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Pat Robertson Remains an Idiot

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I know it seems trivial given the scale of the tragedy in Haiti, but Pat Robertson’s remarks about the causes of the earthquake on The 700 Club yesterday are really so remarkably idiotic that I can’t let them go without commenting.
In a repeat of the twisted logic which caused Robertson to blame hurricane Katrina on Ellen DeGeneres hosting the Emmy awards and his earlier statements that the attacks of 9/11 were God’s vengeance on homosexuals, Robertson declared that Haiti was hit with this devastating earthquake and has previously suffered years of oppression and poverty primarily because of a pact the Haitian people made with the devil over 300 years ago.

After making his bizarre remarks and receiving criticism in the media for sounding like an absolute lunatic, later in the day Robertson’s staff issued a statement; not apologizing as one would expect, but rather outlining the details of his Deus Irae theory of earthquakes:

“On today’s The 700 Club, during a segment about the devastation, suffering and humanitarian effort that is needed in Haiti, Dr. Robertson also spoke about Haiti’s history. His comments were based on the widely-discussed 1791 slave rebellion led by Boukman Dutty at Bois Caiman, where the slaves allegedly made a famous pact with the devil in exchange for victory over the French. This history, combined with the horrible state of the country, has led countless scholars and religious figures over the centuries to believe the country is cursed.”

Presumably those scholars teach at Bob Jones University, Oral Roberts University or Liberty Baptist College in their respective departments of Eschatology, Theurgy and Creation Science.
The scary thing is that there are people who actually listen to Pat Robertson and take what he says seriously. Even with his long history of bizarre statements and repeated claims that the apocalypse is just around the corner, millions watch his show and presumably share his delusion. Many of them even voted for him in the Republican primary a few years ago.
Perhaps we ought to establish a new kind of literacy test for voting. If you take Pat Robertson seriously then you are too crazy or too stupid to be allowed to vote. Why not just turn off The 700 Club and instead of sending money to televangelists, send it to the Red Cross to actually help the people of Haiti. I know you might miss the first American witch trials in 300 years or perhaps a live exorcism, but your mind and your soul will be better for it.

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About Dave Nalle

Dave Nalle is Executive Director of the Texas Liberty Foundation, Chairman of the Center for Foreign and Defense Policy, South Central Regional Director for the Republican Liberty Caucus and an advisory board member at the Coalition to Reduce Spending. He was Texas State Director for the Gary Johnson Presidential campaign, an adviser to the Ted Cruz senatorial campaign, Communications Director for the Travis County Republican Party and National Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus. He has also consulted on many political campaigns, specializing in messaging. Before focusing on political activism, he owned or was a partner in several businesses in the publishing industry and taught college-level history for 20 years.
  • Dave, I saw this too. Pat is a disgrace to humanity and gives us Christians a bad name. And as a student of the bible and one who observes and analyzes those who teach in the name of Jesus, it is unfortunate that there are way too many of these false teachers out there. God help us.

    And may God help Haiti in this most devastating time. I have wept over and over as I watch the heartbreaking, chilling coverage of what is going on over there.

  • Zedd

    Thanks Dave.

    There was no pact with the devil.

    There was a slave who was brought over from Jamaica (I believe the story goes) who started the revolt that lead to the liberation of the Africans in Haiti. This man, who happened to be charismatic and quite a physical force in his appearance, along with a priestess (if I remember correctly) directly from Africa gave an animal sacrifice, praying that they and their people be delivered from slavery, is how the story goes.

    As interesting as the story is, what does that have to do with anything????

    Roger, our discussion about humanness is most applicable in this situation.

  • Zedd

    BTW his theology is way off. We believe that salvation is an individual experience. A country can not sin. We believe that for all have sinned and that no sin is worse than another. I’m not sure if the priestess sinned those billions of years ago, (it doesn’t sound like it), but her transgressions cant be passed down to everyone within that specific geographical parameter. This is all silly. Why am I going on. The more I type the more ridiculous I feel :o)

  • Adele Livingston

    If Pat Robertson’s sponsors don’t drop him
    they are as guilty as he is.

  • As I pointed out elsewhere, Robertson’s story, if valid, was worth considering. If the doddering fool can’t get his facts straight, then it’s trash and nothing more. Apparently, he can’t get his facts straight. If he indeed does have his facts straight and some evil force was invoked in the animal sacrifice Zedd speaks of, it is scary indeed.

    I don’t worry about this doddering old fool’s theology. Any idiot who believes in three gods at once while pretending to believe in one does not have my respect. Full stop.

  • Jack

    What If he is Right? What does the Bible say about Devil Worship? If people know the Bible like they say they do, then they will know that God, can destory as well as love.

  • doug m

    If God was concerned about the Haitians, he wouldn’t have allowed the quake in the first place. Praying to God for help at this point doesn’t seem much different than Robertson’s way of thinking.

  • Not gonna watch it, but I hope he said “…but with an earthquake borne of the devil comes a tsunami of holy water.”

  • Baronius

    Let me see if I’ve got this right. He’s saying that Haiti made a pact with the devil, and they deserve the earthquake, and this is his pitch for relief money? How does he think that’s going to work? People aren’t going to kick in a few extra dollars to help out the cursed country.

    What he’s saying isn’t Christian, anyway. This stuff about ancient curses sounds more like voodoo, ironically. And Haiti is 95% Christian, the same as the Dominican Republic which God likes so much. The earthquake should have hit Cuba, if God is running with the percentages.

  • Jack

    People read your Bibles, Read the Story about Korah, Read the story about Sodom and Gomorrah, read the story (Ex13:15)that the LORD slew all the firstborn in the land of Egypt.

    God is God, he is the same as yesterday, today and forever more. He is God he changes not.

  • Edwin

    Pat Robertson is an ignorant racist bigot, himself a devil masquerading as a messenger of God! He is as extreme and fundamentalist to Christianity as Osama is to Islam. I will NEVER again watch 700 Club! And yes, it is better to send money to the Red Cross for the aid of the needy in Haiti than to send it to Pat Robertson and all those like him, who use the money to promote the devil’s work in the name of God!

  • zingzing

    jack: “People read your Bibles, Read the Story about Korah, Read the story about Sodom and Gomorrah, read the story (Ex13:15)that the LORD slew all the firstborn in the land of Egypt.

