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PC Game Review: ‘Rise of the Triad’

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Rise of the Triad is a re-imagining of the classic title. This is an old school speed-based first person shooter rather than the newer duck and cover variety. It is in your face at all times.header_292x136

Sadly though it is let down in the single player by the easiest difficulty being difficult and a horrible checkpoint system. Now, checkpoints are not always bad if handled correctly, however in this game they are so few and far between that you will find yourself repeating entire long sections over and over while you try to figure out how to get move on. There are lots of bits in Rise that just seem unfair for no apparent reason and are there just to extend the game. I expect a game to unforgiving on hard or nightmare, but on easy? That is just plain dumb.

Rather than “fun,” the game is tedious and annoying which will probably have modern gamers (or non-fans of this type of FPS) rage quitting. Why they don’t have one personal save–just one–is beyond me. And to say it is because it is a hardcore FPS is completely ridiculous. All the PC games I have ever played from Duke Nukem onwards let the user save.

Speaking of saving, I have yet to be able to save my key rebinds or sound tweaking. Each time I open the game I have to do it all over again.

Graphically, the update looks alright, but standard for this price-point. It is over the top gore in the silliest way possible, which some will love and many will quickly find tedious. The voice-acting is pathetic and idiotic. This is far more Duke Nukem Forever than Blood Dragon.

In short, it just isn’t very fun to play — it is more of a task than enjoyable. I was pleased to get to the point to be able to review this game as I have no interest in playing it ever again. I tried so hard to get into it, but it is not a very rewarding solo title.  In fact, I suspect this game is all about the multiplayer and the solo game is an afterthought with which they assume most people won’t bother.

Unfortunately, the multiplayer is also a whole new kind of rubbish. The first time I tried to join a game it hard-crashed the game and the computer. Once inside, on finds the game was full of glitches, including regularly respawning you in front of someone how has just fired so you insta-die. Beyond that, you will be lucky to get 30 fps even if you are on a server nearby. Testing also regularly led to “connection cannot be established” errors.  In short, the multiplayer is a buggy mess that really isn’t that much fun at all.

In game, and in completely unscientific manner, I asked the rapidly dwindling number of players what they thought they should have charged for this game. Several said $5 and at least one said they felt ripped off. Others have said that the game seems “half-finished.”

In short, right now, is not ready for prime time. More like Rise of Trying… because it sure as hell tries your patience.

Rise of the Triad is rated M (Mature) by the ESRB for Animated Blood and Gore.

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  • Mark

    As a fan of the original game I’m really enjoying it, they have somehow managed to capture the essence of what was fun about the original game. It really is a modern graphics version of the original. This game was designed to be fun and ridiculous and for $15 I couldn’t have found a better use for the money. I’m not finding it very difficult. Although if you are looking for a serious game that focuses on an intense plot or realism then you should look elsewhere. The game is not without it’s faults but I feel it will provide some good entertainment.

  • eatshtandie

    a monkey could have developed a better game. the developers can die of Cancer, because I have Cancer after playing this pile of elephant dung.