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Paul Revere on a Motorcycle: Daren Gardner Rides to Rally for the United States Constitution

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Last week I had an email from the Denver Capitol Permit Secretary.  She told me that a man named Daren Gardner was organizing a rally at the Colorado state capitol on September 12 and needed a local person to take charge of the event.  I emailed Daren and told him I would be happy to help, and through a series of emails and phone calls, was put in charge of the Denver rally.

Daren is planning to ride his motorcycle to all of the state capitols in the continental US over the next two and a half months and rally the people to stand up for and defend the Constitution.  He has titled his efforts the Constitution Ride Across America: Returning to America’s Greatness.

Last september I organized the Denver 9/12 tea party and, because it was a few days before Constitution Day, decided to make the Constitution the focus of our event.  Before the party started at 7pm, I played the 68-minute recording of the Constitution read by Debra Jean Dean followed by the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.

As our group of activists made plans for five hours of tea partying, I was not sure if anyone would show up early to listen to these sacred documents, but I was determined that they be read, aloud, and set the tone for the rest of the evening.  Imagine my surprise when I arrived at 5pm to set up to find a group of 50 people standing in the rain waiting to hear the founding documents read aloud. ABC affiliate 7News in Denver sent a photojournalist to create a slideshow of the tea party.

Although we only had a couple hundred people attend the party and our numbers were limited by the weather, the absolute thrill I experienced as those patriots stood in the cold and the rain was a powerful testimonial to me of how some of my fellow Coloradans felt about the founding documents.

Daren Gardner is a small business owner who feels similarly about the founding documents. He feels so passionately about upholding and defending the Constitution he will travel 13,000 miles on his motorcycle to rally the people to stand up and defend the rule of law and the contract between We the People and our representatives.  Daren told me that many bikers have expressed an interest in riding with him.  If you are interested in biking with Daren on the trail, please see his web site for more information about where he will be on any given day from August 15 to October 30.

On Friday, July 30 I was able to interview Daren for an hour on BlogTalk Radio. You can listen to the program here:

If you are interested in attending one of Daren Gardner’s Rallies for the Constitution, please refer to the ride calendar.

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