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PC Game Review: ‘Metro Last Light: Factions Pack’

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Metro Last Light has new DLC, and it is a mixed bag of post-apocalyptic antics. The name, Factions Pack, really says it all. The DLC lets you play some of the other factions in the game. Or rather it lets you play a member of those factions and you learn little or nothing about that faction while you are doing it.

In the first mission, you play someone from the Nazi faction, and the entire experience is really irritating glitchy and laggy. It is not really fun either because it is basically a horde mode with wave after wave of Commies coming at you. The new weapons are interesting, but really not worth the trouble.

The second mission is a sniper mission which is more of a puzzle than anything. And because of a rubbish checkpoint, it gets tedious when you don’t get it right. This level is a good example of why it is sad not to have user saves in a damn PC game. How is it fun to have to see your companion go up the same damn set of stairs 10 times while you figure out where all the guards are located? This feels more like padding than any real content, just like the first mission.

In short, the first two missions remind you of all the things that are irritating about MLL and don’t exactly remind you of any of the reasons that the game is decent.

The last mission, however, has a bit more substance to it. While it tells you nothing about Polis, it does give you a chance to explore the Moscow Library and see what you can find. You will be making frequent returns to you base for supplies, to turn in what you found and to upgrade. Some might think the “find & retrieve” over and over again a bit tedious at times. There is, unfortunately, lots of repetitive backtracking, and of course, the mobs respawn every time you leave the area which is quite the nuisance.

There are a few quirks to the DLC as well, the first of which is it being a pain to find out how you get into it. There are a few bugs, and it freezes every so often even though the normal game plays with no problems. There are folks who will complain that it is a bit short and  sometimes setting the skill doesn’t actually appear to change the difficulty of the gameplay.

All in all it, doesn’t really add much to the Metro Last Light experience except more of the same, not that it matters. Instead of being the normal $10 or $15 for a DLC, it is only $5. For that little it is worth a punt, if only remind you why (if) you like the game in the first place. That said, let’s hope the next DLC for MLL has a bit more substance to it.

Metro Last Light: Factions Pack is rated M (Mature) by the ESRB.

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  • Krotow

    Faction Pack Nazi mission is dumb. Sitting on place and shooting on reds with big gun. Then take out tank with even bigger gun. That’s all 🙁 Sniper mission is cool, but has bugs, because it starting to freeze fhen you are coming at very top or bottom in house after basin in middle of level and be there more than 5 minutes. Actually i don’t played Faction Pack further because of freezing. Hope that this bug will be fixed one day.