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Patriot Act used to investigate and convict couple in child pornography case

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In his remarks to Congress, Attorney General John Ashcroft detailed how the Patriot Act was used to investigate a child pornography case.

In his testimony Ashcroft said (excerpt of the entire remarks):

The Patriot Act has also allowed us to go after violent criminals who would harm the innocent. In Kentucky, law enforcement used section 210 of the Patriot Act to investigate an individual linked to several sexual assaults of children at public libraries and local parks. Just before the individual in question became the primary suspect in the case, he attempted to rape and abduct a six-year-old girl at a playground in Boone County, Kentucky.

Investigators used section 210 to obtain key information from an Internet service provider. Within 20 minutes of receipt of the subpoena, the investigators obtained the information that allowed them to get a search warrant of the suspect’s residence. Without that information, it is unlikely that investigators could have obtained a search warrant for the house.

Evidence located in the house proved essential in the arrest of the suspect and his wife within 24 hours. The couple was charged and prosecuted for 100-counts of receipt and possession of child pornography (Source).

The case described above led to the conviction and sentencing of Terry and Jane Adkins. Terry Adkins, 26, was sentenced to 75 years in prison. Jane Adkins, 34, was sentenced to 30 years (Source).

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