    God is God, he is the same as yesterday, today and forever more. He is God he changes not.”

    ahh, a murdering prick.

  • Arch Conservative

    I know I’m supposed to be the reliable right wing nutjob, along with Nalle and very few others on this site………….

    but Robertson is a world class douche. He is only eclipsed in his douchehood by the honorable Fred Phelps.

  • So, Arch, you’re an equal-opportunity douche-diagnoser. Phelps is a Democrat. 🙂

  • Greg Barbrick

    I second that emotion Arch, I simply could not believe what I was hearing when Robertson made those statements.

    Thanks Dave for reminding me of his ridiculous Katrina sentiments also. This kind of stuff would be hilarious if nobody took him seriously. But as you mentioned, some do, enough to have even voted for him.

    What a moron!

  • Arch, as the days go by I honestly think I could fall in love with you. And for that Pat Robertson and his ilk would have me stoned to death in the town square of Kampala. But back to Reverend Robertson…

    There has to come a point in time where even the most adherent Christians have to stand up and put this man on notice. Pat Robertson is the epitome of evil in its human form. He incites hatred, bigotry, homophobia, and murder by proxy all in the name of Jesus Christ. While Jesus urges us “not to cast the first stone” I cannot sit idly by and watch this imitation of a devout man spew his venom any longer. Any politician in office today thanks to Robertson must be put on notice. Every poor disenfranchised person in this nation who clings to the hope of eternal life through the conduit provided by the 700 Club must wake from their slumber. The 700 Club, Pat Robertson and all those associated with it are the handmaidens of Lucifer. They are the agents of corporate pigs like Rupert Murdoch who prey on our fears and insecurities. They are so determined to take control of your lives that they will stop at nothing to achieve that which they believe is their Divine call.

    As an adult survivor of child sexual abuse, I can say without any doubt in my heart or malice of forethought that Pat Robertson most probably is a victim of the same. The difference between this “Man of God” and me is I learned how to forgive and move on. Pat Robertson knows nothing of forgiveness nor does he even understand the words which Christ spoke on the Mount. Should I live long enough to see Mr. Robertson pass from this human existence, I will pray that God dispense His Mercies upon Mr. Robertson as he has imposed his mercies upon the least among us.

    Jack, you can refer to Scripture all you want in your misguided anti-Christian homage to Robertson. But be forewarned. The harshest Divine retribution is for those of us who judged first without asking why. And in making my case, I refer you to Deuteronomy 13:1-5 —
    If a prophet, or one who foretells by dreams, appears among you and announces to you a miraculous sign or wonder,
    and if the sign or wonder of which he has spoken takes place, and he says, “Let us follow other gods” (gods you have not known) “and let us worship them,”
    you must not listen to the words of that prophet or dreamer. The LORD your God is testing you to find out whether you love him with all your heart and with all your soul.
    It is the LORD your God you must follow, and him you must revere. Keep his commands and obey him; serve him and hold fast to him.
    That prophet or dreamer must be put to death, because he preached rebellion against the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt and redeemed you from the land of slavery; he has tried to turn you from the way the LORD your God commanded you to follow. You must purge the evil from among you.

    If the Lord indeed dwells within my heart then I am confident in saying that Pat Robertson is the False Prophet because Pat Robertson’s “God” is the Almighty Dollar which he disguises with the Blood of Christ.

  • Alejandro

    Who cares what this snake handling mouth breather has to say about anything? Can we finally stop giving any weight to the comments of these flat earther morons with completely made up credentials? Having a PhD in theology is akin to having a PhD in the series the teachings of Arthur Fonzarelli, except Fonzi is cool and fair and just…and like 1,000,000,000 times more plausible. Jesus Christ!

  • Phelps is a Democrat. 🙂

    Well, that caused me to take reach for the nitroglycerin (and I don’t mean the explosive kind).

  • I am surprised he did not invoke God instead of the devil. Only evil men focus on the devil.

    This quake was pure geology waiting to happen. They got the big one in the form of a strike-slip fault. Haiti is an outlier in terms of the Ring of Fire but had this huge fault line running under it. But if you build with concrete what do you get when an earthquake hits? The devil was in the details Pat. Concrete kills when it hits you.

    The other detail: NOTHING manmade will ever be as powerful as what nature makes. The tsunami was like more nuclear bombs than on earth and this quake = 32 small atomic bombs. So the tsunami was more powerful by a long shot.

  • jeanne

    Pat robertson is no idiot. He is a man who hears what the Spirit is saying to the church and if I were you I think I would seriously get the wax out of your ears!!!!

  • Well I wonder how the new Governor of Virginia is doing after accepting $100,000 in political contributions from Pat Robertson? As Mr. Robertson and the Amway, I mean 700 Club collect donations to help the “salvageable” in Haiti, I wonder how much out of every contributed dollar will make its way to Port au Prince? Or will poor, hard working, God fearing Christians even care that their donations are financing the Devil’s work?

  • Pat’s not an idiot he’s wrong. Millions of people worship the devil. I don’t see a pact any different from worship.

    That is no big deal. But Haitians also practice voodoo which is a big deal. They may have incurred enough karma. But hell how do you fight mother nature? You can’t.

    I think the country if messed up because black people run its government into the ground and steal like thugs. That will make any country self destruct. Now America is an expert in that field. Only we have more to steal and a further way to fall.

  • Pat robertson is no idiot.

    You’re right, oh faithful one! Pat Robertson is no fool! He condones slavery and oppression. He steals money from the faithful to fund his excesses and private works. Why I would even venture to guess that the diamond you may be wearing on your finger was mined in a Robertson operation. ’tis not the wax that stops me from hearing that which is the truth, my dear. Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened. And when all else fails, shut off the 700 Club and seek the Spirit for yourself in the air you breathe, the beautiful landscape you see and in the faces of those you love. God is all around you, He exists not in a cathode ray tube.

  • Diane

    What a menace this old, crazy fart is. Every time there is some horrible disaster he points his finger at some ridiculous ‘reason’ why this happened. What’s the ‘reason’ for him being on this earth…’cuz THAT is a disaster!

  • Dave,

    This is a great article and a necessary one too!

    I hope the Pat reads it.

    If I don’t change the channel after the morning news then I end up listening to the 700 Club; one day, while cleaning my kitchen, I noticed a ticker at the bottom of the screen. That show pulls in a massive amount of money daily!

    it’s about time people knew what they were buying!

