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Pastor Terry Jones: Byproduct of Christian Protests that Produce UnGodly Behavior

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Gutless religious leaders’ collective passivity over the last few months has caused foolishness and mayhem to hook up with unfiltered church-folk ignorance. The South is doubling down on biblical backwardness and the protests about mosques have gone from honking horns, signing petitions, and lawful protest to unlawful burning of construction equipment to now a church sanctioned-holiday called “Burn the Koran Day.” This craziness is being captured on every network that has minutes to spare to interview Pastor Terry Jones, who has taken his five minutes of fame and abused the FCC airwaves.

Pastor Terry Jones, the leader of a 50-member Gainesville church with a love and peace-sounding name, Dove World Outreach Center, has even saints scratching their heads wondering who ordained the minister and founder of Burn the Koran Day. I wish I could say I am surprised by the latest shenanigans but I am not. Because so many have ignored the constant drip of sanity slipping from our grasp as our country has allowed whispers of anti-Muslim sentiment to become part of mainstream conversation, we are seeing more and more outlandish acts against Muslims. Shouting and spewing hateful words have become the norm. The media has helped facilitated the chaos and confusion to where we are now.

Two weeks ago, very few people nationally knew of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Today, the wonderful quiet college town is included in every mosque story on cable news because of the protests against the building of a mosque there. Individuals are using the media’s focus to escalate fear and hate. Not long after I posted my article last week, I was getting emails about Pastor Jones deciding to use the slow holiday weekend news cycle to show up and show out. On every network he was advocating burning Korans on September 11, a day that is still very painful to our country.

Why tug at the hearts, minds, and souls of millions of Americans by evoking such painful memories of September 11 with current political commentary? I believe firmly that because many religious leaders have sat on the sidelines without conviction and courage for months, allowing political rhetoric to become entwined with church folks’ unbiblical truthiness, the rationale behind the protests is being lost somewhere between Sunday and Monday. The first to condemn Pastor Jones publicly was not a religious leader but General Petraeus, who is in Afghanistan serving with our troops. General Petraeus spent two days urging the pastor, who was virtually unknown nationally before his multiple appearances on CNN and other networks, to change his mind. Even the Veterans of Foreign Wars have spoken out against the pastor. There will be nothing good gained by going down this path.

Before you speak your thoughts, yes, I am aware bibles have been burned as well, but do we swap one group’s foolishness for another’s mayhem? General Petraeus has stated that the actions of Pastor Jones could harm our troops and directly affect fragile peace talks in Muslim countries worldwide. I would think that for many patriotic individuals who believe in a strong military, General Petraeus’ words would bring civility and calmness to the heated debates about Muslims, mosques, and now the Koran. But with anti-Muslim hate at or near 9/11 levels, words of wisdom are not deterring the Pastor’s misplaced zeal.

On Tuesday, several religious leaders from many organizations finally came together in Gainesville to denounce Pastor Jones. Reuters reported:

<blockquote>Christian, Muslim and Jewish religious leaders denounced the “misinformation and outright bigotry” against U.S. Muslims resulting from plans to build a Muslim community center and mosque not far from the site of the September 11, 2001, hijacked plane attacks in New York by the Islamist militant group al Qaeda that killed 2,752 people.</blockquote>

It took a deranged, media-hungry pastor of a tiny church in Gainesville to get the attention of our military commander overseas in Afghanistan to plead for common sense before religious leaders took a stand. Hmm, let that soak for a minute.

The debates about building mosques in various communities started out wrapped in aged Constitution-looking papers but these quickly faded away to expose a fear of Islam becoming the dominant religion in our country. The Constitution angle could no longer be used to keep mosques from being built because as Mayor Bloomberg bravely stated, we cannot deny a mosque, because freedom of religion is guaranteed by the Constitution. The religious arguments about the Koran are being wrapped in bible-looking parchment papers. That argument loses its credibility quickly when you put it up against Jesus’ words: of “love your neighbor.” When Pastor Jones was asked, he admitted he has never read the Koran and gets most of his information about Muslims from YouTube! I can hear my grandmother words, “Bless his lil’ heart.”

