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PC Game Review: ‘Dishonored’ DLC: ‘Knife of Dunwall’

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Knife of Dunwall is the second DLC issued for Dishonored. As seems to the be the trend right now, and a good one for sure, new DLC offerings are more similar to the expansion packs of old rather than throheader_292x136w-away game extenders. And in a move that is being copied by another big franchise, Bioshock: Infinite, this DLC is in fact part one of two.

What you do in ‘Knife of Dunwall’ can, if you want, be carried over to the next and final DLC for Dishonored that is coming out next week. The new DLC will continue the tale of Doud the Assassin as he tries to purge his soul (or not) after the killing of the Empress in the main game.

Doud’s character is the most intriguing one of the original game after Corvo (the main character), aAnd to be able to play a character with a storyline parallel to Corvo’s is quite entertaining. In fact some of the announcements along the way speak about various events in the main game.

While the gameplay is similar to the main game, there are some tweaks reflecting the character you are playing. It can be quite the jarring experience going from a fully fleshed out (to your gameplay style) Corvo to a more bare-bones Doud. I made the mistake of playing this DLC back-to-back with the main title so the first mission in Blade was a bit of a jarring experience.

As with Corvo, you can play this guy as a murderous thug or as a more subtle assassin who kills only when needed. Personally, I take great pride in having a low chaos ranking and when I manage to get through a level with no kills.

It is almost needless to say, but if you like the main game then this DLC is very much a must buy. Be warned that I had a few technical glitches with the game. One was frustrating because it caused the game to crash as I finished a level. Fortunately, I had a save not far before the end to fall back on, but it could have been rather frustrating.

In short Knife of Dunwall lives up the reputation of the game on which it is based. I would highly recommend you pick this up and play before getting the new DLC next week. Oh yes, and if you haven’t gotten the main game, this is a stand-alone that can give you an inexpensive taste of the world of Dishonored.

Dishonored is rated M (Mature) by the ESRB for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language. This game can also be found on: PS3 & Xbox 360.

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