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Pattern Recognition – William Gibson

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Kate Sherrod in Blogcritics:

    It is science fiction only in its slight extension of what is possible with current digital technology, and that will annoy some purist Gibson fans, but if it wins Gibson a Hugo or Nebula Award, I, for one, will not mind a bit … Even those of you who think they hate science fiction will find something to love in this book.

Chad Orzel in Blogcritics: “Ultimately, the book is more successful in atmospheric terms than more conventional matters of plot. Gibson’s world has a wonderful feel to it, and the writing really sucked me in, but in the end, I’m not convinced the plot really hangs together. But oh, what a wonderful job he does with the atmosphere…”

Cory Doctorow in Mindjack: “It takes a very special eye to summon hindsight in respect of the events of the present, and this is Gibson’s forté. Pattern Recognition may not be altogether accurate, but it is oh, so true>.”

Houston Chronicle: “Pattern Recognition is easily Gibson’s best book since Virtual Light.”

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