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Paul Rodgers to front Queen on tour

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CMU is reporting that Queen and Paul Rodgers are going to tour together.

Brian May has confirmed rumours that Queen are planning a reunion tour with

former Free / Bad Company front-man Paul Rodgers taking as lead singer.

Writing on his official website May told fans: “It really all came about because of the Fender 50th Anniversary gig that I did with Paul Rodgers. We were both so amazed at the chemistry that was going on in All Right Now, that suddenly it seems blindingly obvious that there was something happening here. Barring accidents, Queen and Paul Rodgers will be on the road, pretty much for sure, around April 2005″…

I am betting that tickets for these gigs will sell-out damn fast, so get yours right away.

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  • Eric Olsen

    very interesting news, thanks Marty! What an odd pairing: Paul and Freddy sound about exactly nothing alike

  • geezuz! this is almost as weird as finding out about the pairing of elvis costello and diana krall.

  • Eric Olsen

    Paul and Freddy won’t be living together, however

  • JR

    Since the power trio behind Freddie Mercury tended toward sounding like Cream on those early Queen albums, I can see how this could work. They certainly shouldn’t call it Queen, but a Paul Rodgers version of “Dragon Attack” or “Tie Your Mother Down” or even “Get Down Make Love” wouldn’t be a big stretch.

  • I dunno about this one, I mean, it doesn’t sound like it would work real well. Is Rodgers going to be SINGING?
    He has a great voice and all but not anything like Freddy.

  • Its been obvious for a while that Queen want to tour. They have been feeling out several other singers like Robbie Williams.

    I have to say the awesome Paul Rodgers will be a heck alot easier on the ears that hearing someone like Robbie butcher the songs. The fact that you will get Free/Bad Co and PR’s solo stuff as well is a bonus.

  • too bad there’s so much bad karma with george michael….because he’s the one.


  • All of the comments seem to add up to what I believe – there isn’t another Freddy.

    Paul Rodgers has the vocal chops but nothing approaching the showmanship that so many of Queen’s classics demand.

    I think the George Michael suggestion is an intriguing one, but George Michael really is a ballad and R&B/Dance singer…I really can’t see him tackling the more overt Rock material.

    Personally…I wish the remaining Queen members would move on with a different project with a different name. Freddy was an integral part of Queen…he was THE queen…and can’t be replaced.

  • I can’t say I am even remotely excited about this. Sadly, it seems Paul Rodgers has fallen to become simply a characiture of his swinging 70s self. He doesn’t treat the Bad Company catalogue with reverence these days. His live versions sound like tacky vegas lounge singer covers. This saddens me because I love Bad Company.

    As for the queen aspect of this, I would advise the band to let sleeping dogs lie.

  • Shark


    Jeez, aren’t they dead?

    Shouldn’t they be touring with Lynard Skynard?

    Man, when greed meets nostalgia, anything is possible.

    Have some integrity:

    Boycott this dead horse.

  • Eric Olsen

    my main concern with this from a fidelity standpoint is that I can’t imagine Rodgers throwing himself fully into the “mincier” elements of the Queen ouevre, as would be required

  • but George Michael really is a ballad and R&B/Dance singer…I really can’t see him tackling the more overt Rock material.

    the only reason i suggested this is that i remember seeing him on that Freddy Mercury tribute many years back….and was very surprised to see how well he handled the material. tunes like “Somebody To Love” are all over the place and he was right there with ’em.

  • Eric Olsen

    and he rocked pretty well on “Faith”

    I think George would be a much better fit than Rodgers but he is all serious and adult these days – I don’t think he wants to be seen as “flamboyant” either

  • Heh, one might expect Queen to concentrate more on the more rocker/metal side of their repetoire. I rather doubt they will do some uber-camp like “i’m going slight mad’ or ‘Crazy Think Called Love’. He certainly has the pipes for ‘We will Rock You’ et al.

  • SFC Ski

    Damn, sHark, is there anything that doesn’t piss you off these days?

  • Damn, sHark, is there anything that doesn’t piss you off these days?

    anna kournikova.


  • This idea is about as good as Ian Astbury filling in for Jim Morrison on a ‘Doors’ reunion tour.

  • This idea is about as good as Ian Astbury filling in for Jim Morrison on a ‘Doors’ reunion tour.

  • Shark

    re: PFC SKI: “Damn, sHark, is there anything that doesn’t piss you off these days?”

    Babe, I never get pissed off. I just point out the underlying Canons of Life when viewed through the distorted lens of my inner Peter Finch:

    “…when greed meets nostalgia, anything is possible.”

    You can quote me, mano.

    And yer welcome.

  • Shark

    Saleski, re: anna kournikova —

    Hey, at this point in life, if it’s carbon-based and got legs…

  • Figures a shark would be a leg man

  • anything (well .. ) that gets Queen songs back out there is a good thing. Rodgers can hit the high notes – and he’s English (right?) so he’ll like dressing up in women’s clothing or camping it up a bit.

