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PC Game Review: Glow Worm

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I love puzzle games – they’re a great way of keeping the gray matter active without exhausting you mentally (like, say, reading Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake will). When you want to play a fun computer game but something a cut above the old shoot ‘em up, you might like to consider the following product in question.

Enter Glow Worm, a game that is suitable for all ages and all minds. The concept is simple, but faultless – you’re a glow worm and you need to solve an almost never-ending array of puzzles to save your fellow captured glow worm pals. They’re counting on you for their freedom, so don’t let them down! There are three paths you can choose in order to save them – Classic, Puzzle, and Adventure.

'Classic' is screen after screen of obstacles, which you must get through to proceed to the next level. You cannot save your progress when you choose this path – it merely continues 'til you are no longer able to progress forward, or have to quit the game. I tried as hard as I could to save all the worms in one sitting and this is definitely something I do not recommend doing – especially as there are 48 worms in total to save. You are told how many are left in multiples of four, as an incentive to continue, but remember to take regular breaks if you really want to pursue this mode of play.

The 'Adventure' mode was probably my favourite: it’s very similar to the Classic mode, except that your progress is able to be saved. Again, you are ‘updated’ as to how many more glow worms you have to save when you have rescued four of them. The update screen is pretty cute – it has these little worms in steel-bar cages that then fly out of them to show you how many you’ve freed.

Lastly, we have the 'Puzzle' mode, which doesn’t at all resemble the Classic or Adventure modes. Firstly, you can choose in what order you complete Puzzle screens, to a certain level. Once you have solved all the puzzles in a particular stage, then more Puzzle screens become available to you, as if ‘unlocked’. Your score for each Puzzle screen is recorded and some of them have a theme. I actually got stuck on a few of the last ones, but refused to give up! It’s very addictive; you've been warned!

So what does one have to do to solve a puzzle, or free a glow worm? Each screen is made up of squares, and some of these have bushes. You are then given worms to arrange according to their colour so when you get four of them arranged adjacently, they disappear, and if placed next to bushes, they make the bush explode and thus clear that part of the screen. The bush is an example of one such obstacle; there are several others and you will be told which one(s) you need to get rid of to progress to the next screen.

You also have a Glow Worm instructor who tells you the rules as you go along, or gives you tips and general encouragement. It might seem a bit silly for the older players, but children will find his character very appealing. I haven’t since played it again after completing it due to lack of time, but I enjoyed this game immensely and probably spent more grown-up time playing it than I should have. If anything, this is proof that this release from TriSynergy comes highly recommended.

Glow Worm is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB

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  • Sounds like a cool game. I wonder if my 10-year old son might enjoy it. Hell, even if he doesn’t, I might have to get it for myself.