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Pat Robertson Calls for Destruction of Hoover Dam

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Respected and influential Christian Coalition leader Pat (Patty Cakes) Robertson has called upon his followers to get on their knees and pray to the Almighty God for the destruction of the Hoover Dam. Mr. Robertson explains at a recent rally for the righteous :

“Las Vegas is the most satanic place on earth, next to Hollywierd. It is filled with the Devils every temptation. Once he even tricked me into thinking this harlot, Miss Domino, was a Christian in need. For Jesus’ sake we need to pray for it’s destruction by an earthquake. When this dam breaks it will wash away all the sinners like Noah’s flood! Barring that doesn’t happen, sometimes God calls on Christians to do his good works.”

Clearly Mr. Robertson is referring to his time ministering at the Booty Ranch; and of course C-4 explosives for sale at www.700club.org.

Satire by John Bill, founder of independent think tank the Jmaximus Institute of Freedom.

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