  • Kari

    i can’t think of anybody in this whole world besides paul rodgers who has the vocal talents to even consider filling freddy’s shoes george michaels may be a queen but he is no queen you go paul

  • Marc Katz

    An Open Letter To Brian May & Roger Taylor

    “The Show Must” Not “Go On”!
    (as presently lined up)

    Dear Brian & Roger,

    I have been a FAN of your music for the last 27 years!! I was very fortunate to see QUEEN live in the late 70’s & early 80’s as well as “The Brian May Band” in 1993.

    I love your music. It has helped me get through my personal journey in life as well as uplift my spirits to play music myself & to carry on. You are the Greatest!!

    When I first heard of the plans for a tour with Paul Rodgers, I was ecstatic! As my hunger to see you live again is ravaging (I amongst others – In the STATES).

    After seeing & listening to the QUEEN – On Fire 1982 tour, it brought back found memories because I saw the show at Madison Square Garden during the late Summer of 1982.

    Excellent show, as always. However, it struck me extremely deeply that Freddie (especially during this performance) was undoubtedly as irreplaceable as John Lennon was to the Beatles. Including many other deceased mega-legends.

    One question that has always puzzled me is that both of you (Roger & Brian) are accomplished lead singers in your own right. This is no secret to anyone.

    In closing, I would greatly appreciate it if you would reconsider a new QUEEN line up of:

    Roger Taylor (lead vocals, percussion), Brian May (lead vocals, the Red Special), John Deacon (our “illustrious” bass player) and Spike Edney on Piano & Keys.
    {Please John}. (Even Tim Staffell would be an ideal addition)?

    Please know that I admire Paul Rodgers very much; as I do other lead singers, but if I may say, without Freddie, it may be a tad emotional.


    1) The Rock band QUEEN was founded by Brian May & Roger Taylor from the ashes of “SMILE”. Listen to the record!!
    2) Approximately 63% of all QUEEN material was written by Brian, Roger & John.
    3) Roger & Brian are LEAD VOCALISTS.
    4) QUEEN is a Rock Band, not one person!
    In closing please accept my letter as just an opinion from an emotional & one of a Billion or so
    QUEEN admires.

    Thank you for reading.
    Be Well,

    Marc Katz
    Richmond, Maine U.S.A.

  • I heard Paul Rogers do the intro to BR once before, and it gave the song a great feeling, much like Paul Mcartney when he did HELP at half tempo on the solo tour in 88

  • joan

    Well, if they wanted to call queen, then take a young singer, a fantastic one, with a great voice, sexy and glamorous, if not.. call it queen and friends.

  • Lol

    What an unbelievable chance to see in one night a great band playing their back catalogue of anthems and the greatest rock singer/songwriter responsible for Free/ Bad company & Blues material

    All you doubters have gone nuts!

    Give ‘old’ Paul a chance – I went with some “who’s Paul rodgers” guys to the Strat gig at Wembley, they are all now chasing down Paul’s back catalogue.

    You lucky peopl. Moan when you’ve seen it and not enjoyed, not before.


  • GregfromBoston

    Blasphemy! Note Deacon wants no part of it

  • flickersboy

    Freddie Mercury was a great – unique -showman/frontman, but is forever to be remembered as a part – albeit the main part – of Queen; anything he did (musically)without them bordered on the ordinary.

    By contrast Paul Rodgers is regarded as one of rocks best ever – possibly THE BEST EVER – voices, and a far better vocalist than Freddie Mercury could have ever hoped to be. He has been superb in everything he has touched – rock, R & B, blues – from Free to the re-incarnation of Bad Company, his vocal talents seem to improve with age.

    It appears that the tour will be billed as Queen and Paul Rodgers, as opposed to Queen featuring Paul Rodgers, and the feast on offer will be Queen, Free and Bad Company music. Interesting as Brian May et al. need Paul Rodgers far more than he needs them.

  • I do hope they play at least one London gig, preferably not in a large venue, because I am sure it will be a cracking gig. Paul Rodgers is indeed one of the best voices in rock.

  • I think Rob Halford from Judas Priest would be a better fit. He can certainly sing, hit the high notes and why not let the old queen play a queen for once.

  • Nolan Martin

    In Regards to this so called Queen reuinion. It might work and it might not. First of all, let me say that Brian May is a heck of a guitarist, so to hear him live would be cool. However, Freddie Mercury is irreplacable. I’ve been listening to the Queen: Live at Wembley Stadium cd for the last day or two. I have to argue with flickserboy, Freddie had a great voice! When he clowns around with the audience right before Under Pressure when he’s vocalizing and having the audience sing with him, just shows he had great range. Paul Rodgers is an average vocalist, Freddie was Queen.

  • vaughn

    I think they should have gotten a young, energetic singer for certain. Musicians only get better with age, until they get super old and lose their cordination and get arthritis. However, I have never known of a singer that is better in old age than in youth. I think they should have found some young upstart that could actually pull it off. Hell even in 86 at Wembley you can tell Freddie couldn’t even hang with his own singing. he was only 30 somthing or 40 somthing. Rodgers will not have a chance at nailing the vocals. He couldn’t have done it at his peak, let alone now. They could have found someone that was young and on fire who could actually pull of Freddie, hell even the singer from the Darkness would have probably been able to do a better job that Paul Rodgers.