Here’s more from the global leader of International Burn a Koran Day:

According to the deposition, Jones and his wife learned much of what they know about Sharia Law – the sacred law of the Muslim religion – by watching videos on YouTube.

“Do you know where Sharia law came from?” Jones is asked.

“Not really, no,” he replies, “I think there’s experts that say it came from the old Mosaic law. But no.”

Attorneys also asked Jones how many Muslims he knows personally.

“I don’t think I know any personally,” he says, “I haven’t interviewed any.” Jones also says he has not attended any interfaith discussions and that he believes that such discussions are part of “our problem.”

In his deposition, Jones acknowledged that his congregation has decreased in recent years, telling attorneys that he currently has a congregation of about 50 people – whereas he had 100 people when his congregation was at its largest.

“I think mainly just because the things we’re involved in are just really way too hot for your normal Christian and your normal person.”

There are many Pastor Joneses walking around Middle Tennessee at this moment. With all the churches and faith-based organizations, how many are challenging their members to not allow Biblical truths to become entwined and suffocated by political beliefs and over-the-top sensationalism? Hmm. How many are willing to admit that the fear of the unknown, the unwillingness to practice loving your neighbors, is really at the heart of some of this? Until we start to have honest dialogue about what is really driving this behavior, folks will continue to find different papers to wrap around their arguments. As for me, I want to have as many conversations with my neighbors as possible, even the ones I don’t agree with, whose religion I don’t practice, or whose neighborhood I don’t live in. I believe if we continue to talk to each other, I just might learn something.

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  • Rick Thorne


    With the extreme chaos in the Middle East and all the strange weather happing now! Don’t you think it’s now time to review every page on my Truth Revealed Website?

    If you know Bible Prophecy then you know we’re living in the, “END TIMES.” Jesus declared things are only going to get worse… Matthew 24

    America is crumbling and you had better prepare for the worst. It’s just a matter of time before our economy falls and the “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT IS DECLARED”…


    Truth Revealed Ministry… Revised

  • Allahuakbar

    Pastor Terry Jones should shag Anita Bryant. Two Holy Hate mongers from Florida are suitable for each other. I want to donate money to build a mosque and covert the good Christians of Florida.

  • Le Schubert

    We should all challenge Jones to be Christian one should follow the commands of Christ, who said of the commandments:
    “The Greatest of these is Love.”

    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

  • maybe he heard you.



    Oh! Terry Jones feels the fear of God. Your plan for burning the Quran will give you nothing but it will create a non-stop hate between Muslims and Christians. Muslims may become angrier and can destroy / burn the churches within Muslims states. Muslims can also kill / burn the Christians.
    Then Christians will burn the Mosques in American / European states. Christians can also kill / burn the muslims within American / European countries. You can not estimate the exact losses of human lives and property in a reaction of your dirty plan. Are you ready to face the charges of these heavy losses of human lives and property before the God.
    For God Sake. For sake of most respectable Marry Sake. For sake of Prophet Moses. For sake of Prophet Jesus. For sake of Bible and Taurat. For sake of Prophet Noah. For sake of Prophet Ibrahim. For sake of Prophet Isaac. For sake of Prophet Solomon. For sake of Prophet Joseph. For sake of all prophet of Children of Isreal. For sake of all Prophets / Messengers who are believed by you, stop your dirties plan otherwise women will become widows, children will become orphans. They all will hold responsible for killing of their husbands and fathers. They all stand against you before God for creating reasons of killing of their lovers.
    Do you wanted to take responsibility of burning / destruction of hundred / thousand Churches within Islamic states? Do you wanted to take responsibility of permanent removal of Churches within Islamic states? Do you wanted to take responsibility of a permanent fear of attacks on Churches from the Muslims extremist? Do you wanted to stop the worship of God, Marry and Jesus within Churches located in Islamic states? Do you wanted to face the anger of God, Marry and Jesus on end day?
    If you have no respect for God, Marry, Jesus, Moses, all other Prophets of Children of Isreal and all other Prophets / Messengers of God, the Bible, the Taurat and if you wanted to make heaviest losses to the Church and Christian community then you can accomplish your mission.
    You have to keep in your mind that your satanic activity will pay you a very heavy cost in this world, in your grave after your death and in the hell on the end day.