    A safe way to give to the rescue and relief effort in Haiti is to TXT Haiti to 90999. Ten dollars will be billed to the next cell phone bill. the money will go directly to the Red Cross.

  • Walt555

    Why in God’s name does any Black person watch this show. He is a total disgrace to humanity. If there is a God, he will call this idiot straight to Hell.

  • I wonder any of the millions of his followers will dump him, or continue to follow.

  • Pat robertson is no idiot. He is a man who hears what the Spirit is saying to the church

    So he hears voices and is a schizophrenic? That would explain a lot.


  • And they shall speak in tongues…

    And if his name be Robertson it shall be forked.

    #27 The sheep will continue to follow him for they know not what they do. They are mere sheep, destined to follow the proverbial Leader to that crossroads. And in the end they shall see fire and brimstone.

  • #20

    Voodoo ?

    How dare any human being profess to know the mind of GOD…

    And remember that Jesus was a Socialist!

  • Ditto Dave 🙂

    I found some common ground…

  • jeanne

    I was not referring to “voices” I was referring to “The Voice of God’s Holy Spirit” If you read the last book of the Bible you maybe will understand a little better what I am referring too. That may explain alot too.

  • jeanne

    If you are going to talk about God, you need to study more about who He is. And what His Word says. We are encouraged to know the Mind of Christ, which is the Mind of God spoken by God’s Holy Spirit.

  • Jeffersonian

    Notably Reverend Robertson says Haiti’s pact with the devil was made while under the rule of Napolean III.

    Fact:Haiti’s revolt from France began in 1801 and ended with independence in 1804.
    Napolean III was not born until ……1808.

    The devil is in the details……

  • Baronius

    Well, I made my donation to Catholic Relief Services, which has a longtime presence in Haiti. It’s Christian, but without that Pat Robertson un-Christian aftertaste.

  • mrdockellis

    Honestly, didn’t know this guy was still around.

    I defer to Paul Simon on this one:

    “Still crazy after all these years”

  • Florence

    If Pat Robertson was not that devil him self, how the hell would he know this. Unless he was there.

  • And they do a great job, Baronius. I made my donation via TXT message. A little less personal but just as satisfactory. At least with Catholic Relief you KNOW the money will get to its destination as opposed to the 700 Club where the cash goes to Robertson and his political cronies like John Ensign, Jim DeMint and Rick Sanctimonius-torum.

  • Irene Wagner

    I speak to the “double n non-brown jeanne of #33” (Is it possible for THREE people to be diametrically opposed?)

    Yes, checking the Scripture is always a good idea. I looked at Luke 13, where disciples asked Jesus if the people whom the tower of Siloam fell on were worse sinners than everyone else. Jesus said, “No.” There ya have it.

    Everyone, saint and sinner dies. Even in a mass tragedy like this one, everyone dies his own death, one at a time. The living are the ones who need our love and support right now and the best conversations are the ones where we provoke one another to do that.

    Well Dave Nalle, the man’s definitely a loose cannon. His “why don’t we assassinate Hugo Chavez” suggestion was offensive to fewer people than this latest gaffe, but was much more dangerous.

  • Baronius

    I’ve got to put up this link again, to an article at National Review Online which explains how Robertson’s thinking departs from Christianity.

  • Irene Wagner

    There is them as would suggest that NRO has made a few detours itself from time to time, Baronius! But that was a great article.

    To give Pat Robertson a perhaps undeserved benefit of the doubt, though…he isn’t the first to give a less than satisfactory response to the “how could a good God allow such evil” question.

    Malcolm Muggeridge (quoted in the NRO link) did a good job, and CS Lewis, also referenced, let us watch him bleed and pray at the same time in “Surprised by Joy.” Weep with those who weep, but don’t despair with those who despair.

  • Sam Dreessen

    This is such a disgusting comment. Not just because of Robertson’s cruel insensitivity to the suffering of the Haitian people, which is not surprising(he has virtually none for other Americans, particularly gays and Muslims). It’s also terrible because of his blatant misrepresentation of a historical event that is tragically almost entirely unknown by the general American public, the Haitian Revolution of 1791-1803, the only successful slave revolt in recorded history. It’s brilliant leader, Toussaint L’ Ouverture, was a devout Catholic and actually opposed to vodoo. The victory of the black slave rebels over Napoleon’s armies was one of the greatest blows for freedom in human history. It led to France being the first European country to abolish slavery, and it led to the banning of the Atlantic slave trade a few years later, saving millions of lives. It even indirectly led to the end of slavery in the United States-Napoleon’s decision to sell Louisiana to Thomas Jefferson was because of the loss of his colony in Haiti. The subsequent western expansion led to conflict between North and South over which territories would be free or slave states, and precipitated the civil war decades later.

    It is easy to see why Robertson would say such a crude, ignorant,(and racist) thing. He comes from a tradition of white American Protestantism that endorsed slavery, lynching, and segregation for years-his friend Jerry Falwell famously said: ‘Civil rights? More like civil wrongs!’ It is easy for him to think that branding, torturing, raping, murdering and exploiting millions of blacks is not a sin, but rebelling is.

  • jeanne

    #39 Irene…would you please explain what double n non brown refers to?

  • jeanne

    And could someone please show me where Pat endorses slavery and lynching???

  • Sam, white American protestants also funded and worked in the abolitionist movement. It’s not the race or the protestantism which is the problem, it’s something twisted in Robertson himself.


  • Irene Wagner

    Jeanne, there are three Jeannes commenting on BC right now. I think I meant…you. 🙂

  • Irene Wagner

    One of the Jeannes has a last name of Browne…and you spell it j-e-a-double n -e.

  • Irene Wagner

    Endorsing slavery and lynching? No that wouldn’t be Pat.
    Twisted? Hey, you try sticking your foot in YOUR mouth over and over again. It’s not easy.

  • jeanne

    Okay got cha!!! I also read Luke 13. After the “no” BUT unless you repent (change your mind for the better and heartily amend for ways, with abhorrence of your past sins), you will all likewise perish and be lost eternally. Jesus said no sinner was any worse than any other sinner, but He also said there was a need for all sinners to repent. I believe God loves all people, you, me , Dave and even Pat!! But He hates it when His ancient foe blinds our eyes to The Truth. Lets all humble our self, seek His face, turn from our wicked ways and ask Him to Heal our Land and the Land of Haiti.

