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PC Game Review: ‘Akaneiro: Demon Hunters’

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There’s a great deal wrong with Akaneiro: Demon Hunters and with how it is being introduced to the public. I’m not quite sure what American McGee is trying to do with this release, but it is not very encouraging. It was funded by a Kickstarter campaign, which may or may not account for some of the odder aspects of this game. Sometimes community-funded projects suffer from too much input from users.

The game is going to be a free-to-play instance-based MMO of sorts. The graphics are cartoony and Japanese in style with a Red Riding Hood vibe to them, two aspects that should make this quite a bit of fun to play. An anime-style grim action RPG, you say – what is not to like?

But first things first: This game looks lovely, at least at first. The style of it is gorgeous and enchanting. It is as aesthetically pleasing as some of its competition like City of Steam and Path of Exile. You really want to like this game. But sadly it is very hard to like much else besides its style.

Now on to the less than satisfactory elements. First you have the fact you have to pay for “early access” to the beta on Steam, but on their website it is free. I am reviewing the Steam-based game, not the “free” version. According to Steam this game was released in the middle of last month, so why I am treating it as a game “for sale?”

The game-play problems are varied and numerous. You can’t adjust the camera at all so there are times when the camera finds itself behind an object and you can’t see what is going on with your character. The combat is uninspired and intensely monotonous. You will need to do the same levels over and over again at the different skill levels (ranging from easy to very hard) to go on to the higher-level areas. The crafting system is a simplistic joke that almost seems an afterthought and is completely unoriginal.

While it is fun to summon a companion to help you along, if they die they disappear. You are not able to get them to carry things (a la Torchlight) if your limited pouch fills up. One more thing: as it is all instance-based, if you don’t finish the area for some reason, like real life intervening or a major bug, you get no experience or money at all. You get to keep the stuff in your pack but not any of the experience. This is incredibly annoying since you have to grind so much in this game to get anywhere. And by the way, the difficulty levels do nothing but make the mobs more hit-spongy. Harder ability levels offer nothing new in form of mobs, tactics needed, or drops.

There is no easy way to submit a bug. When you press the “Submit Bug” button after pressing escape it takes you to a Steam page without an easy link to reporting a bug. And the options menu is pathetic, lacking all but the most basic of controls: no video options, no camera adjustments, no rebinding of keys or anything else you would expect from a PC game.

This game is absolute rubbish, the Redneck Rampage of ARPGs. This is a case of style over any substance. Why would you spend $10 on this game rather than play one of the many free-to-play action RPGs that are actually good?

GameXYZ is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB for Content Descriptors. This game can also be found on: GBA, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360 and Mobile Phone.

Only on PC.

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