead of blocks falling down as they're destroyed, the balloons "fall" up as they're popped.

The Poppit! Show adds a twist: not only do you want to pop the same colored balloons together at the same time, but also release all of the prizes hidden in the balloon in order to win the game. A power-up is available in each puzzle to help you win. Every TV show requires winning a specified number of games to unlock it.

Like the other games of this family, the more balloons you pop in a group, the higher the score. If you leave less than six balloons at the end of a game, you win a bonus.

The Poppit! ShowA game has three levels: easy, medium and hard. The higher the skill level, the higher the prize that appears in a row of balloons. They're harder to release, but they're worth more tokens.

When starting a game, pick an identity known as a Pogo Mini. Think of it as an avatar that represents you in a chat room. Your Pogo Mini can get more clothes as you win online games. Members of Club Pogo (not a free club) gain extra privileges.

Unlock all seven TV shows to unlock every power-up. Each TV show contains a different theme, so get ready to disco, cook, go on a safari, do some magic or fly out of this world. You can play the game either connected or not connected to the Pogo Network.

The Poppit! ShowThe Poppit! Show is far more fun when you play connected than disconnected. I started by playing disconnected to see how it plays and honestly, I was frustrated and slowly getting bored. Perhaps it's my being used to things falling down instead of falling up. As I unlocked TV shows, it took longer to unlock the next one as you have to win more games.

But when I connected to the Pogo network, the game play completely changed. I didn't chat much, yet I had a blast playing the game. More things happened to keep me interested and motivated to earn new ranks and more tokens. The host annoyed me after a while (this happens when both connected and disconnected) as I had to click the dialog box every time he said something. I couldn't find the option to turn this off.

The Poppit! ShowYou can receive power-ups from other players and donate them in exchange for a few tokens. Whenever I couldn't get all the prizes or get down to six or less balloons even with the power-up, I'd donate it. Playing connected also gives you the opportunity to earn Jackpot Spins, win outfits and backgrounds for Pogo Mini, work for badges and win more tokens.

The first time you connect to the network, you'll need to login or create a free account. Once you do this, just look at the telephone on the main menu for "Connected" or "Disconnected" to see whether you're connected.

Since this game connects to the Pogo.com community, players also receive a rank so others know how well you play. Moreover, the game is more fun knowing you need to work for a new rank. The game contains a Stats Room where you can check your rank progress and badge collection. Earn tokens by collecting surprises, super-pops (popping many balloons of the same color at the same time), bonuses and jackpot spins.

The Poppit! ShowPlayers can win Pogo Tokens in most Pogo.com games and The Poppit! Show. Players can use tokens to enter prize drawings for Pogo.com's daily, weekly or monthly prizes. Of course, the more tokens you win, the more tickets you can enter in the drawings. Members of Club Pogo can also use tokens at the Mini Mall to buy stuff for the Pogo Mini.

Those who love puzzles will love this one with the added bonus of hearing the roar of the crowd.

The Poppit! Show doesn't have an official rating, but it qualifies for E (Everyone) as explained by the ESRB.

System Requirements
Windows 98, 2000, 98, ME, XP
Processor: P-500
Memory: 256 MB RAM
DirectX: 7.0

Download the demo to try the game. Like it? Buy it.($19.95).

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  • Cool…thanks for the info…POGO rules!

  • jackie

    i love pogo play it all the time

  • Rob

    Poppit doesn’t work half the time. games play good the first time. now 2nd games will not pop the balloons without much delays. What is the matter?