  • jeanne

    I probably Do stick my foot in my mouth often!! Don’t we all? I think anyone who is highly opinionated is capable of that…

  • Irene Wagner

    Yes, we’re all in the same boat, jeanne–the third 😉

    Grace and Mercy, for all of us, especially MOST especially for those crying out alone under rubble. Legions of angels to comfort, Lord, send them. Amen.

    Well, jeanne, I think there may be some people coming by to leave you some “bait” to rise to. Don’t let ’em get to you. Good night, and God bless!

  • Bubba

    Is it reasonable to believe that god made the tectonic plates shift to punish them for their devil worship?

    No. Why? Because that type of god would not be the kind of god one should worship.

    Oh what the heck he just pushed me over the edge im gonna leave my church and be and atheist from now on,,,,, if there was a god he would not let nutters speak for him.

  • Disgusted Of Tunbridge Wells

    I can’t believe nutcases like Robertson and Phelps even get any airtime these days, or that anjyone even listens. Only in America, I guess.

    Maybe that’s the one area where the 1st amendment falls down.

    In doing it, they’re using up waaay too much oxygen that could better be used by others who might actually have something useful to say in this case, and regurgitating nothing but hot air that has the foul stink of judgement attached to it.

    Mr Robertson (and Mr Phelps too) needs to go back and read his bible, especially the simple messages spelled out in red (the Jesus quotes), and even more especially, the bits about unconditional love, compassion and not judging others.

  • Somehow, ladies and gentlemen, the few stupid words of an arrogant and hateful man seem to have overshadowed the worst tragedy in the western hemisphere in the new century. That is not his fault – that is your fault – and your doing. You are the ones paying attention.

    Wisdom indicates that one lift one eyes heavenward and ponder what evil may have brought this terrible event on the people of Haiti – but the ones doing this should be the Haitians themselves, not outsiders who are not standing on unstable ground that may literally swallow them up.

    WE need to remember that we are ALL subject to the same sudden and disastrous events (like sudden and terrible windstorms or cyclones, hurricanes, etc) and that these events may also be the Wrath of Heaven – or not. And THAT is the reason we need to ponder.

    As Jeannie Dana points out, few men can KNOW the will of G-d (with a few exceptions, like Moses or Buddha who understood rules that would make them holy), so we cannot state with any certainty at all. We can infer, we can guess, we can analyze. But to claim to KNOW is arrogance. This comes from a man who has guessed and inferred that Hurricane Katrina was indeed a Sign from the Almighty (though not the one claimed at by the rich tele-novela star, Robertson) and from a man who has opined that the terrible Tsunami on Boxer Day was “an Opinion registered by the Almighty”.

    But as strongly as I might feel these things, I cannot know them for sure. G-d has not seen fit to Grace me with His Presence as He did Moses, and no matter what Robertson claims on TV, I’m more than reasonably sure that G-d has not Graced him with His Presence either.

  • Jordan Richardson

    if there was a god he would not let nutters speak for him.

    Any god that exists that doesn’t “let” people speak for themselves is not worth worshiping. I don’t know about you, but any spiritual movement I’d consider adhering to had better include free will as a part of its essential precepts.

  • endcorruption

    I wonder if jackass PRobertson took into account that the reason Haiti is no longer self sustainable as a country is because they clear cut their land selling lumber to the US at pennies on the dollar while Duvalier and his son were running the country in return for our goverment turning our heads at their corruption and atrocities against their own people.

  • Arch Conservative

    Hey Silas…..I think because I often voice my opposition to the way abortion is performed in our nation that I got the reputation of being some whcko fundamentalist Christian.

    NOthing could be further from the truth though. My conscience tells me abortion is wrong….not some preacher or organized religion.

    I was raised Catholic but cannot stand the formality, ceremony and rigidity of the Catholic church so I turned my crucifix and holster a long time ago.

    While I tend to hold more traditional views in line with those who actually are devout Christians, it irritates me just as much as any atheist to see some bible thumper getting in another person’s face screaming how they’re going to hell or how god hates fags.

    Christianity is supposed to be about forgiveness and, even when acknowledging sin, recognizing all as god’s children and I don’t think people like Pat Robertson and Fred Phelps come anywhere near to living up to this ideal.

  • Paul

    Makes sense if you are a Christian – which is why I am not.

  • #32 & #33,

    Please stop the preaching..and put you’re money where you’re mouth is ..as the saying goes.

    Give the people of Haiti you’re money, you’re blood, or you’re time.

  • Irine #46,

    Yes, I am also confused!!

    maybe I should change my name to
    “The Bitchy Housewife!”


  • Arch, #57,

    Good comment! 🙂

  • Some of us are able to send money to aid the victims of this terrible tragedy. For some of us, the paltry sum of $27 (100 shekels) is difficult to manage without. I am, unfortunately, in that category. I can only praise those who can send money or some other kind of aid to the victims and pray for their welfare (both the senders and the receivers) – and, as I mentioned above, ponder how such events of nature may or may not be the Wrath of Heaven.

  • alan

    Hey I noticed that Operation Blessing is in there helping Haiti right now, so… If Pat is actually doing something and helping those people I think he can say what ever he wants about Haiti, and if you are not, then SHUT UP!

    I also noticed you didn’t print that he also said it may be a blessing in disguise.

  • Ruvy,

    STM gave a good suggestion this morning..give blood.

    I am going to call them before I leave.

    Whether you are a Liberal, Conservative , Democrat or Tea, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Atheist, blood is blood.

  • Please don’t post raw URLs in threads…

    And giving money does not give Pat Robertson, or anyone, the right to say such IGNORANT WORDS.

  • Can’t give blood, Jeannie. There is too much medicine in my blood to give anyone. My blood would kill anyone – even a vampire!

    Shabbat Shalom!


  • Glenn Contrarian

    Ruvy –

    You and I are both quite religious – you are Jewish and I a member of the Church of Christ – and we both see the rank error of trinitarian thought. After all, Baal was also part of a trinity.

    I agree with your comments in #54 that God will do as He wills, and that Haitians should themselves be pondering why. However, we as Americans still have the duty to act as tradition demands. In an earlier time, this tradition would have been referred to as noblesse oblige.

