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PC Game Preview: Anomaly 2

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As you might imagine from the name, this is a sequel to Anomaly: Warzone Earth. It is a tower defense game where you are the attacker (sometimes referred to as a reverse tower defense game). Here specifically, you are a character who provides support to the units through various abilities like repair and distractions.

Therein lies some of the problems with this game or at least in the build I played (not the final release version). The controls on the PC seem clunky. It is pretty obvious that the game would be much more fun and responsive if it was played with a touchscreen. I suspect it will be tweaked more before release. They will also have to tweak the difficulty settings as even on the easiest setting, some of the levels in this preview are damn near impossible.

The latest update to the series is morphing units. Each unit has two modes that add a second dimension to the gameplay. Whether or not this aspect is good or not is matter of opinion. Dialogue is about what you would expect from this sort of game, nothing special and trying at times.

Graphically it is pretty good, though there are times when the buildings get in the way of seeing your units moving along their route. The route planning mode itself is quite interesting and allows you to adjust on the fly.

In addition to the Android and iOS versions, there will be versions of this game for PC, Mac, and Linux. If you are into tower defense or liked the first entry in the franchise, this new title is coming soon to a device near you.  It will be interesting to see what it is like on final release.

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