    Terry Jones feek the fear of God. Your Satanic act will create hate among Muslims and Christians. Muslims may become more angry and can destroy / burn the churches within Muslims states. Muslims can also kill / burn the Christians. Then Christians will burn the Mosques in American / Eureopean countries. Christian can also kill / burn the muslims within American / European countries. You can not estaimate the exact losses of human lives and property. Are you ready to face the charges of this heavy losses of human lives and property before the God.
    For God Sake. For Marry Sake. For Moses Sake. For Jesus sake. For Bible sake. For Noah Sake. For Ibrahim Sake. For Issac sake. For Solomon sake. For Joseph sake. and for sake of all Messengers who are believed by you, stop your dirties plan otherwise women will become widows, children will become orphans. They all will held responsible for killing of their husbands and fathers.

  • Deborah

    Terry Jones is another wanna be Jim Jones. Terry go drink your Kool-Aid and leave the rest of the world alone.

  • Jeanne

    Read your Bible Terry Jones! Turn the other cheek, do not repay evil for evil, forgive others, love your neighbor, God so loved the world that he sent his only son. Jesus came not to condemn the world, but to save it! Read your Bible Terry Jones!

  • Deborah

    I also have a son in Afghanistan and one on the way in a month. I worry constantly whether or not they will come home. To burn this Koran is surely signing my childs death sentence. You have no right as a preacher of God to decide what realigoon is ture. Stop this act of hate and preach the word of God. ( which by the way isn’t hate )

  • Deborah

    The burning of the Koran is sacrareligious. Although it is not the bible it is the holy book for the muslims and it should still be respected. No one has the right to deny others their faith regardless of whether or not you believe in their teachings or beliefs.This pastor has a total membership of 50 people in his church. Who gave him the power to place all americans and our men and women over seas in the miltary in harms way. The real christians preach godliness and love not hate. What this man is doing is trying to make a name for himself without regards of what position he puts others in. I am an american christian and find this to be disgusting behavior, and I am ashamed that anyone could or would support this man. The parade for HATE has to stop. This is not how civilized people act.

  • It is for such actions as Jones’ that Gandhi expressed his observation that, while he liked Jesus, he didn’t see that those who claimed to follow Jesus did so very often.

  • I don’t agree with him burning the Koran, but I do understand. There are fanaticals out there that thrive on hate crimes against Christians, however that is not what we are taught as Christians.

  • As a practicant christian I say NO to burn muslim book koran. Because that is not what we learned from Jesus our Lord and saviour but to pray for those who hates us. NO TO BURN KORAN! Jesus Christ never ordered to us to fight against the romans or other people why he should have ordered us to burn someother`s beliefs book? it doesn’t make any sense for a real christian.

  • Mark

    Sir, please don’t burn the quran. As a service member I have to look over my shoulder for someone trying to kill me because we are a threat to their control. Now you want me to also look over my other should because someone else wants to kill me because YOU burned their holy book. Jesus Christ said “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. According to your German friends…you are far from being free of sin! And, by continuing to do what you are planning to do you will be directly responsible for any and all injuries/deaths of US service members!

  • In what part of the Constitution does it say that you have the right to burn books?

    We twist the meaning of whatever we want now in-order to justify our dirty-bloody-deeds…

  • Ken Marsh

    If he burns a Quran, what makes him any different from the fanatical Muslims who burn our Flag and Presidents in effigy. To use his quote, “the Constitution gives me the right to burn a book”, but just because he has the right, that does not make it right.