    And Pat Robertson? What he doesn’t understand is that God is real, that God doesn’t look kindly upon false preachers, and that God sees what Pat Robertson does. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be Pat Robertson on Judgment Day.

  • Chris

    Can’t be an act related to God unless God is more idiotic than Robertson. What kind of fool would punish people who weren’t involved for an imaginary crime 200 years after it supposedly occurred? If you worship such a deity, be forewarned, you’re the one in a pact with the devil.

  • Sam Dreessen

    Dave Nalle post #45:

    Point of clarification-Note that I said ‘a TRADITION of white American Protestantism’. I am not implicating all white protestants, just the tradition that Robertson is coming from.

  • Jeannie @ #64:

    I’m not allowed to give blood, unfortunately. I used to regularly when I lived back home in Britain, but unfortunately the Central California Blood Center is convinced that I have mad cow disease and refuses to let me anywhere near its needles.

    Ruvy, prayer may help but if you cannot donate yourself you can encourage others to do so.

  • If Pat is actually doing something and helping those people I think he can say what ever he wants about Haiti

    Alan, how would you regard a person who donated $100,000 to a homeless shelter and thought that gave him the right to go around calling the homeless lazy malingering bums?

  • Heloise writes:

    “I think the country if messed up because black people run its government into the ground and steal like thugs. That will make any country self destruct. Now America is an expert in that field. Only we have more to steal and a further way to fall.

    Ummm…let me make sure I’m reading you correctly, before I start. You’re saying that it’s not God’s fault, or the Devil, but the BLACK MAN that’s the problem?

    How are you any more sensible than Pat Robertson?

    If you truly believe that, then there’s no amount of historical documentation I could post here about the Western exploitation of Haiti (and non-Whites in general) that could persuade you to think otherwise. The fact that you seemingly extrapolate this to America and it’s election of President Obama is not surprising either.

    But I’m going to give you the opportunity to clarify your statements. From my time here, I’ve noticed that most people don’t want to come off sound like White Supremacists

    So perhaps you misspoke….



  • zingzing

    cobra, she’s african american. and jfk. yes, that makes sense.

  • Dan

    “What kind of fool would punish people who weren’t involved for an imaginary crime 200 years after it supposedly occurred?”—Chris #68

    Humans do it all the time. Often calling it “social justice”.

    In the Bible and throughout other religous historical documents the descendents of wrong doers are often “cursed”.

    Pat Robertsons speculation wouldn’t be a departure from traditional religous notions of God’s wrath.

  • Ruvy,

    I called the local Red Cross and they where not open. Then, I went grocery shopping and not one store asked for single penny to send over. So, I went to the nearest VA Post and found the same level of apathy. Now, I am back home and reading some of the crass, acrid statements that can be made fools.

    Some of the comments made above this one come through loud and clear..KKK

    that wasn’t a stutter

  • The best way to give to the people of Haiti:

    TXT the Word Haiti to 90999, Ten dollars (all of it!) will go to the Red Cross Relief Effort and you will see the charge on the next phone bill.

  • cannonshop

    I’ll second Arch on this, “Robertson’s a Douche.” he’s also rather excellent proof that a PhD in Theology doesn’t make one a better Christian.

  • 73 – zingzing
    Jan 15, 2010 at 10:04 am
    cobra, she’s african american. and jfk. yes, that makes sense.

    Even worse. That makes what she said a self-hating statement. Heloise is telling every potential employer not to hire her because she’s thuggish, can’t run anything and is prone to steal you blind…all because she’s Black?

    But according to her bio, somebody DID hire her, and made this BLACK WOMAN responsible for running a classroom and teaching students? Perhaps Heloise should be grateful that her employers apparently don’t share her views against elevating Blacks to positions of authority.


  • zingzing

    yeah, well, she’s a strange one. don’t want to put words in her mouth, but it may be that you’re misunderstanding her intentions… shrug.

  • zingzing

    yay! now limbaugh jumps into the fray with his own nonsense. what an ignorant fool.

  • heloise

    Cobra U make lol. Heloise keeps me in stitches too with her racist comments. She has been banned from 3 sites in 10 yrs! Usually only the experts agree w/ her. She’s totally prescient when speaking from pure intuition.

    But I was speaking of peer relations. Blacks R not = to whites and our prof cred is always in ? Do not help Haiti cuz it won’t help. Burn and raze it and move the “urban” dwellers elsewhere. Why put money down the sewer?

    I am back black bcz my karmic group this life is black.


  • #57 Arch – we’re agreeing more and more very day.

    And check out Massachusetts politics. Teddy rolled over so much they found his body in Beijing this morning.

  • The Obnoxious American

    Just wanted to comment here. Totally agree with Dave. Robertson’s comments are nothing short of astonishing. It’s quite sad really. I’m pretty sure any reasoned voices on the right are condemning this idiocy. Let’s hope that the left doesn’t try to cast this as a dem vs gop issue. It’s not. As the title clearly states, Robertson remains an idiot.

  • Dang. I still have three books from the Hints from Heloise series. They’re very useful. My Mom has had You Don’t Need a Man to Fix It for years. When my sister quipped about her husband being useless for a household chore, Mom handed her the book and told her to shut up. Ah wisdom!

    Speaking of Mom and getting back on topic, I remember many moons ago questioning Mom on why she was such a fan of Robert Schuller. She has all his books, faithfully watched his show from the Crystal Cathedral and even donated a few times. I thought it unusual since Mom is as devout a Roman Catholic as the Pope (maybe a bad analogy). Mom found no inconsistencies or problems with being able to practice the Roman Rite and follow Schuller. In the Church, she said, she can communicate with God, thank Him and receive the sacraments. From Schuller she learned all the reasons why she should go to Church and thank God for the life she’s been given. To Mom, Schuller’s message of hope is the conduit to her drive to worship and give praise. I wish I had my Mom’s faith.

  • OA, #85 – as you may note on another post there was a disparaging remark made about GW Bush where I retorted that no one has done more in the battle on AIDS in Africa than he. I agree, Robertson’s remarks are not a left-right issue. If anything I believe Roberston has finally crossed the line enough where his followers are starting to question. So if that’s what Robertson achieves, let him continue to babble.

  • There are fundamental differences between the Left and the Right as to exactly how big of an idiot he is. The Left says that he is a smug prideful git who should have been lobotomised at birth, whereas the Right holds that he is a bile-spewing fanatical waste of space with the intellectual capacity of a toadstool. Fundamental and intractable differences, as you can see.

