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PC Game Review: Infernal

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What do you get when an ex-angel makes a deal with the devil? You get a repetitive game that sacrifices game play for style. The game also suffered from repetitive crashes when I played it. My specs on my computer blow away the minimum and meet the recommend by a long shot, so that is not the reason for the crashes.

In Infernal, you play as Ryan Lennox. He is an ex-angel who worked for Heaven’s CIA, the Everlight Corporation. When Ryan gets fired from Everlight for being too “sinful” when doing his job, Everlight goes out to kill him. Why would heavenly Everlight go after an ex-angel? Ryan was their top-dog, so Everlight sees Ryan as a threat, and rightfully so. As a last resort, Ryan teams up with Hell’s own CIA; in return Ryan gets infernal powers that allow him to teleport around the level briefly, levitate objects, fire powerful magical bullets, and see invisible power-ups. All this magic is not your only weapon, as you do get the ordinary weapons (pistols and assault rifles), but then you get guns like heavy duty laser beams! With all this power, you need to infiltrate Everlights’ facilities to uncover what exactly they are doing

The game play in Infernal is bland and repetitive. Basically, shooting and draining everything that has legs… or moves. As Ryan kills enemies, he walks up to their dead bodies and drains them of their soul. Sweet! Only if it didn’t take so long… and you didn’t have to have new weapons and ammo. All this fighting is accompanied with a heavy metal track that goes well with the action. Soul draining revitalizes your health while sometimes giving you ammo. A.I. in Infernal is not exciting; you won’t even find yourself ducking for cover, but running, gunning, and soul stealing the whole game. In fact, you’ll find yourself doing the same thing in each of the four levels in what amounts to a very short game.

Everyone in Infernal has a nice glossy look to them. The graphics, I must say, are quite amazing. Infernal also takes advantage of the Aegia PhysX physics card. With this, you get some pretty nice physics in the game, although it has little to no impact on game play at all. Nevertheless, it is a nice little visual touch to have.

The biggest downfall of Infernal is that it has no multiplayer. Once you finish the game (I completed in roughly seven hours), there is nothing to call you back. So once you’re done, you’re done.

Overall, Infernal has potential. However, the poor A.I., crashes, and repetitive game play holds Infernal from being a great game.

Infernal is rated M (Mature) by the ESRB for Blood, Language, and Violence.

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  • o14v

    I just bought infernal, and it ran perfectly well on my machine… i liked it very much. and there is not only run n gunning in infernal, there are puzzles, and it deserves a 3 or 4\5, not a 2.

  • Matthew Valdez

    I understand there were puzzles. But they were mindless puzzles. I’m sticking with what I said, as for it running perfectly on your machine, I don’t know what to say. Mind be incompatibility with some hardware I have. I’m glad you liked it though.

  • I’m pretty interested. Where is it possible to download or buy this infernal game?

  • demonarundo

    how to end this damm game
    I got stucked in the last scene