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Past Times With Good Company. Indeed!

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Past Times With Good Company
Blackmore’s Night

Ritchie Blackmore’s latest band has three albums under their belt and a huge following in continental Europe. The open-minded listener will not have to wonder why after a listen to this two CD set. The band are postively infectious live and do a great line in catchy tunes done “mock medieval”. On Past Times set you get BN originals culled from their three studio albums, old (medieval) standards (like the title track written by Henry VIII) and at least one Rainbow track plus a Deep Purple tune (penned by David Coverdale). In fact, the only song on here that does not work in this setting is Soldier of Fortune, it desperately needs Coverdale’s rasp and fails with the sweet vocals of Candice Night. One thing that comes across on these CDs is that both the band and the audience (some of whom are known to come in costume) are having a freaking blast. There are 15 tracks over the two CD’s, plus two acoustic tracks recorded in Germany. A small gripe is that one of the so-called “bonus” tracks already appears on side one. BN continue to deliver catchy pleasant tunes aplenty. This essential for BN fans and highly recommended for anyone with a broad taste in rock music.

Marty Dodge 4.5/5

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