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PC Game Review: Death Rally

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At the outset of this review I have to confess to owning Death Rally on iOS and enjoying it greatly. However, the question is whether the PC port is worth paying 10 times as much for. Well, it is one of the better ports out there. It is not just made to run on the PC, but actually has features (such as graphics settings) you would expect on a PC game. Additionally, the ability to adjust how you follow your car is a good alteration. You can either spin to always facing forward or you can play it from a static position.

For those who have never played the game, it is a simplified videogame version of Car Wars. You get a variety of cars and level them up by getting parts, winning races, and killing other cars. You level up/unlock weapons as well as you progress. There is always a great variety of tracks to choose from and you can avoid ones you hate.

There is a storyline to Death Rally, but you can ignore it if you wish. What is a nice touch–and also not in the iOS version–is an occasional offer from a sinister figure in the game to sabotage one of your opponents for a share of your prize money. This can really help at the beginning… if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty.

There is online play too, though I never managed to find a race. You can offer a chance to race others at random or you can set up private races with your friends.

As stated above, the ultimate question is if it is worth it.  If you have the mobile version and played it to the end, then maybe this isn’t necessary. However if you haven’t played the other versions and want a good casual race game to play then by all means pick this up.

Death Rally is rated T (Teen) by the ESRB. This game is also for Mobile Phone.

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