  • Did you ever wonder to why Robertson refers to his followers as his flock? Why are Christian leaders referred to as shepherds? Has it ever dawned on anyone that sheep have to be one of the dumbest mammals on the planet? Is there a striking profundity here?

  • The Obnoxious American





  • Baronius

    Doc, as usual I’m willing to listen to the left-wing side of the argument, but I can’t find fault with the thinking on the right.

  • Irene Wagner

    Silas, you got me thinking. Sheep ARE pretty stupid! But they’re also gentle.

    “He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young.” (Isaiah 40)

    The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want, he maketh me to lie down in green pastures, he leadeth me beside the still waters…” (Psalm 23)

    And Isaiah 53 describes the Messiah AND his people as sheep. “He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows….surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows…he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. All we like SHEEP have gone astray, we have turned every one to his own way, but the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all. He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth; he is brought as a LAMB to the slaughter, and as a SHEEP before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth…

    I might not be proud of what Pat Robertson said, but I’m not ashamed of Jesus, or to be called his silly sheep!

  • You can’t? How about it’s unfair to toadstools?


  • 93 was for Baronius. Irene kind of cut in line there. 😉

  • Irene Wagner

    There’s something about that last sentence that doesn’t look right…..nor ashamed to be called…I’m neither ashamed of Jesus, nor to be called…

    I’m neither ashamed of Jesus nor of being called his silly sheep.

  • Irene Wagner

    I was too busy correcting myself to get offended at non sequiturs that weren’t non sequiturs, Dr. D! And I’m still not happy with the sentence.

  • OK, Irene, I’ll bite. I’ve always viewed Jesus as the Fisherman and thought of Christians as the fish caught by the net cast by the Disciples, most of whom were fishermen. Somehow I find fish to be startlingly more intelligent than sheep. I guess ’tis better to be a barracuda than a baaa-baaaa-cuda. Oh, God, somebody is bound to bring Sarah Palin into this one.

    P.S. Roger? I’ve left you plenty here to ponder. Catch all the plays on words? See the hidden messages? Have a great weekend, my friend of Polish descent.

  • Irene Wagner

    C’mon GRAMMAR MAVENS!!! It wouldn’t TECHNICALLY be a confession of faith if you were to help me out here.

  • Irene Wagner

    That’s a whole ‘nuther kettle of fish, Silas. Next time I see a sheep swimming round and round in a dang 30 cubic cm bowl, I’ll think of you, Silas.

  • Irene Wagner

    Not you PERSONALLY, Silas, but your fish are smarter than sheep declaration. Have a good weekend.

  • It would be better than watching the Tidy Bowl man, Irene! Imagine Sharri Lewis putting Lambchop in a pool of water! Would LambChop shrink?

  • zingzing

    you mean christians aren’t even HUMAN? my god. that would explain some things. like the odors.

  • Irene Wagner

    Silas, my mind has been enlarged through this conversation. Sort of. Tidy Bowl and Lambchop and cleansing metaphors…

  • Irene Wagner

    ….(I think you smell like Teen Spirit, ZingZing)…it’s like a metaphysical poem, Silas, being put together right HERE on Dave Nalle’s thread…

  • Hmm, Irene. I feel like a human marijuana cigarette — expanding your mind. Smoke on!

  • Irene Wagner

    ..but I’m going to settle for fixing the last sentence of #92 instead.

    “I am not ashamed to be called Jesus’ silly sheep.” Poifect.

  • And you have nothing to be ashamed of, Irene. You are a decent Christian who actually “gets” the core of Jesus’ message. You’re not afraid to celebrate your faith and maintain its integrity thereof without being judgmental of those who do not share the same faith.

    You, my friend, are not one of the sheep. You are a creature of the sea, the root of all life created from the firmament.

  • Baronius

    Yeah, sheep are stupid. A lot dumber than fish. There’s probably no animal with a worse sense of self-preservation than sheep. The Bible wasn’t exactly complimenting humans with that analogy. But when you see the average person’s incredible lack of foresight when it comes to making moral decisions, I guess we would look as dumb as sheep to a divine being.

    The one thing sheep do have is loyalty. A shepherd has to be really patient, but once they bond with him they’ll follow him anywhere.

  • Kaye

    This is suppose to be for comments…personal attacks are NOT allowed…If they are not allowed then why are there so many personal attacks being allowed? I don’t neccessary like the man, but I don’t throw stones.

  • Kaye are you talking about personal attacks on Oral, I mean, Pat Robertson? Seems to me Robertson’s “sheep” are actually beginning to realize that they are the hands feeding him. Pat Robertson reaps what he sows. He’s taken money from people with the noblest of intentions and has used it to fund operations including diamond mines in Africa. He’s supporting the wholesale slaughter of people based on sexual orientation.

    So, here’s my comment on Pat Robertson – he’s a gutless, soul-less, self-serving, maniacal Christian impostor. In my mind he is guilty of violating every “bait and switch” statute across this land — and should be taxed on every penny he’s swindled.

  • The one thing sheep do have is loyalty. A shepherd has to be really patient, but once they bond with him they’ll follow him anywhere.

    Very profound, Baronius. It reminds me that in the Christian case – Jesus is indeed the Good Shepherd. His subordinates are the ones who’ve screwed everything up.

  • Kaye

    You people talk like you know one another personally. Do ya?

  • Kaye

    OK, Silas, you sound like you know what’s going on a heck of a lot more than I do, so I’ll back out and keep my mouth shut!

  • Baronius

    Kaye, we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well on the boards. I mean, someone just disclosed his sexual abuse as a child upthread – how much more personal could this be? Newcomers are always welcome, though.

    You’re not the first newcomer to get confused about the “no personal attacks” policy with regard to articles. One of the BC managers should make a note of that in the policy.

  • Kaye, as one of the comments editors for Blogcritics I find myself having to explain this quite a lot, but here goes one more time. Personal attacks against people like Pat Robertson are fair game, because he’s a public figure. It’s just the same as bitching about the President, or your congressman, or Tom Cruise. What we don’t allow here are attacks and insults against other site users. I hope that clears things up for you.

    And most of us only know one another as pixels on a screen. But a number of us spend quite a bit of time here, so we are on first name (or first alias) terms.

  • Indeed, Doc Dread, some of my best friends are pixellated.

