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PBS’ AIDS Documentary Online

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The amount of content available online has shot up recently. More network and cable channels are rebroadcasting their shows on the Internet, either simultaneously or soon after their television versions air. This means there is a lot of different and varied content, some more serious than others. Now, PBS is reboadcasting their new AIDS documentary through a free stream.

PBS has teamed up with Microsoft in making this stream available to the public. The two-part documentary "The Age of AIDS" airs on PBS’ Frontline. The full documentary can be viewed from the Frontline website. The documentary examines the history of AIDS and its global spread, and features interviews with those scientists and activists fighting it.

Filmed around the world in 19 countries, "The Age of AIDS" features interviews with major players in the battle against HIV/AIDS: scientists, including Dr. Jim Curran of Emory University and formerly with the Centers for Disease Control, and Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute for Allergic and Infectious Diseases; political figures, including former President Bill Clinton, U2 front man and AIDS activist Bono, and evangelist Franklin Graham; and innovative activists, including Cleve Jones, creator of the AIDS Quilt; Noerine Kaleeba, founder of Africa's first AIDS support organization; and Mechai Viravaidya, "the condom king" of Thailand.

The site not only offers the stream but provides interactive resources pertaining to the program. These include a timeline, scientific facts, and in-depth information about the people featured. This could be a great source of education for anyone interested in learning more about AIDS.

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