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Path to a Healthy Prostate

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I have tried to practice healthy living all my life. Lately it has become more urgent as I add to my senior citizen years. The processes that brought changes to my body actually started long before I graduated to senior citizen. The processes that changed my body were hidden from me until I experienced the consequences. Today, we know a lot more about steps that seniors can take to balance our bodies against the unbalancing processes that accompany aging.

Men over forty years of age typically experience problems with their urinary system due to one of the unbalancing processes. The usual culprit is a prostate gland that starts growing and interfering with the free flow of urine. The problem can start when a man is still in his forties or it can show up later in his fifties. The prostate gland can become enlarged due to either a benign process or cancer of the prostate.

In the case of cancer, a man needs to seek medical assistance as rapidly as possible. Prostate cancers span the spectrum from fast-growing ones to slow-growing ones. The slow-growing ones are often treated by a process known as watchful waiting. The fast-growing prostate cancers demand serious medical treatment. These treatments include radiation, thermal and surgical methods that eliminate the cancerous cells.

For men whose prostate is enlarged, but not cancerous, a variety of remedies are now available. Shrinking the enlarged prostate is the object of the remedies. Medical doctors can prescribe drugs that are designed to block the processes that cause the prostate to grow and enlarge. Medical doctors who practice alternative medicine favor herbal remedies that aim to prevent the prostate from growing. The philosophy of the alternative approach emphasizes prevention of the problem. In the past, the mainline medical approach has emphasized fixing the problem after it is detected.

Currently, both approaches are trending toward what I would characterize as a systems approach. Taking drugs or herbal remedies and supplements provides one leg of a three-legged stool. The other two legs include eating healthy foods and getting regular exercise. In my case, I am currently working with both types of medical doctors. My role has evolved into the position of a systems integrator. Together my doctors and I have teamed up to succeed in keeping this senior citizen very healthy.

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  • Thanks for a post on an important subject to men.

    My father-in-law had prostate cancer and it stopped him from urinating. We had to rush him to the hospital.

    I know that the exams are uncomfortable, but the alternative is worse.