  • Kaye

    10/4 Gotcha!!! Public figure…fair game!!! Nice talking with yall. Gotta go.

  • Irene Wagner

    Which creature of the sea do you see yourself as, Silas?

    Pablo Neruda wrote a poem, la nina de madera, the figurehead of a ship, The Girl Made of Wood, who “…looked out, through her shipwrecked eyes. She knew we live in a distant net, of time and water and waves and noise and rain, without knowing if we exist, or if we are her dream.”

    You said words in 105 that were kind, Silas, but, I AM a sheep now, who at least knows some things for sure. The nina de madera is turning into a lamb, and the Fisherman was a Shepherd all along. 🙂

  • The nina de madera is turning into a lamb, and the Fisherman was a Shepherd all along. 🙂

    I have to say that’s beautiful, Irene. I like that. Insofar as which creature of the sea? I’d have to say a starfish. Every now and then a limb gets cut off but somehow it regenerates itself. That’s kind of the way my life has been. Each decade of my life, I’ve lost a metaphorical limb but it’s come back stronger and more beautiful. And once it all comes together and Nature calls me back to the place from which I came, I hope that some of that beauty will end up glittering as a star somewhere in this amazing Universe.

  • Sheep ARE pretty stupid! But they’re also gentle.

    And also delicious!

  • Irene Wagner

    Starfish, Cindy, and Silas.
    Who will find the starfish link for Silas first?

  • *Grabs Silas by the tentacle and tosses him back into the sea…*

    Hey!!! A starfish with only one tentacle. Must be a new breed.

    (I cannot believe I am saying this. Someone please stop me.)

  • Sorry ’bout that. I am laughing so hard my stomach hurts.

  • Irene Wagner

    Oh my gosh LOL. Silas….LOL….when you see the link youll know we aren’t laughig at you

  • The Star Thrower

    (Hiya Irene 🙂

  • Irene Wagner

    And with that, the discussion about Haiti has come full circle. See ya later guys.

  • Baronius

    My worry is that while we’re all talking about how incredibly stupid Robertson’s comments were, we’re losing sight of how incredibly *funny* they were. Really, can you imagine a weirder thing to say? And he follows it up with an offhand “true story”. And there’s this poor co-host who must be reeling, and she’s got to know that Pat Robertson just made her a YouTube star, and all she can do is nod. I saw another clip with Robertson saying that something good could come out of all this if Haiti rebuilds better (as if Haiti’s historical problems were all because they didn’t think of building decent structures), and the guy on the receiving end of that insight couldn’t contain himself. He pointed out that this earthquake really isn’t a blessing in disguise. Imagine having to point that out to someone.

  • The Devil

    I really hope God’s forgiveness thing isn’t really all talk, because man, whenever Pat kicks the bucket, I don’t want him down here.

    At least Fred Phelps has entertainment value, y’know?

  • Yipes. One tentacle! When Cindy comes out of her half of the clam shell, she reveals what a pearl she really is!

    May Pat Robertson be in Hell a half hour before God knows he’s dead. And may Fred Phelps be the warm up act.

  • Something good could come out of all this horror….we could all wake up!

    Please! text Haiti to 90999 and give just ten of you’re dollars to dig out, give medical care, and feed men, woman, and children now..they don’t have much time left…

  • Sheri

    Sadly we can not just discount what Robertson spews and call him an idiot, racist, hater, or whatever. There are many sheep out there who follow him and those like him. We are a country that is becoming more not less tolerant of those who are different than. As for the previous post (Jeannie Danna) make sure you when you donate you know where your dollars are going- donate to reputable organizations like the Red Cross.

  • Robertson’s not an idiot. He took a well established religion, rich with cash, and spun it off into his own industry. That’s brilliant! Jeff Zucker? Now he is an idiot.

  • Jeannie’s text address is the correct one, though there are many bogus ones floating around. And the link in the article to the Red Cross is correct as well.


  • AH HA!!! Dave, I knew if I stayed away long enough you’d write one I AGREE with!!!

  • Oh come now people-this deserves way more than only 8 Diggs!

  • Apostle Elaine

    Only those who call on the name of the Lord (who is JESUS) have the right to be called the children of God. As the children of God we have divine protection through the Cross and those who don’t know Christ as Lord are all under a curse. As for the Haitians, God does and will judge the Nations, all Nations. Not sure about the pac with the devil…. but I do know that Pat Robertson will have to give an account on that Great Day (Judgement Day) for every idle word that comes out of his mouth (as we all will). I also know that every knee will bow and confess that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD.
    I love JESUS and He is God of Heaven and Earth. HE is Emanuel “GOD WITH US”. As we begin to see many more earthquakes and wars in this world… maybe then you all might begin to look for answers. HIS NAME IS JESUS. It says in the book of Romans that all those who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Take this message to heart and don’t let Pat Robertson be a stumbling block for your Salvation. I gave my life to JESUS 12yrs ago and haven’t looked back. I was 37 yrs old and when I finally surrendered my life to Him, I said to every Christian I met “why didn’t somebody tell me about JESUS? Why did it take me 37 yrs to know this? I don’t ever what anyone to have to ask those questions again. This is why I’m telling you. Jesus died for the sins of the whole world and he loves you. Jesus came to save the sinner not the righteous. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit draws each and everyone of you who read this to JESUS, and that he prepares your hearts to meet your Savior.

    In Christ, Apostle Elaine

  • Onward Christian Soldiers marching off to war…

  • frank

    of course pat robertson is rediculious. religion is rediculious.god satan and jesus are the origional three stooges.these countries had earthquakes because there on fault lines. new orleanes was in a hurricane track. and there city was below sea level.why isnt there a hurricane to punish las vegas gambling and prostitution that would be a story. but there not in a hurricane track.

