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Patience – George Michael

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Patience is only George Michael’s fifth studio album. His first since Songs From the Last Century (does anyone actually remember that CD) released in 1999, and his first album of new material in eight years. That amazes me. It was worth the wait, Patience is quite good.

Despite the inclusion of “Freeek!” and “Shoot the Dog,” previously released sub par singles, it’s the typical mix of ballads and danceable tracks. His cover of The Ones’ “Flawless,” was included especially for his gay fans will be a surefire club hit.

The strongest songs are “Cars and Trains” (celebrating being sexually naughty), “My Mother Had a Brother” (a tribute to his late gay uncle), “Precious Box” (infectious and a great showcase for his voice), and John & Elvis are Dead (despite the Jesus Christ line).

The other songs aren’t chopped liver. “Amazing” is a complete throw back to the 1980’s when George was at the peak of his popularity. The song keeps growing on me after each listen. “American Angel” which seems to be a tribute to his lover, is quite pretty.

The CD is probably his most personal, and kudos to George for not caring if we have to like what he’s saying or not. It’s a really a catchy, moving, beautiful album.

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