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Pat Green In Concert

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Last night I attended a Pat Green concert down at Abe and Jake’s (Lawrence, Kansas). Now, you don’t live in a fraternity called “FarmHouse” without being at least minimally exposed to Pat Green, but I really wasn’t too familiar with his music beyond a couple of songs. I plan to get more familiar with it after last night.

Pat Green puts on a heckuva show. Wow. I can see why one of my Texan friends told me that Green’s like a god down in Texas. It was a high-energy, high-quality, filled-with-great-music show. Since I’ve yet to get fully acquainted with Green’s music, I’ll leave my musical commentary to the observation that it was a very polished set.

His band’s stage demeanor was high-intensity. They seemed to enjoy every minute of the show, and Green’s crowd repartee was fun. At one point, he took a new straw Stetson from an audience member and asked, “Did you buy this today? ‘Yee-haw, I’d better get me a hat–I’m goin’ to the country music show?'” Green proceded to “shape” the hat by, among other things, throwing it to the ground and stomping on it. When he was finished, the hat was much more, errr, authentic.

A band called The Lost Trailers opened for Green. They were musically solid and tended more to the rock side of country-rock than Green. My only real complaint was that they employed a lot of expletives in their songs. Past a certain (very limited) point, use of expletives is merely a way of covering either inability or laziness prohibiting strong lyric composition.

The venue is a fabulous place to see a concert. Abe and Jake’s is very spacious and resembles an Old West town, with great sight lines to the stage from almost everywhere in the building. Although I’ve never before attended a concert there, I plan on attending more very soon.

When not drinking beer while listening to bands singing about drinking beer, Bobby Allison-Gallimore allegedly attends law school and maintains his own website, The Rattler.

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  • I can’t tell you how great it is to hear that Pat Green translates so well in Kansas. I’ve always carried the Texas Music banner, but then I’m from Texas…I’m kinda biased. My wife will certainly be pleased to know that her bands can make it somewhere besides D/FW.

  • Glad to hear Pat translates well to Kansas. I’ve been touting Texas Music for a long time, but I’ve never been sure how the rest of the world views it.

    My wife will be glad to hear that it’s going down good, too. Some of her bands need to get out of D/FW, and start earning that regional status.

  • charlene hill

    we love u from tn ur the best wave on wave oh yeah its great

  • mert and crissy

    we loved you from the first moment we heard you
    you were great in tuscaloosa at jupiters, awesome in jacksonville, alabama; and the reason we went to see kenny chesney was because you were there, loved you even more at the talladega races can’t wait to meet you again
    your the best
    the alabama girls