  • Tyrone

    To: 700 staff & Mr. Roberson

    Today I listen to Mr. Roberson and his female black host talking about the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama bombing on Sunday, September 15, 1963. The explosion at the African-American church, which killed four black girls, marked a turning point in the U.S. history 1960s Civil Rights Movement and contributed to support for passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Which meant that the American Constitution stood for nothing when it came to non-whites!!! Pat and the black female host shamefully compare other racism to racism against black people. As if to say that everybody where treated the same way when entering the United State! That is a straight up LIE!!! First blacks where brought to America to be slave! No one can find a story where four white girl where bombed in a church by 5 black men! Yes others races where ridiculed and call name. Like Jews and Muslim, Iris etc… The difference is that blacks are consistence in the fact that thought-out America history a TODAY. White racism has terrorist and disrespected black Americans the Constitution and human right! Yesterday and today! This evil has allowed black children to be murdered by white police offices and nobody cares TODAY!!! White racism allows black children to drop their trouser and takes off their shoes in Philly and NY going and coming to school! Both have a Stop & Frisks policy! Which really means stop & frisk BLACK PEOPLE! I don’t normally watch Mr. Roberson because I believe he lies! I also believe that his attack on President Obama is sickening and disrespectful and without merit! I also believe that he knows NOTHING about GOD and his grace! Just reading and quoting the Bible DOES NOT make a person a Christian!

  • Tyrone


    If ever reporting the news was not only wrong but a straight up LIE! Looking at Fox and Friends these idiot reported that public schools score lower than Catholic schools! Not only can’t nobody state that truthfully! Catholic school are not as monitor as public schools. They can terminate children that are slow learners they can also fire teachers at will etc! Then the idiots of Fox and Friends stated that there is NO violence in Catholic schools! BULL! Over 100,000 and counting children male and female have been molested and some even murder. Just yesterday a Priest was arrested for hiding other Priest from authority. That have molested children !! There have been many Nuns that have aborted baby illegally after having sex with Priest and students! Fox and Friends entire staff should be FIRE!

  • Tyrone


    What began during Bush & Republican leadership as a “credit crunch” and an “economic downturn” is now being characterized as a “long, severe recession.” Once upon a time, such a crisis was known as a “depression” before Americans became squeamish about such stark language. Or on the other hand NOT wanted to say Republicans are horrible leaders! As with our reluctant semantic retreat from “credit crunch” to “recession,” the reality of another Great Depression will probably not be acknowledged until years after the fact. But ignorant Republicans and their racist Tea Party, by doggedly pursuing the same mistaken policies of the 1920s and ’30s, have made a full-blown depression — lasting years, not months, and featuring catastrophic failures in entire economic sectors along with chronic double-digit unemployment and monetary malaise — all but inevitable. In fact, the parallels between the run-up to the Great Depression and today’s Republican economic havoc are stunning. But thank GOD for President Obama who has stabilize the country and making a turn around! This was done without the help of Republican support! Coming into office President Obama with two wars and a debt of 14 trillion dollars. The Iraq war for nothing causing the needless deaths of 4,400 and counting! All create by horrible Republican leadership . Or the lack of! Republican Mike Huckabee was on Fox and Friends Saturday” and was asked how to improve social issue in America! The idiot response was ‘single parent are responsible for poverty in America. If they would marriage the men they have baby with that would reduce poverty! There are many factors which contributed to the financial panic which took place during the Presidency of Martin Van Buren, all of which led to an economic depression 1837. That didn’t have nothing to do with being marry! Nor did any period of American historic depressions! Just take black Americans. Black are in disproportionate number incarcerate, murder by white cops and black male unemployment is 16.5% and in some area 35%! So if these unwed black women marry their baby daddy! It would in many cases be poor and poverty stricken men and women MARRY! It would do nothing to reduce poverty! As prove 61% of America poverty are white Americans. Of that 61% 33% are marry! AND STILL POOR!!! STILL LIVING IN POVERTY!!!!! Republican Huckabee like many other Republican have NO solution for Americans problems but ridiculing President Obama! The fact that Huckabee who is actively campaigning for the RNC 2012 nomination for President has his own program on Fox is more than enough proof of Fox’s complete lack of objectivity. Nothing more is needed. Fox is a 24/7 campaign site for the RNC. That’s all. No news, no objectivity, just propaganda. Fortunately, not that many people actually watch it and many who do simply watch it to see what kind of phony “conservative” crapola is being shoveled on any given day.

  • Tyrone


    Where is the white leadership in America and why are they voting for Republicans that vote against America and Americans??? That question should be on every American mine! Like the Republican Governor that is fighting to end American worker rights to negotiate for their benefit! It is shameful that the Republican dominate “Supreme Court” found it OK for religious extremist full of hatred for gays and wars. Can disrespect and hold signs up of hate at funerals of American military! That gave their life’s for them and their country. It is also shameful that not one politician not a legislator could come up with a law against the behavior of these religious extremist! BUT many legislators came up with a law against saggy pants! That will fine and or jail a person for that behavior! Mostly black Americans will be fine and jail! THAT IS A FACT!!! Most if not all of the religious extremist are white! THAT IS A FACT!!! To think white Americans are voting for these Republican that have a proven record of failure! Have voted against healthcare for all American! Started two wars Afghanistan and the Iraq war! Voted against anything and everything that President Obama propose to recover America and change the downward direct that Republican are responsible for! Cause the death of American troops in Iraq for NOTHING! Made horrible judgments with American taxpayer money that turn a surplus into debt! But white American gave Republicans back power to continue to vote against America and Americans!!! GO FIGURE!!!!!!

  • Tyrone


    Let me start by saying that whites are the majority in America. With that static whites make many if not all the decision in America. Many times in America’s history whites have voted against America and Americans! Some whites have voted base on racist mentality. That has cause the country to be last in many area! Whites have voted base on greed that has cause this country to be financially last in many area! Whites have seen evil in other country but not seen the same evil in America! That has led to needless deaths of American troops of all races! It is outrageous and dangerous and irresponsible for Republican and white Sunday News pundits encouraging war against Libya! The citizen of Libya allow Garddifi to remain in power for decades! They need to be the first to get themselves out of their situation without Americans fighting and dying! Just as this country allow former President G.W. Bush to start a war in Iraq. Causing the needless death of American military! It took a change of President to stop the stupidity! America CAN NOT continue to start wars! (WE ARE NOT WORLD POLICE)!!! Today we are fighting two wars. Trying to end the Iraq war it is just sick to promote more war! Many of these people promoting war are too old to fight these wars! Their children will not fight and die in these wars! Republicans have made a mess of America and the lack of white leadership continue to allow them to! Both left and right wing white pundits are calling President Obama weak! Just because he won’t quickly respond with military force against Libya! America needs white leadership that is responsible and not thinking hate and divide and war!

  • Reasonable

    As good a case for Atheism as there ever was. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]