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PC Game Review: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Missing Link DLC

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution has had its first “proper” DLC released (the other two are merely weapons/items packs consisting of things that were only available as pre-order bonuses depending on where you bought the game; more on that in another review).

Disappointingly, especially considering the $15 price, it’s not one of the rumored “missing” city hubs, but a single mission. The mission explains what happened to Adam while he was a stowaway in a cryo-pod on a ship in the middle of the proper game.

Bizarrely, while it requires the initial game to own, it in fact is a separate game with a separate icon on the desktop and log-in. It is in fact not part of the full game at all, and actions in the DLC do not affect the larger game.

As one might imagine, this is the “take everything away from the player and make them go find it” mission. While DX:HR had a boss-fight which did the same thing if you made a particular choice, this is a the real thing.

Consequently the situation drastically alters your game style and makes it very hard to be the uber-super-soldier hard-ass that you can play in the proper game. Stealth and finesse are required to survive long enough to get your gear.

That said, getting your stuff only plays a part of this DLC. Once you get it you need to sneak off the ship, go exploring and then escape the complex once more.

It does offer a chance to try a different combination of augs, weapons and accessories than you run in the full game. I made it far harder on myself with my choices and would have done it differently were I to repeat the DLC.

One caveat might be that if you are prone to sea/motion sickness you might want to avoid this DLC. Eidos have managed to accurately depict a ship rolling in rough seas better than any game I have ever played. If you run without music the sounds of the sea, the wind and rain really give you the right vibe.

Once you are in the base, things are drier and there is no need to view the rolling sea. In open areas there can be a bit of lag and the last major battle managed to hard crash the game. But that just might be because I had been playing the game for quite a while.

If you play “I must find everything possible” this game can take up to six hours; however, power-gamers can probably get through in considerably less time. Unlike the original game there is probably less attraction to replay the level. If you desperately need another fix of DX then this might be a good idea. Those merely curious might want to wait for a Steam sale to pick it up at less than full price.

A solid release which is fun and leaves you wanting more, let down by its high price.

(Also available on XBox and PS3.)

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