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PC Game Review: Clan of Champions

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Clan of Champions doesn’t exactly impress from the get-go. First off, there is no way to reconfigure your keys. If you are left-handed, you are out of luck, unless you enjoy cross handed game play. Altering the video and sound options doesn’t exist either. This is clearly a poorly done console port.

Graphically, it isn’t horrible nor is it impressive. The game is not exactly a looker by any means but it isn’t terribly clunky.

In terms of gameplay, Clan is a tedious in all its functions. Whether it is your equipment or your loot, everything is organized in the most difficult way possible, again probably due to its console past.

The game is based on a series of maps as you progress through the storyline. The maps are basically a hall, a bridge, a wide open space, and one with a fountain in the middle. Each map has two parts with a corridor leading up to the main part and a transition in the middle.

A thin storyline that exists to give an excuse for another map, it is a typical overcoming a world in chaos thing with your quest being, ultimately, to become “Champion.”   There are basically three or four setting templates, no matter how they are labeled with different types of monsters. The combat is tedious button-pushing that has no meat or satisfaction to it. There is a multiplayer element as well, but it adds little to the tedium that is the game.

There is truly nothing what so ever to recommend about this game. It embodies the half-assed PC ports that PC gamers have come to loath.   And, they are charging $40 for this loathsome game as well. Avoid like the plague and save your money for something decent.

Clan of Champions is rated M (Mature) by the ESRB for Blood, Violence.

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