  • flickersboy

    Re Nolan’s blog – I never said that FM wasn’t a good singer only that anything he did without Queen was at best ordinary. I have seen (and enjoyed)Queen live on numerous occasions, including their first headline tour which introduced the Sheer Heart Attack album (their third), when the support band Hustler blew them off the stage.Freddie;s showmanship was second to none, but vocally he was a poor second on that night.

    Re Vaughn’s blog – Paul Rodgers is the finished article, a real rock singer, and nobody’s stand in. If Brian May wanted somebody to be a substitute Freddie, then any tribute band singer would do. Don’t forget that George Michael also did a good job with Queen a few years ago too.

  • james

    in regards to freddie not being able to sing as well when he got older, that is rubbish, at the wembly concert he had a throat infection and the concert was almost cancelled, now listen to that concert baring that fact in mind. if you listen to the later albums just before he died ie; innuendo album freddies power and range had never been better as his voice wasnt over worked through touring his voice was better than it had ever been.

  • anja

    listen to the sound bits in their home page,
    nothing comes close to freedie,
    long live the king = Queen

  • Freddie is and was one of kind……BUT……Paul Rodgers is a legend.

    I’ve seen them both live and Paul Rodgers is is on a different plane to Freddie. Freddie made up for it with showmanship but he wasnt actually a great singer……but Paul Rodger………that man can sing!! His voice also suites the music better than Freddie. Just listen to the Return of the Champions. Enuf sed!

    And as for George Micheal singing……LMFAO……fronting a rock band……..GET A GRIP!

  • tronnek

    Hello all, had to put my two penneth in, as reguards to the comment that pr is a better vocalist than freddie –well i am a pro singer and lets just say that fred never took 35 mins off during a gig and never had in ear monitering and that the queen of today are more of a musical than a full on rock band FM would have wiped the floor with pr .I have covered both and while the PR material is tricky some of FMs is downright impossible. Everything in context, folks , freddie was better

  • Dawy85

    Well wot tronnek said is true, FM was bye far 1 of the greatest vocalists of all time,
    i dont realy think ive heard many people be able to sing hes songs in the range he could, and jakk you say freddie couldnt realy sing, are you mentaly ill or jus dumb have you heard his reange on great pretender or his low operatic material on a night at the opera, u dnt even deserve to listen to queen i recomend you throw them in the bin cos ur dumb,
    On the other hand i will say out of FIve, robbie williams and other artists Paul rodgers has done a better job, i do actually think in his own way he does sound quite good in return of the champions hes voice is good and very different from FM,s and he dont have to drop god knows how many keys to perform a song, hes added a diffrent kind of rock voice that is good and and different and still far more unique then most rock bands at the moment,
    but remeber 1 thing there was only 1 freddie and hes voice and style was unmachable, imagine how hes voice would probbaly changed throught the years to the present date just like hes voice changed from the 70,s and 80,s
    ive was always ashamed at some of the stuff queen did with people like five and robbie williams i thought they ruined perfect songs, and i know people will hit me for this but remember 1 thing, there was once a band called Smile, and 2 of its members were rodger taylor and brian may,
    but then to new people came along freddie and john, now freddie invent the band name queen and alos created queen,s logo . Queen was 4 members freddie mercury, john decan, brian may and rdger taylor,
    when freddie died john refused to play saying hes part of queen died with freddie, now this leaves only 2 members left brian and rodger, the 2 members of smile
    i think with john leaving and the death of fm thy should of let queen be rememberd as an almost fault less band and carryd on as smile, because after his death queen have made some mistakes and covers that wouldnt of happend if fm was alive, i do praise them for carrying on and performing with with PR as lead but for me this isnt queen its just smile with a lead singer.

  • dawy85

    and btw i know some fool is gunna pull me over spelling mistakes, well its not a spellin compation and yes i wouldnt win if it was but i do know music and i just wanted to express my opinion

  • HEY fliskerbitch i was just surfing the web and seen your stupid blog. how dare you even compare Mr. Freddie Mercury to old paul rogers freddie is legendary there is not a soul that compete with him vocally

    sorry didnt mean to put you in your place dipshit

    SHOOT UP!!!

  • sorrry marty for the cursing i like this website man its nice

  • D.C.

    I can’t understand those who say that Freddie’s voice was miles away from Paul’s. Freddie has the best and most powerful voice EVER in rock history. Paul Rodgers is light-years away. His vocal range is far shorter than Freddie’s. His voice is much weaker. Return of the Champions proves that – he can’t do half of what Freddie did. Enough said about it.

    As for the “new” band – I think it’s a new band -well, maybe they should consider on changing the name. Because it’ll get a LOT worse than it was during Queen’s heyday