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PC Game Review: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the long awaited latest iteration of Valve’s hugely popular Counter Strike hard-core first person shooter multi-player game. It updates the graphics and adds more guns, modes, and maps. So if you got the original CS or CS: Source is this worth buying?

Well it depends on what you want from a game and how much of a CS addict you are. If all you ever played is a lot of CS and its variants, then this might be a good up-grade for you.

For the rest of us, the $15 price-tag might be just a bit much for what you get. When it works properly and you are in a good match it is great — fairly quick flowing combat that is matched by very few other games at all.

Unfortunately CS:GO is let down by a few things some of which are within Valve’s power to fix, others not so much. First of all the CS community is not exactly the friendliest to noobs and can sometimes be downright nasty. Because there is no way to mute people, you may just find yourself under a constant tirade of vicious abuse if you aren’t good enough or learning quickly enough. For me, it was so bad in several cases I had to put headphones on lest I offend the ladies of the house. Having to use headphones or not have any sound on at all to avoid this abuse is unacceptable in a modern FPS.

CS:GO has no form of match-making so quite often you end up against uber-players and/or teams that just slaughter everyone else. This makes for a tedious game that is neither fun nor rewarding. The only solution is to leave the game and find another one.  Several maps lag quite a bit and the lack of maps/small size of them in “arms race” mode gets old quickly. And as you would expect with a multi-player game you will encounter hackers in a fair number of games.

Overall this a case of caveat emptor.  Personally, I can’t really see the point of upgrading if you have CS: Source except maybe in a Steam sale.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is rated T (Teen) by the ESRB for Blood and Intense Violence. This game can also be found on Xbox 360 & PS3.

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  • poor effort

    First off, CS has been around for yeeears….like a long time. I’m 27 and I first played it aged 17 on the pc. CS was the undisputed daddy of hardcore fps, looong before the mindless, frantic, repetitive cock-knocking that cod introduced. Rage aside, my point is that with a franchise that’s so embedded into game history and culture, like quake, doom or theme park, its inevitable that this title will attract a certain type of player. Those with a bit of skill, those who’ve played their fair share of capture the flag…

    I have yet to download this from the eu psn store, there is a delay ( WHICH WAS NOT mentioned in the review… ps3 does have a reasonable share y’know, so this is news) plus I’m away at work for the week and must wait.
    It seems to me that this funboy reviewer had no idea what he was getting into, he got served, dint know how to use a mute function, then took his rage towards the way he was ousted by his team out on this review. This review contains no useful info despite a bit of lag concern…which if Tiscali are to be believed is your fault with your own brand Tesco internet connection.

    This is not a review. more the ramblings of someone who didn’t know their product prior to review, who failed at using it, then called it the worlds fault. scraping the barrel for search engine clicks by jumping on some pop culture topic does not make you an expert or even close to a reliable source of info.

  • Please do some fucking research next time

    Two paragraphs of actual review and one is complaining about not being able to mute, which can be done in two ways. Either by selecting the person on the scoreboard and pressing delete. Or switching voice chat off entirely in the options.