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PC Game News: ‘Dungeons and Dragons: Neverwinter’

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On June 20, 2013 the latest addition to the Dungeons and Dragons PC game franchise will officially be released.  It is named Dungeons and Dragons: Neverwinter, and has marked a departure from traditional PC titles of this genre.  This is because Neverwinter incorporates the Dungeons and Dragons 4e rules, but does not require lengthy manuals or third party tools to understand.  This makes it easy for anyone to play, giving it a broad appeal while keeping enough core content and adherence to rules and lore to win the hearts of more traditional players.

Dungeons and Dragons, Neverwinter

The coveted Nightmare Steed can only be won or traded for.

The game was developed by Cryptic Studios, published by Perfect World Entertainment, and is 100% free to play.  Unlike many other titles that are billed as free to play, Neverwinter truly is free.  Anyone can download the game and immediately access 100% of the content and game features at no cost.  This is because the game is sustained through micro transaction purchases, which are generally limited to cosmetic items, mounts, and player companions.  Some of these items are exclusive to paying customers, but most rare items can also be found through playing, crafted in game, or received via trade.

While Neverwinter offers something for everyone in terms of game play, what really sets the title apart is the Foundry.  This is a tool that lets players create their own content, using the same components a developer would use.  Once created, players can then share their content for others to play, where it is rated and commented on by the community.  Because of this, Neverwinter is truly limitless in terms of game play, with a number of player created stories and quests rivaling the core game content.

The game is off to a great start so far, with regular updates throughout the open beta addressing player concerns, the ability to name your character pretty much anything you want, a tool to access much of the game offline, and the first official expansion already scheduled for release.  Neverwinter is a great addition to the Dungeons and Dragons PC franchise, and offers a wide range of options to suit different players and play styles.  Best of all, it is priced to meet any budget.  If you’re interested, the game can be downloaded from the official site.

All images are owned by Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment.

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