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Pattern of Arrogance Seen in Hurricane Katrina Response

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About the Hurricane Katrina disaster, we can add this to the growing list of shortcomings by the U.S. Government in response to catastrophes.

In the last 65 years, every major tragedy in the U.S. has caught the American people unawares. The list includes the Pearl Harbor bombing and the September 11 terrorist attack. I don’t know why, but it tells us that lack of foresight is a persistent weakness in U.S. policies.

I suspect it is arrogance. The US government generally believes that because of its nation’s wealth and power, the country is invincible. Its members think terrible things only happen to other countries, but that notion is always proven wrong, first by war, then by terrorists, and recently by nature.

If you carefully study the history in the incidents I mentioned, prior to the current calamity you will notice this pattern. Furthermore, the pattern also shows that the government overcompensates in response.

As a result, I assume they would now pour substantial amount of time and money to prevent this from happening again as the pattern dictates. Don’t be surprised, and expect their government to declare a “War on Nature” this time. (Andrei)

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  • Webbster

    To sum up your post in a nutshell: The goverment didn’t see the other events coming*, so couldn’t react. But they did see Katrina and chose to do nothing.

    *Well… you could argue the point that they were warned but chose to ignore that too.

  • Bliffle

    Maybe they don’t care.

  • As I said… Arrogance

  • Emily Jones

    ur awesome. :]

  • carlos rodrigaz montoya delarosa eztevez

    hey man i like ur site.
    very off the heezy.