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PC Game Beta Review: ‘Titanfall’

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Like many punters, I spent some TitanFall_CE_BeautyShot_Vert_FLASHING_new_0_0of the last weekend in a “beta” of a new AAA title called Titanfall. There has been so much hype around about this title that I confess to a heavy level of skepticism that it could live up to even half of what it has promised.  It has to be said that while this is just a glimpse into a $60 full-price game, what we have been allowed to see is impressive.

From the beta, which is more like a demo than anything, we have been offered a hint of what will exist in this ambitious title. The beta of Titanfall gives something that AAA first person shooters have not managed to put out for quite a while — it is easily accessible fun without bullshit and frivolity. It is pretty damn hard not to having a cracking load of fun about 90 seconds after firing up the game.

Gone is the feeling of grind to get anywhere near being able to handle the matches you are in. You can, with some competence, hold your own very quickly even with the new found titans. The devs seems to want to make this game as newbie-friendly as any FPS has been for a very long time. Now there are some who will argue that this aspect will mean that it will not hold one’s interest for as long as others, but there is enough new here to keep things going, from the wall jumping to the mech fighting.

Additionally, unlike another big FPS launch of late, like Battlefield 3, I managed to find only one bug during my entire playthrough. Considering the cluster****s of late when it comes to AAA launches, that is quite impressive. Titanfall seems to have addressed all the complaints about recent entries of these sort of games. While it might not be revolutionary, it certainly is transitional in a way that will give the genre the kick up the backside it needs.

I am not sure merely based on the beta whether you need to rush out and pre-purchase considering the angst about that sort of move these days. However, if you are at all interested in FPS and have been rather disappointed in the last five years or so, this just could be the game to get you back in the game(s). I can’t wait to get back into a titan and start marauding around the battlefield, crushing my opponents.

Ultimately Titanfall has achieved the one thing all good games are meant to achieve — It is damn good fun.

editor’s note:  we will not be assigning a star score to the title as long as it remains in beta.

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